Alain Littaye from the Disney and more blog has news about the Ratatouille Ride now under construction at Walt Disney Studios in the Disneyland Paris Resort. A peek at the construction plans allows Alain to dispel some of the internet rumors that have swirled around this new attraction. ~~Rick

Walt Disney Studios Ratatouille Ride Update
by Alain Littaye, Disney and more blog

Here is the promised Walt Disney Studios Ratatouille ride update. Now that spring has finally arrived at DLP and WDS, workers on site are rushing to put in place the metallic structures of the rooftops to complete the theming of the show building and restaurant facades. Six months from now, if not before, the exterior theming should be finished and we’ll have a pretty good idea of how this new mini-land will look. Here are some recent photos of the construction site, thanks to Max Fan, D&M contributor and DLRP Welcome webmaster.

The “black hole” on the picture below will be the attraction entrance.

On the right side of the land, they will theme the previous costuming building with Parisian facades. This will now serve as part of the outside queue for the ride.

Now here is some news about the ride itself. First, remember that, according to French law anyone can ask to have a look at the ride construction permit. This includes the ride blueprints, the list of the scenes, and more. It was, of course, extremely interesting to take a look, but don’t count on me to reveal the whole ride storyline scene by scene as I won’t be the one to ruin the ride for you. That said, I can confirm what is true and what is not true about the rumors and speculation that has been posted on all of the Disney boards over the last two years. I think it’s better for you to avoid being disappointed when the ride finally opens.

What is not true is that some scenes of the ride will take the guests down into the sewers, that we then will go out in the countryside, and then find our way back to Gusteau’s kitchen. That may have been the WDI preliminary storyline three years ago, but not anymore. Actually, all the scenes of the ride will take place inside or around the kitchen and inside Gusteau’s restaurant. (I’m obviously not talking about the “real” restaurant which will be built near the ride show building). The element that  has been rumored for a long time and is correct is that the queue decor – at least inside the show building – will look like Paris rooftops. The rooftops will continue as a theme in the loading room and the first scene of the ride.

Above, a picture of a preliminary concept for the ride vehicle, here for disabled guests.

As expected, the ride will use a trackless vehicle system like in HKDL Mystic Manor – see WDI preliminary concept above – and 3D projections on giant screens. And, just like at Mystic Manor, more than one vehicle will share the same scene. There will be ten different scenes in the ride, most of them using giant hemispherical screens. Sometimes three vehicles will face the same big screen together; sometimes each of the three vehicles will be individually placed in front of smaller screens before moving on to the next scene. You can expect hot and cold temperature effects in some of the scenes – these effects will, of course, be justified by what happens in each of the scenes (don’t ask me what, but I’m sure you can guess why – think “kitchen”). And the whole ride will take place on only one floor. Now that might look strange when you look at the height of the show building, but the reason the show building is so high is because – in addition to the aforementioned giant screens – the ride will include huge props that will give the illusion that guests are reduced to the size of a rat! I don’t have any information about the length of the ride, but considering the number of scenes, I think the ride will last between 4 and 5 minutes. The English title of the attraction is still supposed to be “Ratatouille Kitchen Calamity” but a French title was also approved recently and will be revealed later this year. While I can’t tell you what it is, it includes a funny play on words with the French word “toque” which means a “cook hat” but can also mean “crazy” or “nutty”!

That’s all I have for you today about the Ratatouille ride. The attraction is coming along, but unfortunately, you’ll still have to wait 15 more months before enjoying it. The ride will probably not open before summer 2014!

Pictures: copyright Disney, Dlrp Welcome

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