Universal Orlando Resort is on the cusp of transformation with a brand new major budget attraction about ready to open.  Team members have been hired, are being trained, and the ride is cycling daily. But that’s certainly not all, as Springfield and Harry Potter’s London are also in the process of rapid construction.  Grand Bash 2013 is getting prepped, the Hogwart’s Express is coming quickly and free WiFi is now available at the resort.


Construction continues to move forward on the new attraction and guests are lining up in massive numbers for the Transformers meet and greet in the area..

The Transformers Attraction was just added to the park map, and guests are now gathering near the entrance hoping that they can ride previews of this mega-attraction.  In the Supply Vault shop, we are watching the fake wall that is hiding the ride exit for signs of a preview.    This wall coming down is the signal that Team Member previews,and Technical Rehearsals have begun.


As we described months ago,

Universal has been working to bring free WiFi to park guests.


Construction of London and Diagon Alley continues, with the design of the structures showing just how incredibly intricate and detailed this area will be.

It’s an impressive amount of steel, isn’t it folks?!


Structures for Duff Gardens began to rise this past week as the waterfront area gets reshaped for the upcoming debut of Springfield, USA.  Work on a new Spinner attraction is moving forward, with Krusty Burger and Moe’s completing interior work.


With Disney no longer doing Grad Nights, Universal Orlando is now THE destination for Florida and Georgia Grads.  With the Mega-star Pitbull performing, and both parks open and connected for the night, High School grads will be treated to an epic night of fun.


Construction continues on the Hogsmede station for the Hogwarts Express station.  Universal recently started opening up Dragon Challenge at noon every day, as they continue to work on the station.  Photos taken from inside Sinbad’s theater show just how big this building is going to be.


Recently some of the topiaries in Seuss Landing were freshened up.


It’s time for another visit to the podcasting world of Universal Orlando and a little bit of Universal Hollywood.

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That about wraps everything up this week.  We will keep you posted on the status of Transformers from the MiceChat Twitter feed too.  See you in the parks!