Take a dash of Disneyland, a monstrous dose of Walt Disney World, and you have the start of a great MiceChat News Round up.  Even as we gear up for the annual Gumball Rally event this Saturday we round up the best Disney and Theme Park news and information for you all in one spot.  Along with that, we have a brand new MiceChat Podcast, a whimsical Communicore Weekly, an Unofficial Universal Orlando Podcast, a new Unofficial SeaWorld Orlando Podcast, and even a new MiceChatter video from Sarah.

If you Give Kids the World, it’s Universal

Universal Orlando has unveiled a truly unique vacation package.  One that embodies their new slogan “vacation like you mean it!”  This 3 Day vacation package includes 2 Days at the Universal Orlando resort and one 4 hour volunteer shift at the Give Kids the World Village.  Give Kids The World  (GKTW) is a 70-acre, nonprofit resort that is designed through the eyes of a child and immerses kids with life-threatening illnesses and their families in joy, hope, laughter and non-stop fun at Central Florida’s world-class attractions.

In Defense of the Disney Guest Assistance Card (GAC)

Disney has a long standing reputation of accommodating families of all shapes and sizes. This reputation is largely based on their ability to create attractions that parents can enjoy with their children and grandparents can enjoy with their grandchildren. Beyond these clichés, Disney also does a tremendous job accommodating guests with special needs. Many folks abuse the system, and that has given the GAC program a bad name. This article shows the people behind this system and why it makes such a difference to those who really need it. This is one of those articles where the comments at the end are just as important for you to read as the article itself.

MiceChat Podcast 7 – Getting Geeky for Summer 2013

April turned into a huge news month for Disney and theme park fans. With the opening of Mystic Manor in Hong Kong Disneyland, pending attractions at Knott’s Berry Farm, SeaWorld and Universal Orlando, there’s almost too much good news to share. If only we had an industry insider to help us sort it all out . . . wait a minute . . . We do! Animatronics super genius, Garner Holt, stops by to discuss his involvement with new projects opening at Disney and Knott’s Berry Farm. This is our best podcast yet and one not to miss.

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The Golden Horseshow had a special guest last week, more information has surfaced about the new Fantasyland Theater show, and we also have some trip reports and flowers for you this May Day! ~ Aladdin

The better late than never Trip report…Part 1 of 2

whoever has a multi-trip report for us, spread out from over a three year period of time! They start off with photos from 2010!

Lady Antebellum ‘Golden’ Performance At Disneyland!

The Golden Horseshoe featured a special guest artist last week! Take a look here for the details, along with a video of the performance!

4/24 Birthday TR

DisneyFan28 takes a Birthday trip to the Disneyland Resort, and checks out some of the new attractions and some of the classic attractions!

Mickey and the Magical Map, officially opens May 25th

We have more information about the new show for the return of the Fantasyland Theater, and a little sneak preview, beginning in post 20!


Is there a Ride in DCA or DL that you have never ever been on?

dictionary asks the question, What attractions, if any, have you not yet experienced at Disneyland and DCA. Also tell us if there is a reason why you have not.

Cactus Flowers

Even the desert shows off during springtime, and Ron W brings us a May Day Basket of Cactus filled with photos of flowers!


 The Special Events Crew is looking for a
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This week gives us some first timers headed to Walt Disney World, a question about Monsters overkill, and some cool construction photos. Check it all out in the Walt Disney World forum! ~yoyoflamingo

Is all this ‘Monsters’ stuff overkill?

With Monsters University opening this summer, Disney of course has turned on the marketing and synergy machine and is churning out a summer promotion, including 24 hour party, themed to the new Pixar film. However, is this too much Monsters or just enough for a brief promotion? Share your thoughts here.

First timer to Disney World…any tips?

Always a popular topic here on MiceChat, shannoodle6 is headed to Walt Disney World for the first time as a college present. Any tips for the newbie?

WDW construction photos

One can never have too many construction pictures of Walt Disney World – here’s this week’s share of them. Enjoy the look into the past!

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MiceTrip: Sail Away on the Disney Fantasy with MiceChat 
October 19th – 26th, 2013

Treat yourself to a very special MiceChat voyage to the Eastern Caribbean on the newest ship of the Disney Cruise Line, the Disney Fantasy. Don’t miss out on this unique MiceChat experience!  Contact [email protected] today and prepare to sail away with magical memories at sea.

