Spoiler Alert: Hong Kong Disneyland Mystic Manor Ride Through!

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Published on April 21, 2013 at 11:13 am with 85 Comments

Hong Kong Disneyland’s Mystic Manor is up and running in cast member tests and previews. The first videos prove that the attraction is a spectacular family-friendly dark ride with advanced special effects. The trackless ride vehicles allow for superior fluid movement and the music and cute central character are sure to hook guests and create a beloved new Disney attraction.

Beware, there be spoilers ahead . . .

(YouTube video by Alex Yeung)

(Video on YouTube posted by Hk MrChui)

Who’s ready to see this state-side and which park should have it and where?

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  • Brer Mole

    Wow very impressive! I liked it!

    I don’t know why its bothering me that it has the word “Manor” in it yet it barely resembles the other Haunted/Phantom Mansion/Manors…they’re more like cousins. Different blood, but same general idea. Maybe its because it makes it sound cool even though its a completely new experience, not just a different interpretation like Phantom Manor.

    Either way, its nice to see the Imagineers get to create an original attraction…haven’t seen one of those in a while!

  • Gwendolyn Dreyer

    I want this attraction in Anaheim so bad!!!

    I just don’t know where they could put it and keep it in theme; maybe Adventureland? But there’s no space that I know of. :\

    • DLFreak71

      Agree. Has more of an adventureland feel to it (the inside…I don’t know what the outside looks like)

      • Lost Boy

        There are images all over the net. It is one of the most beautiful show houses yet. Just Googly Mystic Manor and you will see lots of images.

  • DLFreak71

    I have to agree. Don’t like the word “Manor” in it. I expected “scary”/”Creepy”. I enjoyed the lighting effects. I get a tikki, indiana, tinkerbell, pirates, splash and beauty and the beast feel to it. I think a monkey is an interesting choice. I could see a whole new ride built, but not touching the current Haunted Mansion at Disneyland.

  • waymire01

    Well that was.. different. Pretty violent for US audiences I think.. but some neat effects. I especially liked the “sparkle, pixie dust” effects. Had a good laugh when the little monkey turned into the “Airbender” and went all Kung Fu on the spirits.

    I’ve always thought each park should have it’s own unique versions of the classic rides.. would encourage visitors who want to see something new, while at the same time representing the culture of of the individual parks.


      Too violent for US audiences? What apart?

      I thought this had a much happier and playful feel than our Haunted Mansions, and less ‘violent’ than Indiana Jones.

      Not liking that first voted up comment on the video, seems somewhat offensive.

    • yellowrocket

      Violent? As compared to our Haunted Mansions, you mean? The rides with the dynamite, the axes, the guns, knives, severed heads, etc?

      Having said that, while I certainly enjoyed the video of Mystic Manor, it doesn’t seem that ground breaking to me. Aside from the trackless ride system, it doesn’t seem that different from your average Sally Dark Ride (a la “Nights In White Satin” at Hard Rock Park). The Audio Animatronics are nice, but the majority of the effects seem to be projection based, not exactly cutting edge.

      Am I being too much of a nitpicker, or is the story just a little too thin? I love Disney. I wouldn’t be on this message board if I didn’t. But, it’s just about a music box that makes things come to life? Did I miss something? And, isn’t the ending just copied from Poseidon’s Fury from Islands of Adventure?

      I wish Hong Kong Disneyland the best of luck with this new ride. They certainly need dark rides as they don’t have many. But, I’m not heralding this as the second coming of indoor attractions. It makes up for them not having Snow White and Peter Pan. But, they still need a Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean.

      • ChrisFL

        Majority of the effects screen based? It looked to me like it was all AA’s or basic movement of objects, with no screens until the end.

    • DLFreak71

      I do question “violence” like the others have questioned. The monkey “missed” the knives that were thrown it’s way (that we never see happening, just the “aftermath”). To me, this house is more “whimsical” than “creepy”. The only “creepy” thing is the woman who changes in “Medusa” with the “red” eyes (that I could see).

  • theswillmerchant

    Ever since it was first announced I’ve always thought that the ride could fit in near paradise pier. It is modeled after the Carson Mansion in Eureka, CA (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carson_Mansion) so it fits the California theme and it would be a house that could exist near a boardwalk in roughly that time period. Anyway, just a thought.

