Hong Kong Disneyland’s Mystic Manor is up and running in cast member tests and previews. The first videos prove that the attraction is a spectacular family-friendly dark ride with advanced special effects. The trackless ride vehicles allow for superior fluid movement and the music and cute central character are sure to hook guests and create a beloved new Disney attraction.

Beware, there be spoilers ahead . . .

(YouTube video by Alex Yeung)

(Video on YouTube posted by Hk MrChui)

Who’s ready to see this state-side and which park should have it and where?

  • Brer Mole

    Wow very impressive! I liked it!

    I don’t know why its bothering me that it has the word “Manor” in it yet it barely resembles the other Haunted/Phantom Mansion/Manors…they’re more like cousins. Different blood, but same general idea. Maybe its because it makes it sound cool even though its a completely new experience, not just a different interpretation like Phantom Manor.

    Either way, its nice to see the Imagineers get to create an original attraction…haven’t seen one of those in a while!

  • Gwendolyn Dreyer

    I want this attraction in Anaheim so bad!!!

    I just don’t know where they could put it and keep it in theme; maybe Adventureland? But there’s no space that I know of. :\

    • DLFreak71

      Agree. Has more of an adventureland feel to it (the inside…I don’t know what the outside looks like)

      • Lost Boy

        There are images all over the net. It is one of the most beautiful show houses yet. Just Googly Mystic Manor and you will see lots of images.

  • DLFreak71

    I have to agree. Don’t like the word “Manor” in it. I expected “scary”/”Creepy”. I enjoyed the lighting effects. I get a tikki, indiana, tinkerbell, pirates, splash and beauty and the beast feel to it. I think a monkey is an interesting choice. I could see a whole new ride built, but not touching the current Haunted Mansion at Disneyland.

  • waymire01

    Well that was.. different. Pretty violent for US audiences I think.. but some neat effects. I especially liked the “sparkle, pixie dust” effects. Had a good laugh when the little monkey turned into the “Airbender” and went all Kung Fu on the spirits.

    I’ve always thought each park should have it’s own unique versions of the classic rides.. would encourage visitors who want to see something new, while at the same time representing the culture of of the individual parks.


      Too violent for US audiences? What apart?

      I thought this had a much happier and playful feel than our Haunted Mansions, and less ‘violent’ than Indiana Jones.

      Not liking that first voted up comment on the video, seems somewhat offensive.

    • yellowrocket

      Violent? As compared to our Haunted Mansions, you mean? The rides with the dynamite, the axes, the guns, knives, severed heads, etc?

      Having said that, while I certainly enjoyed the video of Mystic Manor, it doesn’t seem that ground breaking to me. Aside from the trackless ride system, it doesn’t seem that different from your average Sally Dark Ride (a la “Nights In White Satin” at Hard Rock Park). The Audio Animatronics are nice, but the majority of the effects seem to be projection based, not exactly cutting edge.

      Am I being too much of a nitpicker, or is the story just a little too thin? I love Disney. I wouldn’t be on this message board if I didn’t. But, it’s just about a music box that makes things come to life? Did I miss something? And, isn’t the ending just copied from Poseidon’s Fury from Islands of Adventure?

      I wish Hong Kong Disneyland the best of luck with this new ride. They certainly need dark rides as they don’t have many. But, I’m not heralding this as the second coming of indoor attractions. It makes up for them not having Snow White and Peter Pan. But, they still need a Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean.

      • ChrisFL

        Majority of the effects screen based? It looked to me like it was all AA’s or basic movement of objects, with no screens until the end.

    • DLFreak71

      I do question “violence” like the others have questioned. The monkey “missed” the knives that were thrown it’s way (that we never see happening, just the “aftermath”). To me, this house is more “whimsical” than “creepy”. The only “creepy” thing is the woman who changes in “Medusa” with the “red” eyes (that I could see).

