It was a surprisingly busy week in Disney news. Iron Man to become a part of Innoventions, Finding Dory sequel to Nemo announced by Pixar, and observations of Walt Disney World’s Monorail system, and a blue April Fool’s article from MiceAge are highlights in today’s MiceChat Round up. Join us for another round of Disney, theme park, entertainment news and info from MiceChat and beyond. Aside from the state-side parks we also visit Disneyland Paris and Tokyo this week with stunning photography. We’ll round up all of the articles and news you might have missed from the past week, along with a new Communicore Weekly, MiceChatter, podcasts and a big event you won’t want to miss. Read all the way to the bottom of today’s newsletter for information on our two newest regular features. There’s so much to see today . . .

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Does this mean the subs are here to stay? (Finding Nemo Sequel Confirmed)
The debate has started, now that an official sequel is in the works in 2015, are the Subs safe?

Lots of MiceChatters have been hunting for eggs all over DCA, Ironman will be meeting his biggest challenge in Tomorrowland, and then we want to know which characters you would like to see in Disneyland or DCA! ~ Aladdin

March 16th-18th Trip!
jsanch2 tries out some new camera equipment on their recent Disneyland vacation, and bring us some terrific action shots from around the resort!

If you could have one thing from the park.
If you had one special little thing you could take away from the park for free! What would it be?

Dreams do come true…..A Club 33 Anniversary
HunterRose13 had a special surprise Club 33 meal planned for his wife. Here is the full report!

Easter Sunday at DLR  3/31/13
KellyMcG86 and her husband hopped on over to the Disneyland Resort and joined Russel, Dug, and Bunny Carl, in the Wilderness Explorer Camp for an East Egg Hunt!

Our Easter photo tour from Disnyland | Bunny Hop included!
Freshbakeddisney brings us a wonderful trip report of their “Bunny Hop” adventures at the parks.

Night Time Pictures mimic Polaroid’s
Barbaraann take her night photos from around the Disneyland Resort, and gives them a different look!

Iron Man Takes over Innoventions!…sort of
Disneyland Management is giving Ironman his most challenging assignment to date – to breathe some sort of life into that rotating wreck called Innoventions.

Easter Egg Hunt Trip Report
Fresh Baked Disney participated in the DCA Egg hunt and has this photo report for us!

Characters you’d like to see return or debut
imaginashton asks Which characters would you like to see or appear for the 1st time at Disneyland? Tell us who you would like for a meet and greet!

It’s not surprising that Tomorrowland gets most of the attention from our armchair imagineers, but we also have some fun speculating about the next 10 years. ~ Trekkie Dad

The perfect sponsor for Space Mountain.
Not My Real Name thinks the only commercial space company in the world would be a logical choice for sponsoring Space Mountain.

Should Tomorrowland Terrace have a ‘house band’?
clippers6 thinks Tomorrowland Terrace might benefit from having a house band instead of rotating cover bands.

a prehistoric themed submarine adventure to replace FNSV (with concept art)
imaginashton has an idea to replace Finding Nemo with a prehistoric themed sub ride.

Disneyland Resort Rumors The Next 10 Years!
This is more wild speculation than actual rumors, but DCAfanatic thinks it might be fun throw some out.

Free turkey Leg if you Act like one???
DannyLand has heard that acting like a turkey may get you a free turkey leg at Walt Disney World and wonders if it also happens in California.

This week brings us some interesting, thought provoking threads and discussions regarding nostalgia, the monorail, and a survey about wait time apps to help a fellow MiceChatter with his or her thesis. Come and join the discussion! ~yoyoflamingo

Do We Let Nostalgia Cloud Our Vision of Present Day Disney?
An interesting thread and topic that pops up from time to time, but always a relevant discussion, and this thread is exceedingly thoughtful. Are we looking at Disney through clouded glasses when it comes to the past versus the present? Read and share here.

WDW Monorail Observation
EC82 offers some news about a recent trip to the Oakland Airport. How does this relate to monorails and Walt Disney World? Find out here!

How do you think about Disney wait time apps?
Have you used a wait time app recently at a theme park? Want to help a student complete his or her thesis research? Then stop by this thread to take a short survey about those apps?

