Communicore Weekly – Cuban Carnival, Window on Main Street, Pete’s Dragon, Charlton Heston

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Published on April 02, 2013 at 11:59 am with 6 Comments

Welcome to this week’s Communicore Weekly, where this week we talk about Cuban Carnival, Window on Main Street, Pete’s Dragon, and Charlton Heston!

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DISNEY HISTORY! – A few weeks ago, Keith Gluck joined Jeff to talk about Jose Carioca, one of the Three Caballeros. But did you know there was almost a FOURTH Caballero? Learn all about the Cuban Carnival in this week’s Disney History!

BOOK OF THE WEEK! – George tells us all about Van Arsdale France’s book Window on Main Street for his Book of the Week!

DISNEY DEBATE! – They’re remaking Pete’s Dragon? THAT’S CRAZY! Hear what Jeff and George think about it!

FIVE LEGGED GOAT! – And finally, get your hands off me, you damned, dirty Five Legged Goat when we learn a bit about Charlton Heston!

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  1. Great video! Count me in the group of fold worried about the Pete’s Dragon remake.

  2. Great video guys!!!

  3. Nice Job! I don’t mind musicals myself but another Pete’s Dragon if its not a musical than its not worth watching it.

  4. Not sure about the Spanish stuff at all, but, you need to finish the lessons on English, because it’s even now! George has “Watchening” and Jeff has “Agreeance.” ;-)

  5. Ah! that’s a chame the movie was never made :(

    I don’t get why they were going to use another rooster, since I was a little girl I got the idea that they picked a rooster for Panchito since cockfights were (and still are) highly popular in many latin american countries like Mexico, they are even seen as part of the culture like the bull Corridas in Spain

    About the pronunciation of Kikiriki for english speakers it would be something like ” key-key-reeh-key”

    • Upss I meant “is a shame”