It has been one heck of a news week for the Disney Company (not all of it good). Rides were closed suddenly at Disneyland and Disney California Adventure, Disney’s 2D animation has been shown the door, the Market House and Disneyana have been closed to become a Starbucks and Ironman made his debut in Tomorrowland.  On the Walt Disney World front, we consider the status of Avatar land and ponder whether the Keys to the Kingdom Tour is worth taking.  But there’s more than Disney for you today. Take a trip to Vegas, see the new Kool-Aid man and enjoy a brand new MiceChatter from Sarah, Communicore Weekly,  Unofficial Universal Orlando Podcast and a whole bunch more. Here we go!

MiceAge Update: Tron-morrowland and Monsters Backlot
In this update Al fills you in on how this changed dynamic has now altered the future plans for the Disneyland Resort, what the new projects president Michael Colglazier may be able to greenlight during his three year visit to Anaheim, as well as the current thinking on how to handle Disneyland’s 60th Anniversary coming up in 2015.

Multiple Disneyland Attractions Closed by DOSH for Safety Reasons
Dusty has this bit of news about the sudden closure of THREE E-Ticket attractions in the Disneyland Resort. What prompted this unexpected action? Has Disney been fined? Has Disney been negligent? Will more attractions be closed? Find out the current status in this discussion. What did DCA offer upset guests in the absence of Soarin’ Over California?  Well, it was (get this) Folding . . .  Paper . . .  Airplanes .
Of course, by now, you have heard the news about Disney Animation. The Walt Disney Company was built on the back of hand-drawn animation, tracing all the way back to extremely early days of Walt’s original follies. As a Disney animation fan, Jeff is saddened by this news, what about you?

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Many BIG Attractions were suddenly closed down at Disneyland on Saturday morning due to safety violations from the California Department of Safety and Health.  Many characters came out of hiding and visited with guests.  And over at the Market House on Mainstreet – No more free refills for you! ~ Aladdin

WildeNight’s Disney Photos
We feature a really fun trip report this week. Let’s see what shenanigans that the characters get themselves into with WildeNight!

Joe’s Long Lost Friends Trip Report
mre200200 and friends went to Disneyland to specifically visit with long lost Disney friends and get the photographic proof with pictures with over 2 dozen seldom seen characters!

A Bonus Capt. Hook Long Lost Trip report for April 13th.
Capt Hook was also in Disneyland to meet up with several seldom seen Disney Characters!

The Last Free Refill: The End of a 57 Year Tradition – Me drinking coffee all day!
Monorail Man went on a coffee drinking binge to commiserate the end of free coffee refills at the Market House on Main Street! Follow along as he says farewell to Market House in a very unique way.

Disneyland Debate Thread: Monsters Invade Hollywoodland and Tron to rise TL again?
Al’s latest article gives us some possibilities for the future. Would you like a Tron based attraction in Tomorrowland? How about an expanded presence of Monsters in the Hollywood Backlot area? Tell us what you think about these ideas!

Check out the ideas we have from our armchair imagineers. ~ Trekkie Dad

Make Long-Lost Characters Not ‘Long Lost’?
Some Disney characters are rarely seen around Disneyland and MTdizzle94 has ideas about where they could appear.

Instead of a water park, how about an adventure park?
imaginashton thinks an adventure park similar to Discovery Cove might be better suited for the Disneyland Resort. Do you agree?

Eureka!! I’ve got it!!
LordVader has an idea for the remake of Tomorrowland at Disneyland but would like some help in the visualization.

This week brings some questions related to the unfortunate events in Boston, the ever popular Avatarland topic, and inquiries about worthwhile tours in the Parks. Check it out in the Walt Disney World forum. ~yoyoflamingo

With today’s events…
The tragic events at the Boston Marathon have glenbot wondering about security for the popular Walt Disney World marathon. Does this impact how safe will you feel in the parks now? Join the discussion here.

Is taking the Keys to the Kingdom Tour worth it?
Anyone ever take the Keys to the Kingdom Tour? Was it worth it? What were the highlights? If you didn’t like, do you have any alternatives to share? Share your thoughts here.

Avatar Land?
While it’s been brought up many times on the boards (and many times in the Round Up), Is the construction of Avatarland finally coming soon? Time to share thoughts and opinions on the subject and the feasibility of the project.

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DISNEY HISTORY! — Travel into deep space to learn about all about Space Mountain! BOOK OF THE WEEK! — George reads Michael Barrier’s The Animated Man! How does he feel about this Walt biography? IMPROMPTU UNITED KINGDOM PAVILION PHONE BOOTH DISNEY TRIVIA! — The UK Phone Booths may be currently off line, but thankfully, we have some trivia segments banked up! Here’s the latest! FIVE LEGGED GOAT! — And finally, Kilimanjaro Safari hides this week’s Five Legged Goat!


Check out Disney’s Fairies from April 15-21 at Disneyland and Walt Disney World. Thanks for watching!


Help us celebrate the 2 year anniversary of the UUOP, the best and longest running Universal podcast! Of course, there’s a whole lot of Universal news to share.

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If you’ve never been to Hong Kong Disneyland, you’re in for a treat when you check out the report below ~ Trekkie Dad

April Showers: April 2, 2013 Trip Report
Do yourself a favor and check out the report and amazing pictures of Hong Kong Disneyland submitted by SirEdge.

Quick Travel Question for HKDL
Now that you are all excited to visit Hong Kong Disneyland, how many days should you plan for it?

