Just Ask Alex – Pirates Is The Best Ride

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Published on April 03, 2013 at 10:45 pm with 8 Comments

Alex is your typical 10 year old who loves Disney. In “Just Ask Alex,” he answers YOUR burning questions about Disney.

In this episode of “Just Ask Alex,” Alex tells us why Pirates of the Caribbean is the best ride! (Spoiler Alert: It’s because of the drop)

Have a Disney question you want Alex to answer? Post it in the comments below, and he’ll respond to it in a future episode!

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  1. Great job Alex. I think I agree with you that Pirates is the best ride!

    Here’s a question for you. What’s the best snack that they have in the Disney parks?

    • Smoked Alligator Tail relish at the Grand Floridian with a bottle of Silverado or the stuffed Clam shells at Captain Jacks come to mind. Still miss Disneyland’s Captain Hook’s Chicken of the Sea Tuna cheese burgers. They put cheese on it at request. Love the 2 drop dips on Disneyland’s Pirates Ride.

      • I always liked the Tuna Pot Pies.

  2. Would it be cool for Alex to sit in on Communicore Weekly? Or would Jeff miss it to much?

  3. very cute!

    My question: If you could live inside any ride what ride would you live in and why?

    • I have lived in 2 Disney attractions including sleeping in them, and what seems like many more.

  4. My question relates to this episode: I assume we’re talking Disneyland here; otherwise, I would think the Haunted Mansion would win at the Magic Kingdom. But what do I know? It’s been a heck of a long time since I’ve been 10 and, as the theme says, Alex is smarter than me.

  5. Pirates is probably my favorite ride, too. I prefer the slightly longer Disneyland version to the Disneyworld version. The theming of the exterior of the pirates at Disneyland Paris is really cool and looks likes a fortress. The boats cruise by the beach of Blue Lagoon as opposed to the Blue Bayou restaurant. In all it’s forms, pirates really takes you away to another place and time. It’s fun to ride a few times in the same day and still enjoy it!