Over the last few months, Alain Littaye of the Disney and more blog has reported on the bitter cold winter in Paris this year. Who can forget the amazing photos of Disneyland Paris cast members shoveling snow? But all cold winters must come to an end, and what follows is proof of that. ~~Rick

Disneyland Paris Update: Spring, at Last!

by Alain Littaye, Disney and more blog

Parisians endured five long months of winter weather, but spring finally arrived in France – and at Disneyland Paris! Thanks to Max Fan, D&M contributor and Dlrp Welcome webmaster, we have photographic proof! Here is a new DLP update, starting with the Disneyland Park!

As you may know, starting this summer Disneyland Paris guests will be able to buy the light ears which will be synchronized with the Disney Dreams! show. The park has installed 40 “earmitters” which transmit the infrared waves that are essential to the show. They have placed them both on Central Plaza and on Main Street roofs as you can see in the pictures below.

Now that the infrastructure is in place, the question remains…will DLP guests purchase the expensive light ears to “glow with the show”? We’ll have the answer this summer!

Fantasyland is experiencing some minor refurbs. The Cinderella carriage at l’Auberge de Cendrillon is now hidden behind fences…

…while at Discoveryland, the fences near Space Mountain exit are now gone. They apparently obscured some work on the landscaping. Here is a photo of how it looked before…

And here it is now…

The castle at the end of the afternoon…

Max also filmed the DLP “Disney Magic on Parade” which includes the “Magic Everywhere” song.

On to the Walt Disney Studios, where the sunny spring weather arrived too – well, it is just next door!

And what about the Ratatouille dark ride, you ask? No news? Oh yes, plenty of news, so come back tomorrow (Sunday) to read a special update about it that you surely don’t want to miss!

Alain Littaye is the author of one of the most collectible Disney theme park books of all time, Disneyland Paris From Sketch To Reality. The English language version is currently out of stock, but more books are expected this summer.

Disneyland Paris From Sketch To Reality

  • drumbum67

    Beautiful pictures. Always love seeing pictures of Disneyland Paris.

    What an awful job they did on those “earmitters!” Disneylanders would be (justifiably) kicking and screaming if they threw those up on Main Street!

  • jcruise86

    There were some excellent photos in this update, especially near the beginning. THANK YOU!

    I think the big deal at this resort is the coming of the Ratatouille area.
    Will the attraction rival Tokyo’s Pooh & Hong Kong’s Mystic Manor?
    Will the restaurant be considered good in a country famous for its cooking?
    When exactly will it open?

    The Studios park at Disneyland Paris has been, in my opinion, by far the world’s worst Disney park. Will the Remy the rat rescue it?

  • eicarr

    With the exchange rate, those ears should be more affordable there.

    I’ll take the cold over swamp heat and humidity any day. The trees and ground are beautiful! Boy do I wanna ride on that version of Casey jr.

  • brianpinsky

    Is it just me or is that parade really short? Considering DLR is 25 minutes and TDL is 30

  • DobbysCloset

    Glad to see your weather’s improving. I wish my ears would flash when I barked!

  • DisWedWay

    Looks like new life has come to Thunder Mesa and Thunder Island. Love the blossoms surrounding Phantom manor.I heard rumors that a French Missionary transported that tree from China in 1880 on its discovery, and may be called a Bauhinia blakena. Looking out the Manors windows and seeing that would get your “Spirits” up. Looks like the wiring on Mainstreet could use some cleaning up and maybe cable covers which help. The light and camera fixtures will need more help in hiding them on the architecture, as they don’t make good finials. I have given out 3 copies of “Sketch to Reality” for Christmas and Birthday gifts as you show above, and they were really appreciated. Can I buy more at the Disney Museum or Disneyland in California? I could send my friends there that are always trying to borrow my Deluxe copy with the inserts. Thank you for the Spring awakening at PDL.