We have a bit of Fire and Ice for you as SeaWorld Orlando kicks off the Viva La Musica festival.  We also check out the progress on Antarctica as it nears completion.  Anyone making plans to be here for the May 24th Grand Opening?  We hope to see you there.

Viva La Musica

This past week, SeaWorld kicked off it’s annual festival, Viva La Musica, a Latin Food and Music festival.    SeaWorld Kicked off this year’s festival with Daddy Yankee.

Antarctica Cometh…

SeaWorld continues to work steadily as they prepare to open their biggest expansion in park history.

The new stroller area by Clyde and Seymour has been completed, and is now ready for the hoards that will descend on SeaWorld this summer to experience this unique attraction.

Rockwork is nearing completion, and we are beginning to see the gorgeous and unique ice-work that SeaWorld has created for this new land.

Employee tests were supposed to begin this past week; however, due to some technical bugs with the new trackless ride system, the employee previews have been pushed back, but it is still on track for the grand opening on May 24th.

Landscaping has been installed between the land transitions, giving the area a lush green feel.

Episode 4 for the Unofficial SeaWorld Podcast is coming next week.  If you have a trip report, or a review of any of the SeaWorld parks we want to hear from you!  Give the Unofficial SeaWorld Podcast a call at 530-289-ORCA or 530-289-5722

  • Trumpet

    Great Update Eric

    Antartica is looking great. I love the fact that Sea World are using a new ride systam and the theme is not based on a film. I hope that it ill be successful, and Sea World and Universal have a great Summer. Maybe this will put WDW in a position that will need the company to invest in their parks to bring their guests the thrills, and adventures that us guests crave when we are there.

    Thanks Again Eric


    • KingEric

      I am so excited for this attraction! I simply cannot wait!

  • Gullywhumper

    “SeaWorld Orlando Inches Closer to Antarctica”
    Plate tectonics at work! LOL!

  • Gullywhumper

    This looks great! Any hope for Sea World San Diego getting this? I’ll have to drop in next time in Orlando, never been to Sea World there, only in CA; this makes me want to go to Sea World Orlando.

    • KingEric

      You will have to visit next tim you are in Orlando! The park has really blossomed!

  • Can’t wait! I’ve got my tickets to Orlando and hope ride Empire of the Penguins late next month. 🙂

  • CreepyMonkey

    I am so excited for this! We will be there for opening day and will bring all the details we can to Micechat!