The same performing bears who used to present the Country Bear Jamboree have a new show for you with new songs, new costumes, new props, and even a replacement for old show’s raccoon.

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  • Zeathos51

    That would’ve been my favorite attraction if it didn’t close. At least they still have Splash Mountain. Country Bears and Splash Mountain are the closest things to stepping into a cartoon. The animatronics were life-like and larger than life. I never saw the original Jamboree but I do remember many years ago driving to Disneyland after dark from Norco just to see the Christmas show. I’m suprised the melody came back when I read the excerpts you posted.
    Country Bears and Circle vision, my two most favorite attractions at Disneyland closed. At least Splash Mountain is still around. Speaking of which, I would’ve loved to see America Sings.

  • dizneydomenic

    I consider the removal of this attraction as one of the parks biggest mis-steps. Pooh could have easily been placed over in fantasyland in the old motor boat area with the space back there. Pooh is entertaining but its no country bear show… They need to try and bring back the attraction from its “on the road” tour and place it over by grizzly rapids in DCA… just go with a smaller footprint with 1 theater.

  • DisWedWay

    I saw the old carved Country Bears overhead entrance sign on e Bay for $75,000.00, but don’t know if it sold? I thought it would have been saved or destroyed as in the old WED days? As in Vegas at the Sign Graveyard tour, I would love to see former Disneyland signs on display maybe in an Archives Gallery as the Carnation Plaza Gardens sign should be, until it may be used latter at Disneyland. Hope they saved it. The Country Bears could be reused in the Disneyland Splash load building area and perform for guests waiting in line. Or when they decide about Fronteirland’s expansion, they may find a better spot to bring the group back maybe in a dinner theater as Walt had though for Club 33..

  • JiminyCricketFan

    I always preferred the original Country Bears Jamboree. Having the bears sing mostly country music seemed to make so much more sense that when they started singing Pop songs. I wish somebody who had a little better understanding of the humor of bears going on vacation could’ve written something for them. The vacation show just didn’t seem funny. What was always missing from the show was the element of surprise. After you’d seen the show a few times you knew exactly which songs were going to be sung by which bears. What needed was some real variety of what songs were sung.

  • Big D

    I don’t recall ever seeing the original version, but I definitely liked the vacation version as a kid. This was one those attractions that our family did every single time we went to Disneyland, so I really have fond memories of it. If the new ride they replaced it with had been better, I wouldn’t have minded it so much.

  • Aotphks

    This show is still playing at Tokyo Disneyland during summer months. We saw it again 2 years ago during our Tokyo visit and it was a hoot. I remember seeing it at Disney World when I was a young gal..hmm,, a few years ago. heehee.
    (PS- I believe Tokyo Disneyland also plays the Christmas Bear Jamboree version during the holidays? Correct?)

    • Werner Weiss

      Yes, there are three shows each year at Tokyo Disneyland: “Country Bear Jamboree,” “Vacation Jamboree,” and “Jingle Bell Jamboree.”

  • buzzyfan

    I think Winnie the Pooh was a very bad idea as to what would replace this attraction[but at least it wasn’t Mr.Toad]. Even though I don’t like audio animatronic theater shows too much at Disneyland, but I think I would’ve enjoyed this one.

  • FredSimmons

    Removing this attraction was a mistake on three different levels. First, it was great show that should still be part of of Disneyland. It was always on my list when I visited the park. Second, the ride that replaced it, Pooh, is one of the worst attractions at the park – embarrassingly childish and featuring none of the quality of most Disney dark rides. Third, if they were going to add a Pooh ride, it belonged in Fantasyland, along with other British literary works, such as Peter Pan and Alice, not in a land designed to encapsulate a Southern / hillbilly ambiance (next to an Old West frontier). Since when does a Mark Twain steamboat sail past the English countryside?