This week we have more magical news for you from the Disneyland resort.  For starters, we have news that the Iron Man exhibit will be previewing today for a short period, to annual passholders only.  Next up, a very influential man, Harrison “BUZZ” Price is finally honored on Main Street. We have an explanation on the closure of Great Moments With Mr. Lincoln, the shuffling of Main Street inventory and more photographic updates of Big Thunder, Long Lost Friends week and much more.


The highly anticipated  Iron Man exhibit, Iron Man Tech Presented by Stark Industries, will preview for Annual Passholders ONLY this evening inside the maligned Innoventions attraction.  Guests who want to be the first to experience the exhibit need to be at the park to get their wristbands at 1pm at the Innoventions entrance in Tomorrowland (it is recommend that your entire party register at the same time).  The wristband will give you access to the preview, which begins at 6:30pm, and a special after-hours event in Tomorrowland (11pm-1am) in which they will have access to Space Mountain, Star Tours: The Adventures Continue, Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters, Autopia, and Astro Orbiter.  Sorry, no Subs.

Now, let’s be clear.  This is only an exhibit.  Not an attraction, not a ride.  It will probably be a very cool exhibit, but one that will closely resemble what appeared at San Diego Comic-Con last year.  Among other things guests will have the chance to virtually suit up with and test pieces of the Mark 42 armor.  Pretty nifty.

Guests are being asked to enter through the “exit” to obtain their wristbands.
Inside the Innoventions attraction, final preparations are being made.

After scanning each guests pass you are then guided to a line for wristbands.
None of the wristbands are time stamped. So that means, just get in line for the preview.
Coolness, they are giving out free Ironman 3 posters!



New banners are hung from the outside of Innoventions.

It seems as though the initial rush of AP’ers have gone through the line and there is virtually no wait for a wristband at the moment.  But, come 5pm, expect another rush as people get off work.

The exhibit is very nice looking.  That said, it is basically what was at comic-con in San Diego, paired with an X-box Kinect setup that allows guests to be virtually suited up.

The small exhibit is nice looking

The line might be a little long though.

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Like a Disney fairytale, this story now has a happy ending.  Just this week, on Tuesday April 9th, Buzz was finally honored with a very fitting window, just near City Hall, On Disneyland’s Main Street. In front of a  small group of friends, family, and invited guests, Resort President, Michael Colglazier and Tom Staggs, Chairman of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts lead the presentation to award Buzz Price his window. Buzz has been gone for years, but his son was in attendance to accept in his father’s honor.

Resort President, Michael Colglazier presents the window.
Tom Staggs, Dave Price (Son), Michael Colglazier, M. Mouse
Tom Staggs, Dave Price (Son), Michael Colglazier, M. Mouse
The window reads…

Founded 1955

Price Is Right
Land Company

Call on our numbers man for the best price

Harrison “Buzz” Price
Founder and Finder

We never say “No”
“yes” makes more cents!

A fitting tribute to a great man.


The Main Street Opera House, which includes The Walt Disney Story featuring Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln, is currently closed.  Yes, it is for refurbishment.  But there is also some rearranging going on.

The doors leading from the Disney Gallery into the Opera House are closed.
The exit from the Opera house into Mad Hatter is also sealed.

This is all linked to the closure and remodel of the Market House/Disneyana complex into a single Starbucks location.  Items from Disneyana will logically find a new home at an expanded Disney Gallery.
Meanwhile, there are also kitchen items in the Market House which will need a new home as well.

Whatever is put in here will, no doubt, be beautiful. But we hope that the little touches remain.

Expect to see slight merchandise changes here as well.



The day has come.  The long awaited return of the arch at Coke Corner sign has come at last.  We do wonder why it took so long, but, meh, it’s back. The interesting thing is that this gateway has been reduced in size by at least two thirds. The side structures have been completely removed (at least for now). As you may recall, this gateway once had the central arch and then two side gateways.


Some work is being done on the upper façade of the Alice in Wonderland show building.  While this has nothing to do with the promised redo of the outdoor section of the ride, it has us wondering.

Let’s hope a fix to all the unhappy looking tents and tarps happens soon.



On a side note, new scaffolding has sprung up around a few more light towers along the small world Mall.


On another another side note, the canopy that protected guests from the sun while queueing for King Arthur Carousel has been sent to the cleaners.  It should be back soon.  But in the interim, bring your sunscreen if you plan on taking a spin.


Here is your weekly look at the Big Thunder Refurbishment project.  Set to be finished by October, the attraction is getting a complete overhaul.  New track, new effects, new Rainbow Ridge and more.  It should be noted that, once again, the Big Thunder Trail access that leads from Fantasyland into Frontierland, is closed off to allow for crane use during the week.  You can get about as far as Big Thunder Ranch before having to turn around.

A look into the backside of the project.
You can spot the new track around the ride’s famous helix.
More plywood on Rainbow Ridge in the ride queue.


