Tokyo Disneyland turned 30 years old yesterday in spectacular fashion. Have you ever seen so many characters in one place?

Happy Birthday TDL. You look great!

  • Happy Birthday Tokyo Disneyland. The Oriental Land Company seems to understand what the Disney legacy means better than the actual Disney run parks. Keep on leading the way!

  • brianpinsky

    Wow that was the shortest ceremony ever. I remember DL 50th, oh that took so long and there was not that much dancing. Congrats TDL for 30 years.

    • There was an additional 15 minutes of speeches in Japanese that I didn’t bother linking. But Tom Stags did say a few words.

      • brianpinsky

        I saw that but if I remember DL 50th was 30 minutes

  • ChrisNJ

    Nice ceremony. Happy Birthday Tokyo Disneyland.

  • WDI33

    So nice to see that Tokyo does not have the concept of “Long Lost Friends”! They’re all still there!!!

    • stamphead

      I agree. The entire time I was watching I thought the US parks could bring out some of those characters again.

  • MrTour

    That song goes “on and on”. Now I can’t get it out of my head. (I can’t find it on Amazon, either!)

  • daveinfontana

    And what’s going to happen at Disneylands 60th????????? Probably a little Passholder event.Way to do it Tokyo.

  • yellowrocket

    Wow… Where were all the Pixar characters!?! I bet Lassiter is steaming!!!!

    • Amy VandenBoogert

      Woody and Jessie are there, but that’s it. I LOVE how animated and excited the characters are. The Queen of Hearts had me laughing with her little “get down”.

      I love how this celebration also showcased the dancer costumes from all the parades through TDL’s history. OLC is very proud of the parks and they let it show tenfold. Like Dusty pretty much said, OLC does Disney better than the actual Disney Company.

      And I love the “Happiness Is Here” song… so much that it’s been on my iPod for weeks now. It’s just fun and I hope one of the US parks “borrows” it for an upcoming anniversary.

  • JiminyCricketFan

    The video looked great. I wonder now what will be done for the 60th (exactly twice the time TDL has been open!). I really hope that the same people who did the Florida celebrations for Epcot and MK are not put in charge.

  • Scotty

    WOW!, now that’s a celebration. It really makes the Disney run parks seem cheap with thier money.

  • At first I thought it was sort of lame. Some characters just marching out of the Castle. But they just kept coming. It was an on and on and on situation (just like the song). By the end I just couldn’t believe what I was seeing. It was amazing.

  • Roger55

    Something else you might not know is how Cast Members at both parks at TDR lined the main entrance path at opening to greet all the Guests coming into the parks that day. Seeing all the CMs smiling and waving as they welcomed everyone really exemplifies the true Disney sprit.

    TDR understands that their CMs are the front line for creating the magical experiences for their Guests. Both OLC’s Kagami-san and Tom Skaggs thanked and acknowledged the TDR CMs.

  • QPerth

    wow, what a wonderful celebration, thanks for sharing the video link with us Dusty! SO many characters and wonderful Cast Members!
    I wonder what the US Disney management think when they go and see those two amazing, standard setting Parks?
    I have a huge soft spot in my heart for Tokyo Disneyland. After a lifetime of dreams of visiting a Disneyland, TDL was the very first Disneyland I ever visited, back in Oct 2005. And even though time, and a few return visits may have muddled my memories slightly, that first Day Trip to Tokyo Disneyland left it’s mark, and fueled my growing Disney passion.
    Since then I’ve been blessed to share that Park, and the breathtaking DisneySea with my husband and create many more wonderful memories.
    The standard of show, cleanliness, Cast Member service levels, respect, pretty much everything, exceeds that of the other Disney Parks. OLC truly do a phenomenal job of creating the Disney Magic, in a lot of ways doing Disney better than Disney, and the success they have created there is well deserved.
    Happy 30th Tokyo Disneyland, enjoy your Happiness Year, and countless more after this, and thank you to the hardworking and truly wonderful Cast Members and people that create this most wonderful show on earth!