Spring Break crowds have hit the parks, and Megatron has invaded the Universal Orlando Resort, and some old characters have been found wandering the parks.  The countdown to the opening of Transformers: The Ride is ticking, plus some facades for London become clearer, a new game opens up and landscaping appears in Springfield.


The facades for what will be London and Diagon Alley are taking shape, and it is becoming clear that Universal Orlando is sparing no expense when it comes to creating this new area.  The steel frame for Kings Cross Station displays the classic arch seen in the movie.




In Springfield USA the new game has opened up, and is now challenging guests to take their best whack to win a prize!  The walls were moved back a little bit, giving Spring Break crowds more room to get through this current bottle neck.  Next to the new Krusty Burger façade some landscaping has been installed, giving us a glimpse at how this area will feel once it is complete.


On Sunday March 31st, the Decepticon known as Megatron invaded Universal Orlando, and was making himself available for photographs!  Guests were lining up  in order to get a photo taken with their favorite robot villain.  Currently there are 3 Transformer Characters meeting with guests, Optimus Prime, Bumble Bee and now Megatron.  There is a rumored 4th Character that we are anticipating seeing here soon.

This past week the landscaping was ripped out of where the Autobots have been appearing, with a new landscaping coming soon that will fit the area a better as this previously sparsely used portion of the park becomes very popular.

With the clock ticking down for the opening of the Transformers attraction, walls will be coming down all around the attraction, as the final touches are being put in place and an incredible expansive outdoor queue is prepped for the massive crowds that will want to experience this attraction this summer.


Last week Central Florida was hit by a freak storm that had winds in excess of 85 MPH.  The Universal parks fared well, however there were a few causalities from this freak storm.  The Mardi Gras emblem under the Universal Arch has sadly been damaged and is now backstage. The Rip, Ride, Rock it banner that goes the length of the lift hill was destroyed, and Universal is currently replacing it.  (Though it is up to debate if the attraction looks better without the banner anyway)


Near the Kidzone, Universal has contracted a new musical group that is top notch and thrilling guests.  Playing drums on trash cans and buckets might not be new in Orlando, what is new, are their moves, their energy, and their unique take on some classic rock songs.



Megatron might be new to Universal Orlando, but the park has its fair share of villain characters!  This past week we saw the return of Dracula, Frankenstein and the Wolfman as in park characters.  It is truly exciting to see these characters back in the park interacting with guests.


Universal built a new 1950’s themed billboard for Cabana Bay Beach Resort, really setting the stage for the theme that this hotel will have.  Construction continues to progress as they prepare for a March 2014 opening.

So there you have it.  Classic Monsters, new villains, and more Harry.


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Come on, summer 2013, hurry up and get here already!