Limited Time Magic Long Lost Friends Week took over the Big Thunder Ranch this week.  Guests got to vote on who they wanted to see return to the park and now, until Sunday, they can meet up with old characters that rarely appear in the park anymore.

Of course there are ODV carts for your munchie pleasure.

The rare characters include…

Robin Hood.
Sheriff of Nottingham and Prince John
Esmerelda from The Hunchback of Notre Dame
Clopin from The Hunchback of Notre Dame
Judge Claude Frollo
Governor Ratcliffe from Pocahantas
Scrooge McDuck and Ludwig Von Drake
The Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf

Jane and Terk from Tarzan

Flora, Fauna,…
and of course Merryweather from Sleeping Beauty


Sarah the MiceChatter chimes in regarding Lost Friends Week on her latest video.

There isn’t too much happening over at Disney California Adventure.  But we did snap this random shot of the DJ at Phineas and Ferb that made us chuckle.  Yes, totally random, but funny.

Looks like he got his teeth knocked out. lol. But it was just his microphone and our camera angle. Still, we had to share.



There is a new chocolate assortment rolled out just in time for spring at the Ghirardelli shop in California Adventure.  Adorned in California Poppy, these premium chocolate assortments are pretty tasty.


And that should do it for us today.  thanks for reading and we will see you, In The Parks.

  • Susan Hughes

    Something I hope you can check on. There is building construction going on over at Disney California Adventure. One structure is going up behind Tower of Terror. A similar structure is being built right behind the Cadillac Range of Radiator Springs Racers.
    Because this area behind both attractions is basically unused parking space backstage, there is speculation amongst the rumor mill that a new attraction is being built, possibly for Hollywoodland. And insight, info, poop, etc.?

    • Norman Gidney

      Hi Susan! Thank you for reading my article, I always enjoy your comments. Now then, as far as I know, nothing has suddenly been green lit attraction wise for Hollywoodland or Cars Land. Bummer, I know. I am dying to have the drive-in movie restaurant in Cars Land but that seems to be a project in perpetual limbo. The stuff you are seeing is most likely what buckaroo234 said, Storage Closet: The Ride, or just some backstage storage units. (crossing fingers for the ride) lol.

      • jcruise86

        I’d like a drive in restaurant like the sci-fi cafe at the WDW Studios. Maybe with two theaters, one comedy and one sci fi.

        Thanks for another excellent update, Norm!

        Tip: the least expensive soft drinks the two Disneyland Resort parks are in Ghiradelli’s–though the cheapest soda in Disneyland is like. . . [You fill in the joke! :)]

        Again, remember that kids get in free this weekend only at the Original Renaissance Pleasure Faire in Irwindale. It’s the most kid-friendly weekend, and it’s supposed to be in the low 70s on Saturday. If you like the “Tangled” show in Disneyland you might like the spirit of the Ren. Faire. Recommended acts: MooNIE, Broon, then Moonie and Broon together, the Clan Tynker Family Circus, Circa Paleo, and Hey, Nunnie, Nunnie!

    • ayalexander

      The construction projects are for custodial closets. Due to overwhelming attendance at the park, custodial cannot keep up with cleaning while traveling sometimes halfway across the parks to get to their supplies. Another custodial structure is being build behind Carthay Circle Theater. lol rumor control.

    • wedwaypm

      Poop? Where are your manners? Just messing around, completely know what you mean. The author if this, great, awesome weekly update has a good point, and he has a CM to back him up. This is for Utility and Storage purposes, unless TDA has another thought. Web you know the ‘outside’ areas of DL and DCA, you find these EVERYWHERE! For a theme park that “will never be completed…” these REALLY come in handy for the swapped-out stuff. Always wondered if you would find a PeopleMover sign if you opened one of these…

  • eicarr

    Visiting Iron Man will give me a reason to check out the new Fantasyland Faire. ANY marvel is a good sign. I wish they were talking about putting Marvel art and comic con style merchandise into the park instead of the stuffy and dated relocated Disneyania store offerings.

  • imaginashton

    Does anyone know why Jane is blond?

  • Gregg Condon

    LOL at the Toothless picture!!! A much needed Friday Morning chuckle.

    Great update as always. We are still trying to figure out when we are going to be able to get to the park to use our passes one last time before they expire.

  • buckaroo234

    Hi Susan,

    i know you were asking fishbulb but thought i could shed some light on this, unless the new attraction is Storage Closet: The Ride, i doubt its a new attraction. When they built carsland i dont think they thought of just how much parts, lights, custodial equipment was going to be needed so they are adding some storage space (not very much either)

  • blondiethesounds

    Sara the Mice Chatter is sooooo adorable. <3

    • wedwaypm

      Not when you see her wearing those ‘Bedazzled’ pumps!

      • wedwaypm

        Come to think of it, all you see on her videos is the giant head!