  • theswillmerchant

    Ever since it was first announced I’ve always thought that the ride could fit in near paradise pier. It is modeled after the Carson Mansion in Eureka, CA (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carson_Mansion) so it fits the California theme and it would be a house that could exist near a boardwalk in roughly that time period. Anyway, just a thought.

    • DLFreak71

      I think Disneyland could use to “Houses”. Our HM in Disneyland (I’d be upset if they changed the HM to this), then another house (like, but not matching) in DCA.

      • DLFreak71


    • RuneM

      I’d love to see this ported to the states, the ride looks fantastic, and it *could* help as a fighter later on. But, as much as I’d LOVE to see it come over, I can guess that it wouldn’t happen here…. too “expensive” and it depends on where you put it. I think DCA could use another Haunted Mansion type of ride in the near future to deal with capacity issues. I don’t think the Pier would be the best place for this though. Call me crazy, but I think a better home would be where the wilderness explorers are right now. Either that or placing it in an extended (somehow) Adventureland in Disneyland.

    • iamdisneysgirl

      Wow! I checked out the link and that looks amazing. I want to now visit Eureka lol!

  • WesternMouse

    I didn’t get that at all. That probably means it will be a huge success at HKDL. Cool effects though. Love the trackless system.

  • JCSkipr79

    This video is 100% proof that Imagineering at the U.S. Disney parks HAS to be destroyed to be saved.

    • DLFreak71

      I think the difference is the pencil pushers don’t have final say over there vs over here in the states.

    • tcsnwhite

      You do realize that the creative team that made this is based in Glendale, California no? All WDI is based there, with small on-site satellite teams at each resort. But most, if not all, creative development is all out of the same room, just with different individuals assigned to creatively head each resort. “Destroy” them, and you destroy the people who created this.
      It’s not the imagineers themselves…it’s the individual resort business units that decide budgets, etc. The “pencil pushers” over there are really no different…they and HK executives have final say, it’s just that it’s a different team with different business goals unique to that resort… with a different pool of money. It is business and finance. It doesn’t work all that differently. WDI works with what they get. They obviously got a more than decent budget and used it wisely with this project.

    • WDIWED

      This attraction was completely designed by Imagineering in the U.S. All of the Disney parks worldwide are Imagineered right here.

  • eicarr

    Perfect fit for Paradise pier!!! A MUCH better fit than the Ratatouille ride at DCA. This is the zany/funky type of ride that Californian regulars would LOVE. Toss in a hint of Winchester Mystery House architecture too and you’ve got true a California adventure to draw people to the dead mailboomer corner of the park.

  • Mr. Disney

    Wow!!! That was amazing! Truly the Haunted Mansion of its time, whimsical and scary at the same time. I feel Walt would be proud.

    And to the people who are saying they should build this here, no!!!! We need more original stuff!! Something like this yes, but entirely new and original… this just has the idea of the Haunted Mansion but it went a completely different way. It just shows how far the imagineers can go with a concept and an original story, and create entirely new magical worlds. Bravo.

  • cruise

    This is an incredible attraction that sits right up there with Pooh’s Honey Hunt. Absolutely amazing.

    I agree that with some minor tweaks there is a way to fit this into Paradise Pier, but for now I think we should let Hong Kong enjoy their first attraction/collection of attractions (with Grizzley Gulch) that truly make the resort a must see for Disney World travelers.

  • I really loved the technology used on this ride, the story for me was a bit too corny / cartoony but then again the story did flow really well! Congrats to HongKong!

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  • KingEric

    This is incredible! Simply brilliant, and it makes me want to book a trip to HK DL right NOW! That being said, if it were to come stateside I would like to see in at Animal Kingdom where Flights of Wonder is right now.

    • cruise

      I do think this could work in Animal Kingdom but it would need some tweaks, especially with the design of the exterior house itself and with the theme of the artifacts. Maybe this is an outpost in Asia where an explorer is gathering artifacts related more closely to animals. And maybe the magic box isn’t a music box but contains animal spirits?

