Spoiler Alert: Hong Kong Disneyland Mystic Manor Ride Through!

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Published on April 21, 2013 at 11:13 am with 85 Comments

Hong Kong Disneyland’s Mystic Manor is up and running in cast member tests and previews. The first videos prove that the attraction is a spectacular family-friendly dark ride with advanced special effects. The trackless ride vehicles allow for superior fluid movement and the music and cute central character are sure to hook guests and create a beloved new Disney attraction.

Beware, there be spoilers ahead . . .

(YouTube video by Alex Yeung)

(Video on YouTube posted by Hk MrChui)

Who’s ready to see this state-side and which park should have it and where?

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  • RenMan

    Wow! That was delightful. Bravo, Imagineers! Well done – I wish I could go experience that.

    I normally have mixed feelings abut the doctrine of story-telling at the Disney Parks. I can always see that it helps to have a narrative which ties things together and informs your design decisions, but sometimes I think the story line just gets lost amidst all the sensory input the guest is experiencing. Either that or they’d have to bludgeon you with it.

    But this holds together _really_ nicely. And those special effects look amazing.

  • ChrisFL

    I really enjoyed this. Yes, the story is quite “thin” but its easy to understand for any age. Its funny, even if this does have a 5 year exclusive deal, I can’t imagine this working in WDW for instance, the upkeep costs would be too high for their DISMALLY LOW standards, and it would probably be down half the time.

  • RenMan

    I’ve never thought of the theming of the lands as being a problem or limitation, but you can see how they get kind of trapped or limited by them. This wonderful ride really has no place at Disneyland as long as the Haunted Mansion is there, and it fits even less at DCA. That’s really too bad.

  • dlpostcardguy

    If anyone has been to Ferndale CA there a many fanciful Victorian homes there like this. (Maybe not quite this elaborate.) I would love to see this wonderful looking attraction at DCA. It’s great that Disney actually built an E ticket attraction without a movie tie-in. The AA’s, characters and special effects look fantastic and I would imagine this looks even better in person. Great job Disney!

  • DG2

    Very cool and Kudos for originality ! Well done WED

  • Cymru

    So frustrated I was stood outside the gates to this building/land last month wondering what excitement lay within… and WOW! Looking good. Going to have to get back to HK as soon as I can. Love the little nods to the old and sparkly new bits.

    Kind of excited about the Ratatouille attraction now for Paris now also… wishful thinking but doesn’t that also have the same trackless ride system being installed… switch the monkey for a rat and the probs… maybe this is a preview for Paris next year. I mean HK even has the same Toy Story Playland next door to it as does Paris?

  • ace1974

    I don’t think you can get away with it in Disneyland or Magic Kingdom, as they have Haunted Mansions. You might be able to get away with it in Paradise Pier, but that’s still pretty iffy, considering the proximity of the parks. They should bring the tech and ride system over, certainly, with more investment than say, Animal Kingdom’s mechanical close of Anaheim’s Indy known as Dinosaur. One could re-skin this adventure to be a retelling of a classic, Disney short, for example, and plop it down near the swings, creating another unique ‘hood on the lake.

    That clone, or another clone with a different skin and story entirely, should go in one of the Orlando parks, who will certainly be spending boatloads of money over the next decade in their fight with Universal (best thing in years to happen to Disney World is Universal becoming competitive in the Florida market again.) This might be the new Figment Into Imagination, for example, subbing the dragon for the monkey, spooks for goofs and such.

    I’d keep the existing Haunted Mansions as they are, for the time being. For one, stateside parks need more stuff, and more NEW stuff, not less. In the next, they’re truly, enduring, classic Disney rides, and they lend a sense of history to the parks, of shared experiences, over generations in many cases. Retaining aspects of the Disney heritage, in this case, is competitive, especially in Orlando, where they just can’t offer the experience of “I’m a grandma, going on Haunted Mansion, remembering my first time on this ride with my daughter, now married, now with a daughter of her own on the ride…all of us together in this sickly sweet and real Disney moment.”

    It sure looks like the Belle’s walkthrough ride at MK was the proof-of-tech (sparkle frames and such) for this ride, much like Test Track’s re-skin was the proof-of-concept for the Tron coaster in Shanghai, yes?

  • Captain Pitchfork

    No thank you! Roller coasters please!!

  • Phillydawg

    Without viewing the video yet, the outside kinda looks like the Winchester house in northern Cal? Mrs. Winchester kept adding on and adding on with stairways leading to nowhere and such? It’s supposedly also extremely haunted today,etc.

  • C. Andrew Nelson

    This is EXACTLY what the Disney parks have been needing for years: a totally original E ticket adventure not based on any existing movie, characters, or franchise. Bravo to all the imagineers and everyone involved in making this attraction a reality.

    (Can you imagine if Disney created an entire park of completely original attractions that weren’t derived from any preexisting source?)

    Now, per the contractual terms, how long do we have to wait until a version of Mystic Manor can legally be constructed in the other Disney parks? Would be great to see it featured in DCA, perhaps themed to a San Franciscan mansion.

  • Ladypixel

    Something I think a lot of people have missed is the ghost-phobic nature of the Chinese people. Their mansion is not going to revolve around the dead in the same fashion that Haunted Mansion/Phantom Manor does, because that’s against the common religious beliefs of the people there (the ancestor spirits are venerated, but many Chinese people won’t even live in the same town as a cemetery, for instance). Making an attraction which focuses on the deceased will create a large space which is cautiously avoided… and that’s not the goal of a theme park, especially one of this scope.

    With that taken into mind, I think that MM is a great spin-off with a Mansion-esque feel to it which fits perfectly into the Hong Kong mindset. Love the visual effects… but what really fascinates me is the ride itself. I’d love to see this ride system make it to the States someday… it looks fluid, smooth, and comfortable as a general rule, and it definitely seems to add a lot of potential to future rides at the US parks.

    Of course, being a Disneyland annual passholder, I’d really like it to start out here…