Fast cars, big queues, new apps, hiring news, and more walls coming down around Transformers. Yes, the Orlando Parkhopper is running around the Universal Orlando Resort again this week, with news from nearly every corner of the park. C’mon!  Let’s look at the news.

Transformers massive outdoor queue revealed
The remaining walls have come down around the Transformers ride building, revealing an incredible and massive outdoor queue that will most definitely be used this summer as crowds descend on Universal Orlando for the opening of this highly anticipated attraction.

This huge, unsheltered and ugly queue is sure to be a miserably hot spot this summer.


Let’s hope they install some shade structures (at the very least some poles with fabric stretched above).


Transformers Meet and Greet walls go up
Walls have gone up on the area that will house the permanent Transformers Meet and Greet.  Concrete has been removed.  We look forward to a permanent location to meet our favorite Autobots and Decepticon.


This week in the Universal Orlando Team Member newsletter, they advertised that they are hiring multiple opportunities for food and beverage positions for a “new themed restaurant.”   While Universal Orlando has yet to announce the Springfield addition, construction is nearing completion and the final day for applications is April 15th. Springfield seems destined to open this summer to thrilled crowds!



Universal Studios has begun promoting the 6th installment in the Fast and the Furious movie franchise, by displaying cars from the upcoming film in the park near Twister.   This is making for a great photo op for fans of the films, and car enthusiasts – even if the film series has long outlived its welcome.


Universal recently introduced the Screen Play App which is available in the US iTunes Store and Android Play market place that allows guests to check in at specially marked movie posters around the park and unlock 3D photo ops, augmented reality meet and greets, games, and digital prizes.   This is a great little addition to the park, and we look forward to seeing everyone’s screen play photos in the Universal Studios discussion forums on

And finally, don’t forget to listen to the latest Unofficial Universal Orlando Podcast!

That wraps things up for us this week gang. Make sure to get Universal’s new smartphone app, and if you need us, we will be in line for Transformers. . . wearing a hat and eating ice cream.

  • Trumpet

    Great Update Eric

    Transformers looks fantastic, but I do agree that the queue needs some shelter. Maybe they will put that in before the crowds arrive. Apart from that, I can’t wait to experience the new Springfield. With all of the new food and drink items, it will amazing.

    Thanks Again Eric


    • Eric Davis

      It will be interesting to see if they add anything. And I love the term “themed restaurant” in the ad.

  • Mickey777

    “even if the film series has long outlived its welcome.”???

    The series keeps raking in big bucks and has only gotten better. I LOVE the series and have been a fan since the first one came out while I was in highschool. I hope they make 10 fast and furious movies to honest with you and this last one looks amazing. But if you don’t like it that’s cool I guess.

    • Eric Davis

      Trust me, I do understand that they keep making more of those movies because they are profitable, and I know a lot of people have grown attached to the characters.

      Me personally, just seems so 2001.

      • M3wThr33

        Not just profitable. Justin Lin took over as director on Tokyo Drift and changed the series from mod culture to a new generation of heist films. Fast Five got stellar reviews, in addition to being profitable.
        It’s hard to believe, but it’s not the same series it started out as.

      • Eric Davis

        @M3wThr33 – Maybe I will have to give them another shot

  • I hate the Fast and Furious, but the photo op is innocent enough.

    Transformers is going to have epic lines – they’ve really got to do something to cover that extended switchback queue! Bring in shade trees, umbrellas, canopy, overhead banners, something!

    • Eric Davis

      It is innocent, and honestly you do not need to be a fan of the movies to enjoy the photo op. I love the aesthetic of a beautiful car, with sleek lines, and so I am enjoying this photo op for what it is!

  • Lee Mallaby

    I agree with Dusty, I’m not the biggest ast adn Furious fan, but it’s great to see them including more “movie” stuff in the park and I hope that they are still there when we visit in August.
    The Transformers queuelook slike it will be brutal in the hot, wet summer months of June, July and August and those fans won’t make much of an impact. The lack of a covered queue will not stop it being rammed when it opens and i for one, can’t wait to get in line and ride it for the first time.
    If they are getting ready to hire for the Simpson’s area, then it can’t be that far away from going live, but I find it a bit weird that they still haven’t officially announced it, even though it is SO obvious what it is going to be.
    Great update of the parks as usual Eric, I look forward to these post each and every week, it gets me excited for our trip in August.

    • Eric Davis

      I really hope they add more covering, because a few fans with misters will not be enough! lol

  • Gracy_hm

    I have a concept art piece done by Bill Justice for the original King Kong attraction in Hollywood. Bill Justice worked on the concept art and all us fans who are Disney fans should know he also made Chip and Dale. Wish I could attach a picture. Its a cool piece but your podcast reminded me.