      I’m just tossing out whats on the top of my head here, but I think it needs a little more than a monkey as a main character to fit into Animal Kingdom.

  • toonaspie

    Was anyone else thinking “Haunted Mansion on LSD”? LOL

    I like the Animal Kingdom idea if they tweaked the theme a bit to make it work. Failing that and/or Paradise Pier, this seems a perfect fit for Adventureland in any of the Magic Kingdoms.

  • Skimbob

    If you change the exterior to fit the Aladdin area of Fantasyland it could work.

    • whamo

      I liked the idea, but I wasn’t feeling the story too much. Rewrite it.

      • WDIWED

        Yes, Sir! And would you like fries with that?

  • Jim1013

    Definitely unique. Here’s a thought – instead of the expense of an all new attraction, use the technology to update the existing Haunted Mansions, for example the carnivorous plants (which are very similar to Haunted Mansion Holiday layover) could be incorporated into the in the sun room scene.

  • javalos1991

    Woah! I liked it! My favorite scene was the ‘tornado’ room. Yeah, its only projectors but its awesome!

  • DLFreak71

    Watching the top video (the one that starts off in the queue area), it looks likes the timing may not be perfect sometimes. I noticed a few times the “car” (the video camera) caught the previous effect ending or leaving the area as the one effect was starting…..but maybe that was me. In the “tornado” room it looks like you go around a few times. I’m curious how it affects the flow of the “cars”.
    Since I’ve never been to another park outside of the states, I’m curious why the ride is in English.

    • Timekeeper

      Probably because they expect tourists? I hope they keep it and not remove the English Narration like in Paris; and I hope they can rotate a language option for the locals, in addition to English, have Mandarin and Cantonese. But I think the visuals will speak for themselves.


      • DLFreak71

        It would be cool if you could select your language for the “car” you’re in.

  • Timekeeper

    Also, OH YEAH HKDL! You guys now have something really original and I hope you guys keep it.

    I love the little bits of the Haunted Mansion and the Enchanted Tiki Room in the attraction, love that most or all the different parts of history are represented, with Russia in the cold room, the Monkey King Legend, etc. I could go on and on, but I think I will let the videos speak for the attraction itself.
    If the Mystic Manor if ever came to the states, I think the trackless technology would come, but with a different story (either an original story or one based on a Disney animated feature, like Beauty and the Beast.)
    Though, the only minor inhibitor to trackless technology in CA would be OSHA and DOSH, I’ll to wait for guest reactions from Antarctica at Sea World Orlando to see if Disney will notice.


  • michael darling

    Everyone has great ideas involving tweaks to a ‘future’ USA version. It’s fun to read eveyone’s imagineering thoughts. This is astounding and looks like a very fun and memorable attraction.

    Something similar definately needs to come to our parks. For those who don’t want it, don’t ride it. The technology is amazing, even if it is ‘projections’. I agree that Animal Kingdom would be a great spot for such a Manor. The ONLY critique I would make is that for US audiences, they can push it even further with the darker side of the magic, and a bit less of the ‘cuteness’, but still, this is WOW. We here love when things turn dark, with the classic Disney tongue-in-cheek, knowing that all will be righted, and returned to normal.

    I think they did a fantastic job on a creating brand new attraction with a new story and this would be a welcome addition to our home parks.

    I also agree that this technology would be a great addition to our classic attractions.

    Thanks for posting this article……it was a complete SURPRISE!