  • instamatic

    Thanks for the update Norm!

    We spoke with a CM at the Market House on Tuesday night and she informed us that management has confirmed that the pot belly stove and the party line phones will all remain in store. She wasnt sure if they would all remain in the same locations, but they will be included in the new design. She also told us that the park will be offering at least one but possibly two locations where guests will still be able to get free refills on their coffee.

  • yourghosthost999

    i have just been informed that the new iron man exhibit is a test phase to see how people react to marvel in the parks. so in the end great responses = green light for new marvel attraction.
    if the green light was to happen, innoventions and autopia could move to yesterland.

    • wedwaypm

      Yeah, and I have just been informed that you’re an idiot. Disney hasn’t confirmed it, and if they even try to Marvel-ize Tomorrowland, I will devote the rest of my life to get on the Imagineering board and TEAR. IT. DOWN! The loss of the PM tracks would scar me in oh so many ways, and Disney knows that a bought brand like Marvel will never dominate the homemade ideas of Walt Disney, that is, I hope…

      • wedwaypm

        I mean, a cast member being promoted to Imagineering, that, like, never happens so let’s just hope that IF this goes to a success with our guests, maybe it doesn’t exactly lead to an attraction opening in Disneyland, but opens in the cold, bitter, “Who Wants To Be A Millionare: Play It!” instead?
        Oh by the way, sorry for the whole ‘RumorBot’ thing; didn’t exactly know you were a fellow CM, guess I never got the 411 ’til now. Trust me, I have run into ‘bots’ before, and I’m not talking about the ones on Star Tours. Harassment through false rumors make common appearances on MiceChat.
        Now if I can only find a way to delete my replies… 😐

    • wedwaypm

      Oh, and ATTENTION MICECHAT READERS:Micechat user ‘instamatic’ is not in fact, a human, but instead a RumorBot, as he does not Capitalize the beginning of his sentences. Note that I have run into a RumorBot on multiple occasions on websites in close relations with MiceChat.

      Thank you for your taking the time to let us inform you of this RumorBot alert.

      • wedwaypm

        My apologies, I meant to say user, ‘yourghosthost999’.
        Please take caution to avoid this RumorBot!

  • DisWedWay

    I noticed in the Market House at Disneyland’s Mainstreet, they are using a colored red and black checker board and wondered why not a black and white non-colored board as used in good period movies such as Geronimo and early 1900 films?

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    Great update! I know that the registration for the AP preview today starts at 1 pm, but does anyone know when it ends?

    • Gregg Condon

      My guess is when the bracelets are gone or when the park closes. Whatever happens first.

      • KEBSD


  • BasilofBakerStreet

    Overheard some CMs last week mention that the gallery was being changed out from Castles/Fantasyland to the Tiki Room for the 50th.

  • xboxtravis7992

    Really? The Ironman virtual reality set up is an Xbox Kinect? Doesn’t Disney know you could buy an Xbox, Kinect, and a few games for cheaper than it is to get a family inside Disneyland?

    However seeing the hall of armor in real life would make up for the lackluster digital presentation, hopefully a real Iron Man E-ticket is in the works, and not a few Kinects strung together.

    • wedwaypm

      Beg to differ, you try getting the light fixtures inside the exhibit at Lamps Plus! You’ll spend a LONG time looking!

    • wedwaypm

      Oh, how do you know will be an E-Ticket, young one? Take it from a CM, those rumors for an E-Ticket are, unfortunately, perhaps as false as the PeopleMover’s initial return. But, Disney’s always reminding us to tell our good-natured guests that there is no “No” or “Yes” under terms like these. Especially from a Marvel™ point of view, your walk through the turnstile and positive feedback on our exhibit act as a “Vote” in whether or not this will be a good idea farther down the road. TDA and the Imagineers don’t want to make the same form of a mistake twice (hint Rocket Rods, hint hint)!

      PS: An approximate 1/5 of the Cast Members @ Disneyland are ready to take on the crowds May 4 (MiceChat’s World Famous GUMBALL RALLY), but 2/5 of our good ol’ CMs have nightmares over it (JK)!

  • wedwaypm

    Wow, how are these Marvel-driven kids “Suiting Up”? Oh, that’s right, through Kinect! Proving once more that Innoventions is evolving into a (Once Rotating) Microsoft Advertisement! Want to impress millions, Disney? Transfer all of your MS tech to Apple (as I type this on an iPod Touch), or rip out the Innoventions and reopen the CoP here at Disneyland.

  • wedwaypm
  • 4Apples4Disney

    Thank you Fishbulb, I always look forward to your updates!

  • Spacepainter

    So super excited to see these characters back in the park!!

    Also, I hope that Alice gets the attention she needs soon. She’s been under those tarps and scaffolding for far too long!

  • Another good update Norm. I was there Friday night. We had no problem going tyhe back way from Fantasy to Frontier. Maybe it is closed of during the day and opens at night.