Full Throttle is the big new attraction for Six Flags Magic Mountain this summer. With track now installed, attention has moved to electrical work and landscaping. We’ve noticed a few things going on at Jet Stream that have us concerned and we’ll bring you a quick update on the rest of the park.

Full Throttle

Since track work has been completed, most of the current construction being done has been behind the scenes. A overview of the ride from the Sky Tower doesn’t look much different today than it did in our last update 2 weeks ago.

Some landscaping work has been happening on the hill
What we thought was going to be the lower part of the station looks like it’s going to be the electrical equipment room that will power and control all of the LSM’s for the ride.

This is also the first time we are seeing the completed circuit. On our last update the transfer track wasn’t moved over yet.
Up near Superman, the temporary fencing is still around the supports.
From the Superman Exit you can get a great view of the completed loop
Some landscaping work was being done at the top of the hill closest to Gold Rusher
As a result, Gold Rusher was closed for worker safety.
The Superman Logo has not been repainted yet. Let’s hope they address this soon. My OCD is going off the charts here!!!
A look into the tunnel, they were doing some work. I didn’t want to zoom in too close since I don’t want to ruin any surprises they may be installing.
A look into the tunnel from the path up to Samurai Summit
The fence that was replaced has now been painted to match the rest of the fence heading up to Samurai Summit. They still have a few spots left to paint. Still hoping the entire fence heading up the path will get repainted as well.
From ground level we can see how much work is being done on the electrical side of things
The construction gate happened to be open as I was walking by and as you can see the Got Ur Back and Full Throttle Fries and Dogs building is being worked on.

No word yet if the trains are on-site and no word when testing should begin. Landscaping work on the 5-acre Full Throttle area should begin soon.

Jet Stream

I had heard reports of a strange chlorine type smell near the Roaring Rapids side of Jet Stream in what seemed like they were trying to clean the water/flume. I decided to take a look this week and sadly it looks like whatever they were doing isn’t helping.

A look at the bottom lagoon of the ride.
This is right after the final drop
Even up near Ninja you can see the color of the water is not right. Sorry, this was the clearest picture I could get with the trees.
Not sure if it’s a filtration issue. Now that Jet Stream is the only flume ride in the park it’d be nice to see this ride get a thorough rehab next off-season.

They are also still opening the ride an hour after the park – even as guests wait for the ride to open. This line was actually longer than the line for Ninja when I went on it 5 minutes prior to this.

What was here?

Let’s have a little bit of fun and share some park history at the same time. For those who are familiar with the park, you’ll know there are still some remnants of past attractions all around the park. Whether they are new rides in locations of former rides or buildings from former rides that are still waiting to be re-purposed. I wanted to start sharing those with everybody and see if you can all guess what they are. Please play along in the comments.

The first person to write in the comments what attraction was formerly in the building pictured below will win ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!! OK, bragging rights.

This is a pretty easy one, maybe once we get some harder ones I’ll figure out some prizes to give out. So this week’s “What was here” is?
I’ll share more about “What was here” in the next update.

Around The Park

The planter in front of DC Universe has been cut back and will soon be an outdoor stage. This will probably be for the upcoming Grad Nights but could also be for other purposes during the summer.

And lastly, Hurricane Harbor is still getting ready for it’s opening. Most of the pools appear to have been filled with water.
The Geese are still wandering around the park

Also, take a look at the empty parking lot in the picture above. Weekdays until Memorial Day are absolutely the perfect days to go. No crowds, minimal lines even for the most popular coasters. Tatsu was a walk-on when I went by the area during my visit.

That will do it for this week. Since not much is going on with Full Throttle we probably won’t have an update for a couple of weeks unless we hear news of testing happening. I

We’ll see you in the parks.