  • ParadiseDude

    I can point out to many things why it’s similar to The Haunted Mansion and Phantom Manor.
    1.Preshow in the foyer but doesn’t involve a stretching room
    2. Changing portraits everywhere
    3. Madusa portrait along with the busts that follow you.
    4. The 3 knights heads represent the trio singing busts
    5. The songs the tikis and the knights sounds like Grimm grinning ghosts but sounds like a sequel 😉
    6. Involve a music room along the piano that’s plays by itself.
    7. Venus flytrap room layout is similar to the Coffin room for example like the windows and lightning.
    8. The soundtrack composed by Danny Elfman is excellent and memorable and serves as a nice tribute to Buddy Baker and X Atencio.
    9. it’s still doombuggies vehicle but with a new design.
    10. The Monkey takes the place of the raven being everywhere around the house.
    11. Not related to the mansion but tiki section seems like a scary tiki room.
    12. The scary looking knight pointing a sphere seems like the knight from the graveyard in its cousins.
    13. The final room with everything is floating and the monkey statue casting a spell serves as their Madame Leota.
    I hope this stays exclusive in Hong Kong as it is their own mansion. Besides we already have a mansion.

    • unclemike

      4. the singing busts are a quintet at HM, not a trio. 🙂

  • ParadiseDude

    14. Oh wait I found a grandfather clock by the monkey.
    PS I’m a huge Haunted mansion fan and I’m proud to say its another haunted mansion.

    • yellowrocket

      Sadly, it is not another Haunted Mansion. It is very nice, but it’s under 5 minutes in length, one story tall, and not nearly as grand as HM or PM. It’s a perfect dark ride for Hong Kong Disneyland, though.

  • JiminyCricketFan

    This is a perfect attraction for DCA. It has a California feel with many places with strange collections. Even the outside of the attraction reminds me of homes in old Pasadena. Perfect for a California themed park. Much better than any attraction connected to a movie franchise.

  • 9oldmen

    I REALLY like this, and I think I’m hooked! The music is stuck in my head now! Question: does the ride have a “variable” part (like the Luigi’s/Ramone’s option in RSR). After the “monkey in the cannon” scene, it seems like one video has you passing that trio of singing armor helmets on the wall,followed by an encounter with a self-loading crossbow, while the other has you passing a single figure in what almost looks like “Samurai” armor, holding a lance in its right hand, and a Roman type helmet in the other. After that, both videos show you approaching an Egyptian sarcophogus, and for the remainder, both videos appear to be the same thing. I’m kind of partial to the helmets, singing in what is most certainly Mr. Elfman’s own voice(since he, for instance, voiced all the Oompah Loompahs in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory).

  • animatronic

    I thought it was a really cool adventure that utilized a number of effects to immerse the rider. The vehicles look amazing and I like that it had a beginning and end that made sense.

  • Haven

    Love the architecture of the Manor, very fun and whimsical. The ride is also cute and certainly makes use of the latest technologies in effects. I understand the shift in themeing on this to accommodate Chinese culture and avoiding the ghosts altogether. Clever adaptation, but I still prefer our gothic (western world traditional) horror of the Haunted Mansion and its Grimm Grinning Ghosts, all 999 of them 🙂 Don’t see it going into a stateside park.

  • LoveStallion

    Absolutely bring this to DCA. Perfect idea.

  • SFDave

    I would love if they take out all of the Hollywood backlot where Monsters and Muppets are and put this ride there. If they take out those 2 stages as well it would be a great fit!

  • bigglesworth003

    I don’t see why this needs to be cloned stateside, it’s an amazing innovative attraction in a park that needs it badly. Keep it at HKDL. Good on them for getting this done. Hopefully they have a 5 year exclusive deal on it, like TDS did with many of their original attractions.

    Looks simply amazing, I can’t wait to get up to Hong Kong and get on this.

    • danielz6

      Why should Hong Kong or anywhere else for that matter have a unique attraction? Disney is an American company founded by one of the most entrepreneurial Americans that have ever lived. We shouldn’t have to travel to a foreign country to experience the best that Disney has to offer. Disneyland or Disney world should always have the best and latest attractions that imagineers create. I’m all for traveling and experiencing other countries, but I feel like I shouldn’t have to travel outside the US to experience Disney’s latest and greatest.

  • realsurf

    OK I see Haunted Mansion, Pirates, Indy, a little Tiki Room…but after all is said and done it seems pretty weak. I guess I’d ride it once but there doesn’t seem to be any magic in the experience. The music is unmemorable, the effects are cool but not that novel and it feels like a jazzed up version of DL’s Pooh ride.
    No heart.