Is Disney Planning Major Moves in Canada?
Information is leaking that The Walt Disney Company may be making some serious steps towards moving major operations to Canada.

Continuation report from the DLR thread Vegas baby!!!!
brings us a great report from his Birthday extravaganza from Disneyland to the Vegas Strip!

IOA – Hogwarts Express Will Run from Wizarding World To Studios – Track Piece Found
What’s this? Possible actual Hogwarts Express to connect the two wonderful worlds of Harry potter!?

Universal Orlando Transformers To Have AudioAnimatronic Optimus Prime
Rumors have begun to surface that the Orlando Version of this character may actually be animatronic!

Oh Yeah! New Kool Aid Man is still pudgy, sugary and artificial
lets us all know that the once classic crystal-clear Kool-Aid Man stepping out of the shower and into the digital realm as a new 3D animation!

Castle of Illusion remake (due Summer ’13)
Hathaway Brown reports that Disney announced a remake of the ’90’s Sega Master System and Mega Drive game ‘Castle of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse’!

Five Movies You Loved As A Kid That Are Actually Terrible
Nostalgia… a powerful force to recon with, but sometimes can’t hide that movie nostalgia wont erase those terrible movies you were brought up with in your childhood.

Highest Section of World’s Tallest Loop Hoisted into Place at Magic Mountain
Sir clinksalot brings us news that the Highest Section of World’s Tallest Loop Hoisted into Place! Pictures inside!

Alert: Tax Day Explosions go off at Boston Marathon
As many of you have been watching on TV and the internet, The Boston Marathon was stopped due to two explosions were reported near the finish line.

Kevin Yee: Seven Dwarfs Track Spotted at Magic Kingdom and Other News
Orlando is hopping with action.  Disney World is in the middle of adding a huge family coaster to their ongoing Fantasyland expansion.  While at the same time, Universal is firing on all cylinders in both…

Saying No To Cars Land – Fixing the Disney Hollywood Studios
Rumors about additions and changes to Hollywood Studios have existed for years. While many are figments of fan boys’ imaginations, usually where there’s smoke, there’s fire. A few months ago, Al Lutz reported that a…

Iron Man lands in Tomorrowland as Long Lost Friends bring Limited Time Magic to Disneyland
It was a busy news week at Disneyland. Long Lost Friends week brought rare characters out for special appearances in Big Thunder Ranch Jamboree as part of the on-going Limited Time Magic promotion. At Disney…

Dateline Disney World: New Epcot Restaurant, Flower and Garden, and Photos
Hello, and welcome to Dateline Disney World! This week, we’ll be taking a look at the latest news out of Epcot. With Flower and Garden in full force, a new restaurant being announced, and lots…

ImagiNERDing: Giving a Kick to Theme Park Studios
Many Mice Chat readers are fans of Roller Coaster Tycoon and are eagerly following the development of Theme Park Studios by Pantera Entertainment (check out my update from March). The roller coaster simulator is scheduled for…

In The Parks: Iron Man for Disneyland
This week we have more magical news for you from the Disneyland resort.  For starters, we have news that the Iron Man exhibit will be previewing today for a short period, to annual passholders only.…

Worlds Tallest Vertical Loop Completed at Six Flags Magic Mountain
We were invited up to Six Flags Magic Mountain yesterday to see the topping off of Full Throttle’s Loop. We were able to take a great behind the scenes look at this enormous bit of…

Universal Orlando Resort Transformers Watch
Universal Orlando Resort is on the cusp of transformation with a brand new major budget attraction about ready to open.  Team members have been hired, are being trained, and the ride is cycling daily. But…

Park Wise: 5 Ways to Cut Costs on a Disney Vacation
Most travelers keep their fingers crossed for the next great promotion and discounts to be released in time for their vacation.  While these offers can often save guests big bucks, there are a few little…

A Window on Main Street for Buzz Price – Part II
Harrison “Buzz” Price was a visionary business man who profoundly influenced Walt Disney and many decisions regarding the theme parks and how and where they should be built. Two years ago, Sam Gennawey made it…

“Who Framed Roger Rabbit?” Celebrates 25 Years
It has been 25 years since a group of talented people sent the cartoon world of Roger Rabbit careening into the live action world of private detective Eddie Valiant. Scarlett Stahl recently attended a reunion…

Bountiful Valley Farm Mural
An idyllic farm is nestled in rolling hills. A farmhouse is mostly hidden by a cluster of trees. A bounty of crops surrounds an old fashioned red barn. It’s harvest time here. Some foliage has…

What’s Happening at the Walt Disney Family Museum – April 2013
Oswald, Roger, and the Easter Bunny have had their annual meeting. Easter 2013 is behind us, and April 2013 is before us. There are some cool things happening at The Walt Disney Family Museum this…

Building a Company: Roy O. Disney
There are a handful of biographies on Walt Disney; some are spectacular while some are misleading and almost reprehensible. In 1998, Bob Thomas, who also wrote the official biography of Walt Disney and several books…

Dueling Disney: Mountain Vs. Mountain – Part Two
After our last duel on Disney Mountains, we left you in a bit of a cliffhanger. You know…because we were talking about mountains. You see what we did there? Cliffhanger? Mountains? Anyway… We didn’t get…

ipm on MiceChat: The Thea Awards Honor the Best Themed Attractions of 2012
This past Saturday, members of the themed entertainment design community met at the Disneyland Hotel to honor their peers for the best themed attractions of last year at the 2013 Thea Awards.  Presented by the Themed…

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