    • DLFreak71

      I think Disneyland could use to “Houses”. Our HM in Disneyland (I’d be upset if they changed the HM to this), then another house (like, but not matching) in DCA.

      • DLFreak71


    • RuneM

      I’d love to see this ported to the states, the ride looks fantastic, and it *could* help as a fighter later on. But, as much as I’d LOVE to see it come over, I can guess that it wouldn’t happen here…. too “expensive” and it depends on where you put it. I think DCA could use another Haunted Mansion type of ride in the near future to deal with capacity issues. I don’t think the Pier would be the best place for this though. Call me crazy, but I think a better home would be where the wilderness explorers are right now. Either that or placing it in an extended (somehow) Adventureland in Disneyland.

    • iamdisneysgirl

      Wow! I checked out the link and that looks amazing. I want to now visit Eureka lol!

  • WesternMouse

    I didn’t get that at all. That probably means it will be a huge success at HKDL. Cool effects though. Love the trackless system.

  • JCSkipr79

    This video is 100% proof that Imagineering at the U.S. Disney parks HAS to be destroyed to be saved.

    • DLFreak71

      I think the difference is the pencil pushers don’t have final say over there vs over here in the states.

    • tcsnwhite

      You do realize that the creative team that made this is based in Glendale, California no? All WDI is based there, with small on-site satellite teams at each resort. But most, if not all, creative development is all out of the same room, just with different individuals assigned to creatively head each resort. “Destroy” them, and you destroy the people who created this.
      It’s not the imagineers themselves…it’s the individual resort business units that decide budgets, etc. The “pencil pushers” over there are really no different…they and HK executives have final say, it’s just that it’s a different team with different business goals unique to that resort… with a different pool of money. It is business and finance. It doesn’t work all that differently. WDI works with what they get. They obviously got a more than decent budget and used it wisely with this project.

    • WDIWED

      This attraction was completely designed by Imagineering in the U.S. All of the Disney parks worldwide are Imagineered right here.

  • eicarr

    Perfect fit for Paradise pier!!! A MUCH better fit than the Ratatouille ride at DCA. This is the zany/funky type of ride that Californian regulars would LOVE. Toss in a hint of Winchester Mystery House architecture too and you’ve got true a California adventure to draw people to the dead mailboomer corner of the park.

  • Mr. Disney

    Wow!!! That was amazing! Truly the Haunted Mansion of its time, whimsical and scary at the same time. I feel Walt would be proud.

    And to the people who are saying they should build this here, no!!!! We need more original stuff!! Something like this yes, but entirely new and original… this just has the idea of the Haunted Mansion but it went a completely different way. It just shows how far the imagineers can go with a concept and an original story, and create entirely new magical worlds. Bravo.

  • cruise

    This is an incredible attraction that sits right up there with Pooh’s Honey Hunt. Absolutely amazing.

    I agree that with some minor tweaks there is a way to fit this into Paradise Pier, but for now I think we should let Hong Kong enjoy their first attraction/collection of attractions (with Grizzley Gulch) that truly make the resort a must see for Disney World travelers.

  • I really loved the technology used on this ride, the story for me was a bit too corny / cartoony but then again the story did flow really well! Congrats to HongKong!

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  • KingEric

    This is incredible! Simply brilliant, and it makes me want to book a trip to HK DL right NOW! That being said, if it were to come stateside I would like to see in at Animal Kingdom where Flights of Wonder is right now.

    • cruise

      I do think this could work in Animal Kingdom but it would need some tweaks, especially with the design of the exterior house itself and with the theme of the artifacts. Maybe this is an outpost in Asia where an explorer is gathering artifacts related more closely to animals. And maybe the magic box isn’t a music box but contains animal spirits?

      I’m just tossing out whats on the top of my head here, but I think it needs a little more than a monkey as a main character to fit into Animal Kingdom.

  • toonaspie

    Was anyone else thinking “Haunted Mansion on LSD”? LOL

    I like the Animal Kingdom idea if they tweaked the theme a bit to make it work. Failing that and/or Paradise Pier, this seems a perfect fit for Adventureland in any of the Magic Kingdoms.

  • Skimbob

    If you change the exterior to fit the Aladdin area of Fantasyland it could work.

    • whamo

      I liked the idea, but I wasn’t feeling the story too much. Rewrite it.

      • WDIWED

        Yes, Sir! And would you like fries with that?