  • Asa

    Mystic Manor is exclusive to HKDL (among all Disney parks) for 5 years from opening. Mind you it has taken them something like 4 years to build, so any other Disney parks in the world that wants to have it, start planning and building now, it should be ready by about May 2018.

  • Professortango

    I can see putting a different version of the same ride at DCA in Hollywoodland. You just theme it to a prop warehouse and they’ve recently come across a strange music box needed for a new picture. Then you travel through the prop warehouse, having the same things come to life, and moving through the backlot and soundstages and whatnot.

    • LoveStallion

      Terrific idea. Much better than building out Monstropolis.

  • Deacon Greg

    It’s brilliant but very familiar. It’s essentially the same storyline as “Mickey’s PhilharMagic,” (which, in turn, borrowed liberally from “Sorcerer’s Apprentice”). And the eccentric-human-with-odd-animal-sidekick bears a strong similarity to “Journey into Imagination” in Epcot. It also has a few thematic echoes of the old Adventurer’s Club on Pleasure Island. Having said that, I’d love to see a version of this in real life. I wonder if they could repurpose this as an “Adventurer’s Club” for, maybe, a corner of the Animal Kingdom?

  • Ravjay12

    WOW!! Completely blows away the Haunted Mansion! Terrific new attraction! Well done Imagineers!! Hope we get something similar stateside soon.

    • DLFreak71

      Maybe I missed the parts that “blows away” the HM.
      Our HM has so much character that today’s “pencil pushers” don’t want to put in the budget. I do think our attic needs to go back to it’s “creepy” former state. I also don’t think “pixie dust” (it’s what it looks like) needs to be in a “Haunted Mansion”….unless Tinkerbell has gone to the “dark side” (heck, they’ve “divorced” Tink for Peter Pan…. so anything is possible).

  • StevenW

    Very well done attraction. I think it deserves a place at California Adventure. Instead of more Monsters attractions, I propose it be installed as a old Sunset Boulevard style mansion in Hollywood. There is plenty of space there. Remake the whole area.

  • LoveStallion

    After seeing it a few times, I do admit I’m a little less blown away. It does just seem like a different take on Pooh. It’s more cartoonish than macabre.

    And while at first I agreed with those who saw this as a great addition to Paradise Pier (raze Goody’s Sky School?), I actually am now in line with the idea to put it in Hollywoodland. That’s a solid idea. The area needs to be build out with more real attractions, and StevenW’s idea of an old Sunset Blvd. mansion (I’ll give it Holmby Hills, instead), is awesome. They could even get it up on a berm, which would give topographically-challenged DCA a bit more life.

  • LoveStallion

    And what’s with the loading/unloading?? Am I mistaken or does it just look like a giant garage space?

  • MrTour

    DCA! The building has that Eureka, CA, look to it!

  • bigfry


    I’ll admit that they’ve got some nice projection effects, and it’s good to see plenty of physical animatronics and whatnot, but it just feels like a mashup of Haunted Mansion, with Indiana Jones Adventure’s storyline, inside Toy Story’s building.

    If I ever get to HKDL I’ll definitely be taking a ride, but I don’t have a huge desire to have this stateside. It’s been done, and it looks like a fine ‘D’ ticket to me, but I’d rather the local money be spent on something even better and different.

  • bhb007

    My two biggest problems with MM are scale and linearity:

    1-SCALE: There are portions of HM that feel MASSIVE. Each area of this ride feels small/enclosed. While the scale is consistent with the “real” size of a mansion, HM does this trick of turning the exterior of the mansion into this enormous living (or dead?) world. This feels small.

    2-LINEARITY: You know EXACTLY what the story is on this one. You know EXACTLY where to look in each scene. You know the EXACT climax of each scene. HM has like a bajillion different things happening in its scenes. Its world exists with little thought about you the spectator. You CREATE your own experience from what you gaze on HM. This spoon feeds (or force feeds, as it were) what you are supposed to experience.

