Unique Full Throttle Track at Six Flags Magic Mountain

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Published on April 04, 2013 at 12:06 pm with 17 Comments

This weeks Magic Mountain update brings a unique look at Full Throttle. The track is some of the most interesting we’ve seen from any coaster at any park. Also, we’ll take a look at the Season Pass Exclusive Ride Time (ERT) that the park will be holding on select weekends weekends, the return of the Dole Whip, a quick look at the new park maps and of course a general park update.

Full Throttle

The new Full Throttle theme song performed by Australian band Airborne has been released. Take a listen.

Airbourne – Live it Up

As you walk towards the construction site, you can see that the top-hat and loop tracks have now merged into one.

From up near superman you can get a closer look at the uniqueness of the track and the way they will be supporting it.

The attachments at the side between two sets of track is certainly something new.

From down near the station we can see a different view

Looking straight down at what will soon be the launch track

From up on the Sky Tower

Some additional work has been done on the station.

Site overview

Some concrete has been poured near the tunnel

The ride is certainly changing the skyline of the park. This was taken near Riddlers Revenge

Season Pass ERT (Exclusive Ride Time) Mornings

In something new this year, the park is offering ERT mornings for season passholders. These events begin 30 minutes prior to the park opening and will be for one ride. They’ve had events for Riddlers Revenge in early March and Goliath this past weekend. In addition to getting to ride one of these coasters with no lines, it also get’s you into the park before the general public. This allows you to get on the most popular ride (X2) right when the park opens. And if you have a Gold pass, you’ll still get into the rest of the park 10 minutes early. Non Gold Passholders have to remain at the ERT ride until 10:30.

This past weekend, after walking on Goliath with absolutely no wait, I tried to see how many attractions I could ride in the shortest amount of time. Remember, on most of my visits to the park I’ll ride 1 attraction if it’s not too busy. On some visits I just ride the Sky Tower and Orient Express.

This was the Season Passholder line waiting to get in at 10am.

After Goliath I made my way over to Colossus.

The joys of early entry. I walked on to the front row. There was only 1 other person on the train with me.

Empty walkways

Let’s take a look at an empty DC Universe. Even after 2 years the area is still looking fresh and clean.

It’s nice to see this part of the park being maintained.

How about a quick ride on Green Lantern with absolutely no line?

This was my wait

Next up, lets go on Batman in the front row with no wait. I’m not sure what happened to this picture but I thought it looked cool. Plus it still shows the empty station.

And lastly, how about a ride on one of the parks oldest rides, Gold Rusher. Still a favorite of mine.

I managed to ride Goliath, Colossus, Green Lantern, Batman and Gold Rusher all before 11am. This was in addition to taking update pictures.

I also happened to run into Neil Thurman, Director of Operations at the park and he told me they are planning on having more of these ERT events leading up to Memorial Day. Make sure you are following the parks Twitter and Facebook pages, our Twitter feed and of course the In The Parks and MiceChat Group Facebook pages. We will be keeping you up to date on these events and if interest is high, maybe we’ll even do a meet (let us know if you are interested in the comments below).

Around the Park

The popular Dole Whips are back, now at Food Etc. just outside Goliath. They currently only have the Pineapple and Mango flavors, but the employee working the counter said they will eventually have other flavors as well.

Dippin Dots are still available as well

Yummy Mango!

New park maps are now available featuring Full Throttle and what’s new in the surrounding area.

Full Throttle area is as follows:
24 – Full Throttle – World’s Tallest and fastest looping coaster. Triple launch coaster takes riders up and over a “Top Hat” that traces the outside of the world-record loop. (54″)
36 – Full Throttle Games
43 – Full Throttle Nights – Music, videos, lasers and special effects lighting will immerse you in a sensory overload in this brand new area.
75 – Got Ur Back – Apparel and Gifts
64 – High Octane Wings – Enjoy boneless and bone-in wings, featuring our secret Full Throttle Sauce, Traditional BBQ, Buffalo and Teriyaki sauces available as well.
65 – Loaded Dogs – Home of the biggest hot dogs in the park. Featuring our must-try Full Throttle Dog as well as Chili-Cheese Dog, Western Dog, LA Dog and our hand-dipped Corn Dogs.

Some rides and stores are still opening late, even on a Saturday during Spring Break. While opening some food locations at the back of the park later is certainly not an issue, having ALL of them open late is.

