An idyllic farm is nestled in rolling hills. A farmhouse is mostly hidden by a cluster of trees. A bounty of crops surrounds an old fashioned red barn. It’s harvest time here. Some foliage has already developed fall colors, but much of it is still a rich green. Although it’s still warm in the valley, there’s fresh snow on the tall mountains in the distance.

And on the sky, giant letters advertise Bountiful Valley Farm.

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  • eicarr

    Thank you for such great photos of what was such a bad park. I remember standing in this section when the park first opened… and feeling totally ripped off paying big $$ to be in a cheap county fair. We didn’t think anything could be worse than some of the WDW parks… but this was.

  • QPerth

    Being a farmer/market gardener, tractor enthusiast, my dad may have loved the Bountiful Valley Farm “attraction”. I hope I’m not being too judgmental in saying he would probably be in the very small minority.
    Oh dear, whatever were they thinking? We’re they just desperate for sponsors and this attraction, actually from a very impressive company, is all they could muster up?

  • LoveStallion

    This whole area cracked me up, especially the “farmers market,” because, you know, I would love to pay 5x market price for a fresh apple. Oh yeah!

    It really seemed like an afterthought, as if Disney was required to keep unionized workers busy with something, so they just threw this in as a transition zone. Really, the entire parade route from the main plaza to the “bay” was pretty sad at first.

  • Illusion0fLife

    Thanks for another great update Werner! It’s funny, when I was at DCA last year looking at the new mural I realized just how completely unremarkable the old one was. I was wracking my brain and I couldn’t even remember what it used to look like (aside from Dim flying by at the top). It’s still not perfect, but it’s much more fitting of that section of the park than any of its predecessors.

    Also, painting focal points like the Bountiful Valley Farm logo and later Dim on the actual show building was a stupendously bad idea. Yes, let’s draw attention to this showbuilding sticking up over the scenery rather than trying to direct your eye away from it. It’s still obviously there, but they smartly painted it in a way that is much more subtle and draws your eye to the mural rather than the building.

  • Timekeeper

    Lovely article. Another minor piece of California Adventure is remembered.


  • DobbysCloset

    Never got to see this but that’s okay — I escaped Southern California for Oregon where we have real-life farms just down the road. And I was born in Peoria, so always happy to see a reference to the town that doesn’t include “they roll up the sidewalks at night.”

  • JiminyDean

    I miss the peach trees