    • LoveStallion

      I agree with both of your comments. It’s a cool ride, but it’s not nuanced.

      HM benefits from the scale of some of its rooms, and also from the ride going up and down ramps, which also leads to its feeling of size. Can’t really pull off ramps with the Hunny Hut-type tech.

      • bhb007

        Spot on… agreed.

    • yellowrocket

      Finally! I agree! It seems like a great ride – one that HKDL really needs, especially since their Fantasyland is so lacking in dark rides, but that is all it is – a very nice dark ride. It is not on par with The Haunted Mansion, Indy, or Pirates.

    • StevenW

      I feel this way when I rode the Indiana Jones ride. The effects have to be seen in a very small space or you’ll miss it. The difference between IJA and Mystic Manor is the effects are more advanced and more emphatic, rather than passive. The ending is much better and very engrossing. I prefer this ride to IJA. That says a lot.

    • DLFreak71

      Nicely written. I also agree about “scale” etc.
      I see the facade of the MM and you can tell that you don’t ride through the “house”.
      HM: most think they ride through the “house” until they find out or someone tells them.

  • airick75

    I don’t see that it makes sense to bring it to a U.S. Park when it will inevitably be compared to the original Haunted Mansion. However, I could be swayed. I mean, really, what’s the difference between Little Mermaid and Snow White or any of the Fantasyland Dark Rides?? Basically the same ride, similar princess type story…and that facade might work really well in CA in, near, or around the San Francisco area. It is that type of NorCal house like others have mentioned.

    • StevenW

      Perhaps its originality and not another movie tie-in should be its major selling point.

  • kingcooger

    In the imagineering it into Disneyland vein, here’s my idea. We were told long ago that Lasseter wanted some sort of funhouse style attraction in Paradise Pier. Why not something utilizing this technology with a completely original storyline?

  • wonderpeep

    I don’t mind the word “Manor” at all. It is in a Manor or a Mansion, so…
    Also, there are other “Mountains” and no problem there.
    Looks like an amazing ride.

  • Buffett Fan

    Would love to see Journey Into Imagination rebuilt with this ride system and technology. Had flashbacks to Dreamfinder and Figment while watching the ride through.

  • danielz6

    really like the idea of putting at Paradise pier as sort of a boardwalk fun house attraction…maybe as a replacement for the goofy mouse coaster. Looks like a great ride.

  • RenMan

    Wow! That was delightful. Bravo, Imagineers! Well done – I wish I could go experience that.

    I normally have mixed feelings abut the doctrine of story-telling at the Disney Parks. I can always see that it helps to have a narrative which ties things together and informs your design decisions, but sometimes I think the story line just gets lost amidst all the sensory input the guest is experiencing. Either that or they’d have to bludgeon you with it.

    But this holds together _really_ nicely. And those special effects look amazing.

  • ChrisFL

    I really enjoyed this. Yes, the story is quite “thin” but its easy to understand for any age. Its funny, even if this does have a 5 year exclusive deal, I can’t imagine this working in WDW for instance, the upkeep costs would be too high for their DISMALLY LOW standards, and it would probably be down half the time.

  • RenMan

    I’ve never thought of the theming of the lands as being a problem or limitation, but you can see how they get kind of trapped or limited by them. This wonderful ride really has no place at Disneyland as long as the Haunted Mansion is there, and it fits even less at DCA. That’s really too bad.

  • dlpostcardguy

    If anyone has been to Ferndale CA there a many fanciful Victorian homes there like this. (Maybe not quite this elaborate.) I would love to see this wonderful looking attraction at DCA. It’s great that Disney actually built an E ticket attraction without a movie tie-in. The AA’s, characters and special effects look fantastic and I would imagine this looks even better in person. Great job Disney!

