We were invited up to Six Flags Magic Mountain yesterday to see the topping off of Full Throttle’s Loop. We were able to take a great behind the scenes look at this enormous bit of construction. Trust us, it’s big and should prove to be a great new element at the park. We’ll also look at the arrival of Spring at the park and show you all of the hard work that park landscaping staff have been putting into the landscaping.  Yes, they really are trying.

Full Throttle Topped Out

For the most part, we are going to let these pictures speak for themselves. Enjoy this backstage look as the park tops off the largest vertical loop in the world.

As we arrive, there is a pretty significant gap. Wonder if the train could make that jump. Luckily (or sadly depending on how you look at it) we’ll never find out.
Here is the final piece to be installed. Yes that is actually track on top and track underneath.
And away it goes.

The piece of track had to go up and over the trees to be placed.

Once the piece was almost in place the other crane lifted up workers on each side.

No different from work you do at home. Sometimes you just gotta use a hammer.

Look at the perspective here. We are looking at the top half of the loop and see how tiny those workers look at the top? This is a HUGE loop.
And now we have a completed loop.
A twisted awesome mess of track.
Mr. Crane, that’s his name, that name again is Mr. Crane.
Elsewhere around the site, you can see here the brakes coming out of the Top Hat. Fortunately the brakes don’t start near the top but about 1/2 way down. Should get some nice airtime going over the loop.

On the launch you can see all of the LSM’s (Linear Synchronous Motors).
A piece of what we believe to be station track waiting to be installed.
It’s the largest loop not just for Six Flags Magic Mountain but for any coaster in the world!
Yours truly in front of the track and loop. Thanks to David from TPR for taking this picture of me. This will be the entry area for the ride, so getting great shots of the coaster in action should be easy.

Once the park opened we made our usual loop around the property to see what the loop looked like from different angles. In my favorite shot you can see the loop on Revolution (the world’s first modern roller coaster with a vertical loop) and the loop on Full Throttle (the current tallest loop in the world). This shot was taken from the X2 bridge. If only we could photoshop Tatsu out of the picture (the yellow tracks between the two white loops). 😉

Up by Superman, the twisty track is now complete from this angle.

From up near the old Log Jammer entranc, here’s a clear view of the complete loop
The station has seen a lot of work in the last week.

Back in Samurai Summit, they are replacing the fence that was removed for the Dive Loop
Posts are set on the other side as well

Congratulations to Six Flags Magic Mountain for completing this awesome element. No opening date was given to us. We will let you all know as soon as we do.

You can read the press release regarding the topping off of the loop here.

Spring has Sprung

We also wanted to show you some of the great work the Magic Mountain landscaping crew has done around the park. Yes, this is a “Thrill Park,” but the landscaping crew does a fantastic job. In fact, they probably have more on-stage trees and gardens to deal with than Disneyland does.

The front fountain has been decorated with beautiful marigolds.
Near X2’s sign, more orange marigolds.
Back by Riddlers Revenge some Orange and Yellow marigolds are blooming
As well as some lovely white dianthus. The bush has some kind of Riddler thing I believe. I’ll have to remember to look next time I’m up in the Sky Tower.
The planter in front of Lex Luthor provides some much needed shade
Whistlestop Park features some lovely red blossoms.
Sometimes it’s easy to forget just how many trees Magic Mountain has.
These trees near Bugs Bunny world provide some much needed rest from the sun during the summer. Luckily Dippin Dots and Dole Whips aren’t far away. #YOLOOMNOM

Around the Park

Not much to report from elsewhere in the park. The stairs leading up to Ninja and the Sky Tower have received some M&M’s wraps. I know some don’t like these but they seem to be a little bit of fun from a much needed sponsor.

I got a chance to ride one of the parking lot buses back to the car. They are clean and the ride is very smooth, unlike the old trams. The Air Conditioning was also very nice.

We’ve been told they are going to be installing more permanent queues for the buses and they seem to have finally figured out a flow pattern that works.

That’s it for this week. Not sure when we’ll have another update, probably won’t be much to report on until testing begins. We’ll keep you updated on progress and give you an opening date as soon as we have it. Meanwhile, please follow our Facebook and Twitter pages for updates and announcements.