Spoiler Alert: Hong Kong Disneyland Mystic Manor Ride Through!

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Published on April 21, 2013 at 11:13 am with 85 Comments

Hong Kong Disneyland’s Mystic Manor is up and running in cast member tests and previews. The first videos prove that the attraction is a spectacular family-friendly dark ride with advanced special effects. The trackless ride vehicles allow for superior fluid movement and the music and cute central character are sure to hook guests and create a beloved new Disney attraction.

Beware, there be spoilers ahead . . .

(YouTube video by Alex Yeung)

(Video on YouTube posted by Hk MrChui)

Who’s ready to see this state-side and which park should have it and where?

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  • Jim1013

    Definitely unique. Here’s a thought – instead of the expense of an all new attraction, use the technology to update the existing Haunted Mansions, for example the carnivorous plants (which are very similar to Haunted Mansion Holiday layover) could be incorporated into the in the sun room scene.

  • javalos1991

    Woah! I liked it! My favorite scene was the ‘tornado’ room. Yeah, its only projectors but its awesome!

  • DLFreak71

    Watching the top video (the one that starts off in the queue area), it looks likes the timing may not be perfect sometimes. I noticed a few times the “car” (the video camera) caught the previous effect ending or leaving the area as the one effect was starting…..but maybe that was me. In the “tornado” room it looks like you go around a few times. I’m curious how it affects the flow of the “cars”.
    Since I’ve never been to another park outside of the states, I’m curious why the ride is in English.

    • Timekeeper

      Probably because they expect tourists? I hope they keep it and not remove the English Narration like in Paris; and I hope they can rotate a language option for the locals, in addition to English, have Mandarin and Cantonese. But I think the visuals will speak for themselves.


      • DLFreak71

        It would be cool if you could select your language for the “car” you’re in.

  • Timekeeper

    Also, OH YEAH HKDL! You guys now have something really original and I hope you guys keep it.

    I love the little bits of the Haunted Mansion and the Enchanted Tiki Room in the attraction, love that most or all the different parts of history are represented, with Russia in the cold room, the Monkey King Legend, etc. I could go on and on, but I think I will let the videos speak for the attraction itself.
    If the Mystic Manor if ever came to the states, I think the trackless technology would come, but with a different story (either an original story or one based on a Disney animated feature, like Beauty and the Beast.)
    Though, the only minor inhibitor to trackless technology in CA would be OSHA and DOSH, I’ll to wait for guest reactions from Antarctica at Sea World Orlando to see if Disney will notice.


  • michael darling

    Everyone has great ideas involving tweaks to a ‘future’ USA version. It’s fun to read eveyone’s imagineering thoughts. This is astounding and looks like a very fun and memorable attraction.

    Something similar definately needs to come to our parks. For those who don’t want it, don’t ride it. The technology is amazing, even if it is ‘projections’. I agree that Animal Kingdom would be a great spot for such a Manor. The ONLY critique I would make is that for US audiences, they can push it even further with the darker side of the magic, and a bit less of the ‘cuteness’, but still, this is WOW. We here love when things turn dark, with the classic Disney tongue-in-cheek, knowing that all will be righted, and returned to normal.

    I think they did a fantastic job on a creating brand new attraction with a new story and this would be a welcome addition to our home parks.

    I also agree that this technology would be a great addition to our classic attractions.

    Thanks for posting this article……it was a complete SURPRISE!

  • ParadiseDude

    I can point out to many things why it’s similar to The Haunted Mansion and Phantom Manor.
    1.Preshow in the foyer but doesn’t involve a stretching room
    2. Changing portraits everywhere
    3. Madusa portrait along with the busts that follow you.
    4. The 3 knights heads represent the trio singing busts
    5. The songs the tikis and the knights sounds like Grimm grinning ghosts but sounds like a sequel ;)
    6. Involve a music room along the piano that’s plays by itself.
    7. Venus flytrap room layout is similar to the Coffin room for example like the windows and lightning.
    8. The soundtrack composed by Danny Elfman is excellent and memorable and serves as a nice tribute to Buddy Baker and X Atencio.
    9. it’s still doombuggies vehicle but with a new design.
    10. The Monkey takes the place of the raven being everywhere around the house.
    11. Not related to the mansion but tiki section seems like a scary tiki room.
    12. The scary looking knight pointing a sphere seems like the knight from the graveyard in its cousins.
    13. The final room with everything is floating and the monkey statue casting a spell serves as their Madame Leota.
    I hope this stays exclusive in Hong Kong as it is their own mansion. Besides we already have a mansion.