  • DG2

    Very cool and Kudos for originality ! Well done WED

  • Cymru

    So frustrated I was stood outside the gates to this building/land last month wondering what excitement lay within… and WOW! Looking good. Going to have to get back to HK as soon as I can. Love the little nods to the old and sparkly new bits.

    Kind of excited about the Ratatouille attraction now for Paris now also… wishful thinking but doesn’t that also have the same trackless ride system being installed… switch the monkey for a rat and the probs… maybe this is a preview for Paris next year. I mean HK even has the same Toy Story Playland next door to it as does Paris?

  • ace1974

    I don’t think you can get away with it in Disneyland or Magic Kingdom, as they have Haunted Mansions. You might be able to get away with it in Paradise Pier, but that’s still pretty iffy, considering the proximity of the parks. They should bring the tech and ride system over, certainly, with more investment than say, Animal Kingdom’s mechanical close of Anaheim’s Indy known as Dinosaur. One could re-skin this adventure to be a retelling of a classic, Disney short, for example, and plop it down near the swings, creating another unique ‘hood on the lake.

    That clone, or another clone with a different skin and story entirely, should go in one of the Orlando parks, who will certainly be spending boatloads of money over the next decade in their fight with Universal (best thing in years to happen to Disney World is Universal becoming competitive in the Florida market again.) This might be the new Figment Into Imagination, for example, subbing the dragon for the monkey, spooks for goofs and such.

    I’d keep the existing Haunted Mansions as they are, for the time being. For one, stateside parks need more stuff, and more NEW stuff, not less. In the next, they’re truly, enduring, classic Disney rides, and they lend a sense of history to the parks, of shared experiences, over generations in many cases. Retaining aspects of the Disney heritage, in this case, is competitive, especially in Orlando, where they just can’t offer the experience of “I’m a grandma, going on Haunted Mansion, remembering my first time on this ride with my daughter, now married, now with a daughter of her own on the ride…all of us together in this sickly sweet and real Disney moment.”

    It sure looks like the Belle’s walkthrough ride at MK was the proof-of-tech (sparkle frames and such) for this ride, much like Test Track’s re-skin was the proof-of-concept for the Tron coaster in Shanghai, yes?

  • Captain Pitchfork

    No thank you! Roller coasters please!!

  • Phillydawg

    Without viewing the video yet, the outside kinda looks like the Winchester house in northern Cal? Mrs. Winchester kept adding on and adding on with stairways leading to nowhere and such? It’s supposedly also extremely haunted today,etc.

  • C. Andrew Nelson

    This is EXACTLY what the Disney parks have been needing for years: a totally original E ticket adventure not based on any existing movie, characters, or franchise. Bravo to all the imagineers and everyone involved in making this attraction a reality.

    (Can you imagine if Disney created an entire park of completely original attractions that weren’t derived from any preexisting source?)

    Now, per the contractual terms, how long do we have to wait until a version of Mystic Manor can legally be constructed in the other Disney parks? Would be great to see it featured in DCA, perhaps themed to a San Franciscan mansion.

  • Ladypixel

    Something I think a lot of people have missed is the ghost-phobic nature of the Chinese people. Their mansion is not going to revolve around the dead in the same fashion that Haunted Mansion/Phantom Manor does, because that’s against the common religious beliefs of the people there (the ancestor spirits are venerated, but many Chinese people won’t even live in the same town as a cemetery, for instance). Making an attraction which focuses on the deceased will create a large space which is cautiously avoided… and that’s not the goal of a theme park, especially one of this scope.

    With that taken into mind, I think that MM is a great spin-off with a Mansion-esque feel to it which fits perfectly into the Hong Kong mindset. Love the visual effects… but what really fascinates me is the ride itself. I’d love to see this ride system make it to the States someday… it looks fluid, smooth, and comfortable as a general rule, and it definitely seems to add a lot of potential to future rides at the US parks.

    Of course, being a Disneyland annual passholder, I’d really like it to start out here…