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We invite you to join us on a very special MiceChat voyage to the Eastern Caribbean on the newest ship of the Disney Cruise Line, the Disney Fantasy. Don’t miss out on this unique MiceChat experience!  Contact [email protected] today.

We’re serving up the fantastic news that our world famous Gumball Rally is coming to the Disneyland Resort on May 4th – tickets are on sale now!

The world famous MiceChat Gumball Rally will roar into the Disneyland Resort on May 4th! And to celebrate the date (and Disney’s purchase of a beloved franchise), we are shaking things up a bit. It’s the biggest, best and most fun Disney fan event in the known universe. The Rally is a race to find out who can ride the most attractions at Disneyland in a single day. But you’ll need to act fast, tickets will soon sell out! Find out more information and get tickets HERE.

Gumball Rally 2013: Trash Talking Thread
Bookwyrm has started the thread to rile you up and get the trash talking started! Join in on that fun!


Join Dusty, Doug, Eric and Fishbulb as we explore the Disney princess explosion and compare the speed with which Disney and Universal are building their new attractions. It’s a fun romp through the worlds of Disney, Universal and SeaWorld.  Direct Link   |  iTunes Link

Coffee With Kurtti:

Episode 5 of Coffee with Kurtti features Jeff and Keith talking about the art of Disneyland. It’s a fantastic discussion.  Direct Link   |  iTunes Link


The Unofficial SeaWorld podcast is back today and we have an EXCLUSIVE interview with Brian Morrow, the Creator of Antarctica, about what it was like creating the Coldest Attraction on the planet.  Learn what guests can expect to get out of their day at SeaWorld!  DIRECT LINK  |  iTunes Link


Now that Disney has given up on Pleasure Island and night time entertainment, where is the Orlando tourist to go? A great option is Universal’s CityWalk. Chock full of bars, clubs & eateries with a fantastic atmosphere to boot, CityWalk has oodles of entertainment and options all set in great surroundings. Direct Link  |  iTunes Link  


DISNEY HISTORY! — A few weeks ago, Keith Gluck joined Jeff to talk about Jose Carioca, one of the Three Caballeros. But did you know there was almost a FOURTH Caballero? Learn all about the Cuban Carnival in this week’s Disney History! BOOK OF THE WEEK! — George tells us all about Van Arsdale France’s book Window on Main Street for his Book of the Week! DISNEY DEBATE! — They’re remaking Pete’s Dragon? THAT’S CRAZY! Hear what Jeff and George think about it! FIVE LEGGED GOAT! — And finally, get your hands off me, you damned, dirty Five Legged Goat when we learn a bit about Charlton Heston!


Sarah brings us a breakdown of the new attraction heading to innoventions!

We have new photo threads from Paris and Tokyo along with some news and questions. ~ Trekkie Dad

Disneyland Paris in Photos
RegionsBeyond has searched Flickr for outstanding sharable photos from Disneyland Paris. Take a look!

Tokyo Disneyland and Disney Sea in Photos
When you’re through checking out the pictures in the Paris thread, check out the ones RegionsBeyond has found in Tokyo.

Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea Parks Attendance Figures for 2012
Looks like Tokyo Disneyland Resort has had a good year, according to this report found by TravisMT81.

TDR 30th Anniversary Japan Airlines Livery
Passengers flying on Japan Air Lines may find themselves aboard a plane painted with Tokyo Disneyland scenes and characters.

Early Closure on April 12/13?
bradk wonders why Tokyo Disneyland is closing early on a couple days this month. Looks like an exclusive event is in the offing.

TDL might get the Castle projection show in the future.
disfa10 has found a couple late night photos of projections on the Tokyo Disneyland castle. Possible show for the 30th anniversary?

Near Drowning on Disney Fantasy at Port Canaveral
Disney now has a hit against their cruise lines on the news, child almost drowns on the ship before it departs the port.

Is Panning For Gold With Donald What Its Quacked Up To Be? You Bet Yur Sweet Nuggets
Ever wanted to pan for gold? If panning with a duck in Alaska for gold is your wish.. Disney Cruise Line has solved this problem for you!

Pismo Beach: March 15-21, 2013
Lady Nimrodelle takes us on a fun trip to Pismo beach for spring break with her mom!

Universal Studios Osaka Japan pre opening video
KingEric brings us a great video of the pre-opening of this fantastic park!

