We have a big update from Universal Orlando Resort for you today. Universal’s brand new package deal gives new meaning to their slogan “Vacation like you Mean it.” Signage goes up at Transformers, Rip Ride Rockit gets Express, Mardi Gras gets packed away until next year, Diagon Alley continues to grow, Universal taunts us with Springfield, Grad Bash Delights, Minions fly over Universal Orlando, the Universal Screen Play App goes 3D. Plus loads of photos and commentary . . .

Transformer: The Ride sign goes up

The Transformers ride sign went up this week as finishing touches are being added. The ride is prepped for a summer opening.  With the signage, we have learned that the attraction will open with a Single Riders Line, and an Express Pass queue, just like the Hollywood versions.

Transformer Meet and Greet construction

Construction on the new Transformers Meet and Greet location moves forward as they prep to pour new concrete and construct a character garage for the huge Transformers characters.

Rip Ride Rockit gets Express Pass

After almost 5 years; Rip Ride Rockit’s Universal Express Queue was finally activated, which is great news for those who paid the premium to purchase Express Pass and for hotel guests who get the perks.

Despicable Me Blimp Flies over Universal

As part of the promotional campaign for Despicable ME: 2, Universal Studios flew a giant Minion Blimp over Universal Orlando Resort.

 Mardi Gras’ Final Week!

This past weekend marked the final week for Mardi Gras in 2013.  With incredible headlining bands, a stunning parade, and great entertainment offerings Universal Orlando is packing up this party!  So until next year, farewell Mardi Gras!

San Francisco’s Bathrooms down for refurbishment

As part of Universal’s commitment to have the best bathrooms in Orlando, the restroom remodels continue, San Francisco street potties are getting the update now.

Universal Screen Play

We have some photographic evidence of the interesting Universal Screen Play, an Augmented Reality App.  Universal has patented this technology, which has us wondering just how this patent may be applied to future theme park expansions… time will tell!

Diagon Alley

Structures continue to rise, and connect, and roofs are taking shape at the most anticipated theme park expansion in America right now!  We are eagerly awaiting some additional details, and in order to truly appreciate the scope of these structures, we might be taking to the skies once again!

Springfield USA

A new kiosk appeared this week next to the Springfield Games.  The kiosk is vibrant and detailed, giving us a hint at what we can expect with the current, still unannounced, expansion. Exterior work is almost complete on the expansion for Springfield USA. Universal put some pictures in the windows… are they teasing us?

Duff Gardens and the attraction being built on the water front are taking shape, and soon should have exterior walls.

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And there you have it.  Get the new Screen Play app, keep your eyes peeled for Transformers to open soon and we’ll see you next week With more construction updates! Leave us a comment below and don’t forget to use those social links. It’s a big help and very much appreciated!