Also, since there are only a few “Big Rides” for kids under 48,” now that Log Jammer is gone, having one of them open late has us puzzled.

Tidal Wave is back open from its off-season refurb and it looks great. I think the sign got a little bit of work.

The former Ben and Jerry’s location near Colossus is still empty but it looks like it has had some work done. Hopefully it will be a food location again very soon.

There are some geese in the park. I didn’t see any goslings (Ryan or otherwise). Be sure to give these animals their space in the parks. We love seeing them and would hate if they found somewhere else to migrate to every year.

Hurricane Harbor is getting ready for its season which will begin in May.

Some new merchandise. Wonder if they’ll give these away at Full Throttle Media day.

But seriously, we like to kid the park for the whole “YOLO” thing on Full Throttle’s teaser video, but it’s all in fun. We can’t wait to see the new ride in action very soon.

That wraps it up for this week. We’ll hopefully have another update for you soon, as Full Throttle vertical construction should be wrapping up in the next few weeks.

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  • That is some seriously sexy coaster track!

    • Gregg Condon

      I don’t usually use that term when referring to inanimate objects, but in this case I totally agree.

  • Norman Gidney

    Full Throttle is certainly going to be a unique coaster. Can’t wait to go try the thing out. It just seems to careen all over that hill.

    • Gregg Condon

      Soon my friend … soon.

  • KingEric

    Great update, Full Throttle looks incredibly intense! INSANE! So have you used the Annual Dining Pass? Also the park looks so nice empty… lol

    • Gregg Condon

      I have not used the Dining Pass. Even with all of our visits we really don’t eat at the park that much so it really wouldn’t be worth it. We do get the Sports Bottles which offer $0.99 refills all year, even at the Coke Freestyle machines.

  • Jeff Heimbuch

    I can’t wait to check this out this summer!

  • Monorail Man

    Full throttle is looking interesting. Hopefully this will be good, otherwise You’ll Only Lineup Once (#YOLO Coaster).

    I do find opening Jet Stream and certain sections later an interesting move. I’m sure they just looked at ridership/purchase numbers and know that so few people do Jet Stream early in the day, that they can just keep it closed. Would be nice to have a more professional sign tho.

    Yea, I’m still shocked at how good DC Universe looks after these 2 years. The area still works much better than the old Gotham Backlot theme.

    Also, GEESE and DOLE WHIPS! 🙂

    Nice update Gregg.

  • Trevor

    Yolo makes me cry. Nice update though. One day I will finally make it to SF and ride the coasters you’ve so diligently reported! That is, as long as the park keeps developing and improving. Thanks Norm!

  • justjohn

    I can’t remember the last time we’ve been to Magic Mountain. This update is making me want to venture out there again!

    • Gregg Condon

      The ride is looking like a lot of fun. You should totally make it out.

  • Demigod

    Wow! Full Throttle is looking good! I might have to get a season pass and ride that and some other coasters a few times (it’s been a while since I’ve been!). Thanks, Gregg!

    • Gregg Condon

      The season pass is such a great deal. Our season passes for 5 people that includes Magic Mountain, Hurricane Harbor, Free Admission at all other Six Flags parks and Free Parking at SFMM and all other Six Flags park cost us less than 1 SoCal Disney pass would cost.

      During the summer we mostly go to the waterpark so it’s a great deal for us. Even if you go twice it’s paid for.

  • jbird327

    I would have to disagree with you about the geese. My town has been invaded by these things. They are pretty nasty, make a disgusting mess of any area they land in, and run other wildlife out of the ponds and wetlands. Since they are federally protected, it is difficult to get rid of them. Otherwise, thanks for the update.

    • Gregg Condon

      The geese have never really “overrun” the park and are generally used to people. They’d have to be really. The only times I’ve seen the geese get uppity is when people mess with them, which sadly can happen. I’ve been known to say something when I see kids doing this and parents not doing anything about it.

      I know people in Alaska have problems with the Bald Eagles as well while to the rest of us they are beautiful and majestic.

  • I had an e-mail exchange with Neil Thurman a few years ago talking about how poorly run this park was from an operational effeciency standpoint. Here’s hoping things have changed.

  • Wreckless Abrandon

    Great update! I haven’t been back to Magic Mountain in almost a decade.

    As for the streaky photo, your camera was probably compensating for the darker lighting, so it used a slower shutter speed. You probably moved the camera before it finished taking the shot!