It was a huge content week on MiceChat and MiceAge this week, including the introduction of two brand new regular features, Marvel World & PinPics. Check out the whole lineup below to see what you may have missed:

Marvel World Expands With New ABC TV Show S.H.I.E.L.D.
Disney has Marvel.  Disney Has ABC Television. Disney now has plans to expand the world of Marvel with a new television series based on S.H.I.E.L.D.  Welcome author Gwen Dreyer as she covers everything from the Marvel world in her new column.

PinPics: The Rise of the Disney Pin Collector
Welcome our new columnist, Chester Gold, as he shares his first article.  Learn how Pin collecting came to be and how some have made quite a bit of money on it.

Hoop Dee Doo Musical Revue, Review
It’s been several years since I last saw the Hoop Dee Doo Musical Revue at Walt Disney World’s Fort Wilderness. In the intervening years, there was a copyright battle involving the show’s trademark song, with the…

Jungle Cruise News Blues
The annual tradition of satire continues with April Fools Day article about Avatar invading the Jungle Cruise.  Could this happen?  Did Disney get any ideas from it?  Let’s hope not.

Easter at Disneyland brings some Limited Time Magic to both theme parks
Disneyland celebrated the Easter holiday last week with several Easter-themed offerings including meet-and-greets with the Easter Bunny at Disneyland and an egg hunt in Disney California Adventure. The “Spring Fling” Easter-themed offerings were around for…

Dateline Disney World: Is Disneys Hollywood Studios Prepping Cars Land Expansion?
Hello, and welcome to Dateline Disney World. This week, we will take in the sights at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, sharing some news, rumors, and photos. Is the Studios park prepping for an expansion on par…

Treehouse Villas open for Leasing!
Originally, the 1973 plans for the Lake Buena Vista Community called for a residential development with four different community themes based on golf, tennis, boating and western activities. A lot of construction took place in…

In The Parks: Easter Fun and Warnings at the Disneyland Resort
Limited time magic continues to impress at the Disneyland Resort this week with special Easter offerings.  You’ll find furry fun in both Disneyland’s Bunny Hop and Disney California Adventure’s Easter egg hunt.  But the news…

Universal Orlando Resort Transformers meet guests
Spring Break crowds have hit the parks, and Megatron has invaded the Universal Orlando Resort, and some old characters have been found wandering the parks.  The countdown to the opening of Transformers: The Ride is…

Park Wise: Top Five Disney Places to Cool Off
Although it’s still a little chilly in my part of the country, the temperatures are slowly creeping up on the coasts, and summer vacations will be here before you know it!  When walking miles a…

Who’s afraid of Song of the South and other titles, Selections from the Samland Library.

Sam Gennawey reviews three interesting pieces for Disney fans today.  First up is the fascinating book, Who’s afraid of Song of the South? by Jim Korkis.  Next is information for the Disney geeks that are…

Epic Tokyo Disneyland Trip Report
A couple of weeks ago, I received an email from a MiceChat member who had just returned from a trip to the Tokyo Disney Resort. “Hi. I’ve been a regular reader of your incredible site…

Hyperion Wharf
On November 18, 2010, The Walt Disney Company announced that Pleasure Island would become Hyperion Wharf. It would involve more than just renaming the former nightclub area. Concept art showed a vibrant “electric wonderland” at…

What’s Happening at the Walt Disney Family Museum – April 2013
Oswald, Roger, and the Easter Bunny have had their annual meeting. Easter 2013 is behind us, and April 2013 is before us. There are some cool things happening at The Walt Disney Family Museum this…

Walt Disney’s Nine Old Men: The Flipbooks
Disney has released a very heavy, tiny and expensive book set about the Nine Old Men, the famous animators that ruled the Disney Studios. It’s also a different type of book than we’ve seen before.…

Dueling Mountain Ranges-Part one
Who has the better Mountain Range?  Walt Disney World or Disneyland.  Jeff and Keith battle it out in the first part in a series.

Disney World Water Adventures
Pour over Walt Disney World’s water park maps and discover things you never knew you never knew.

It’s Tough to be a Bust: The Rhythm + Hues Bankruptcy
Why did Special effects giant, Rhythm and Hues go bankrupt and what does that mean for the future of theme parks?  Read here.

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