    • unclemike

      4. the singing busts are a quintet at HM, not a trio. :)

  • ParadiseDude

    14. Oh wait I found a grandfather clock by the monkey.
    PS I’m a huge Haunted mansion fan and I’m proud to say its another haunted mansion.

    • yellowrocket

      Sadly, it is not another Haunted Mansion. It is very nice, but it’s under 5 minutes in length, one story tall, and not nearly as grand as HM or PM. It’s a perfect dark ride for Hong Kong Disneyland, though.

  • JiminyCricketFan

    This is a perfect attraction for DCA. It has a California feel with many places with strange collections. Even the outside of the attraction reminds me of homes in old Pasadena. Perfect for a California themed park. Much better than any attraction connected to a movie franchise.

  • 9oldmen

    I REALLY like this, and I think I’m hooked! The music is stuck in my head now! Question: does the ride have a “variable” part (like the Luigi’s/Ramone’s option in RSR). After the “monkey in the cannon” scene, it seems like one video has you passing that trio of singing armor helmets on the wall,followed by an encounter with a self-loading crossbow, while the other has you passing a single figure in what almost looks like “Samurai” armor, holding a lance in its right hand, and a Roman type helmet in the other. After that, both videos show you approaching an Egyptian sarcophogus, and for the remainder, both videos appear to be the same thing. I’m kind of partial to the helmets, singing in what is most certainly Mr. Elfman’s own voice(since he, for instance, voiced all the Oompah Loompahs in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory).

  • animatronic

    I thought it was a really cool adventure that utilized a number of effects to immerse the rider. The vehicles look amazing and I like that it had a beginning and end that made sense.

  • Haven

    Love the architecture of the Manor, very fun and whimsical. The ride is also cute and certainly makes use of the latest technologies in effects. I understand the shift in themeing on this to accommodate Chinese culture and avoiding the ghosts altogether. Clever adaptation, but I still prefer our gothic (western world traditional) horror of the Haunted Mansion and its Grimm Grinning Ghosts, all 999 of them :) Don’t see it going into a stateside park.

  • LoveStallion

    Absolutely bring this to DCA. Perfect idea.

  • SFDave

    I would love if they take out all of the Hollywood backlot where Monsters and Muppets are and put this ride there. If they take out those 2 stages as well it would be a great fit!

  • bigglesworth003

    I don’t see why this needs to be cloned stateside, it’s an amazing innovative attraction in a park that needs it badly. Keep it at HKDL. Good on them for getting this done. Hopefully they have a 5 year exclusive deal on it, like TDS did with many of their original attractions.

    Looks simply amazing, I can’t wait to get up to Hong Kong and get on this.

    • danielz6

      Why should Hong Kong or anywhere else for that matter have a unique attraction? Disney is an American company founded by one of the most entrepreneurial Americans that have ever lived. We shouldn’t have to travel to a foreign country to experience the best that Disney has to offer. Disneyland or Disney world should always have the best and latest attractions that imagineers create. I’m all for traveling and experiencing other countries, but I feel like I shouldn’t have to travel outside the US to experience Disney’s latest and greatest.

  • realsurf

    OK I see Haunted Mansion, Pirates, Indy, a little Tiki Room…but after all is said and done it seems pretty weak. I guess I’d ride it once but there doesn’t seem to be any magic in the experience. The music is unmemorable, the effects are cool but not that novel and it feels like a jazzed up version of DL’s Pooh ride.
    No heart.