Unofficial SeaWorld Podcast

We bring you coverage of SeaWorld’s recent successful launch onto the New York Stock Exchange, with commentary from SeaWorld CEO James Atchison. We also have trip reports, show reviews, news on the Just For Kids Festival at SeaWorld San Antonio, updates on coming attractions, news about old shows and new, and a continued countdown to the opening of Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin.

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Sarah brings us an audio-centric episode of MiceChatter.


Welcome to this week’s Communicore Weekly, where we talk about Monsanto At Disney, Lots To Do In Line, Theme Park Studio, and the Mighty Microscope!

Unofficial Universal Orlando Podcast

Here is another great podcast of Universal Orlando goodness from Lee and Tracey.

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V24 Radio will broadcast LIVE on Splash Mountain this Friday! We’ll be broadcasting from the Magic Kingdom at 1pm Walt Disney World time.
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V24 Radio is ‘dying’ to meet you

Monstrous Summer was officially announced at Epcot and V24 Radio wants YOU to join in the fun!

V24 Radio’s Matt Tice is hosting the V24 Radio Haunted Mansion Midnight Meet-up on May 24, 2013. Drag yourselves over to The Haunted Mansion (and be sure to fill in any dead space…) and ride it with us! Our team will be there and we want you to join us!
We’ll be gathering outside the carriage in front of the Mansion, and then going to ride it.
You can RSVP to the event on our Facebook page, or send us a quick note via our Contact page and let us know if we will see you there. We’ve been dying to meet you!

Unique Evening Shows on V24 Radio

Every night of the week, V24 Radio presents some unique Disney Park audio shows! Seven days a week you can check out (all shows are WDW Time):
8pm: Night Hype – Your favorite pre-show music from Illuminations and Fantasmic!
9pm: Date Nite at Disneyland – Big band music from Disneyland’s past. Jive with us!
10pm: The Top Tunes at 10 – We count down the top 10 Disney Park & Universal Studios tunes!
11pm: Your Disney Dreams – Soothing sounds from Disney Parks to get you ready for bed!
12am: Pleasure Island Party – Audio from Adventurer’s Club and family-friendly rock music!

The Calculus of Defining a Child at Disneyland

In early 2000 there was a disconnect at the domestic parks in what was considered a “child.”  At the Disneyland ticket booths, a child ticket was for an individual aged 3 through 12.  Walt Disney World had recently re-defined a child as ages 3 through 9.  At the food locations throughout Disneyland, it mostly mirrored the 3 to 12 age, but there were a few inconsistencies.

Farewell SpectroMagic and Fort Langhorn Escape Tunnel at the Magic Kingdom

Apparently, about a month ago the “escape tunnel” from Fort Langhorn, in the Magic Kindom’s Tom Sawyer Island, was unceremoniously closed. I couldn’t get any confirmation from the front line Cast Members (who may indeed have not known anything) about the immediate future. Is the thing shut for refurbishment or down permanently? I hesitate to jump to conclusions. One always likes to give the benefit of the doubt. Then again, Disney has a habit of abusing that “benefit.” Just recently, they announced that the promised return of SpectroMagic is impossible, and the parade floats are badly decomposed and must be destroyed. And the world is still waiting for the return of both Light Magic and Rocket Rods at Disneyland, which were similarly put on “hiatus.”

Monstrous Summer to scare up 24-hour party at Disneyland as ‘Mickey and the Magical Map’ prepares to debut

Disneyland will kick off its 2013 summer season with a 24-hour “all-nighter” this Memorial Day holiday weekend. The 24-hour party will launch the Disney Parks “Monstrous Summer” marketing campaign, based on Disney-Pixar‘s upcoming animated film Monsters University which will bring some Monsters University-themed offerings to the Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World in Florida. Also launching this Memorial Day weekend is Disneyland’s new Mickey and the Magical Map musical stage show. The show marks the return of the a full stage production to the Fantasyland Theatre in years and promises to be a great addition to the park. Meanwhile, Starbucks continues to move in on Main Street and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad‘s major refurbishment project presses on.

Dateline Disney World: Pirate’s Adventure, Construction, and Magic Kingdom Photos

It’s been a few weeks since this column visited the Magic Kingdom, so that is where this week’s update comes from. We have photos of the new interactive Pirate game, as well as construction of the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.

From The Mouth of the Mouse: Rory’s Disneyland Days – Part 2

In today’s From The Mouth Of The Mouse, we continue our conversation with Rory, who worked at Disneyland in the late 1960s.

Vintage Magic Kingdom Visit – 1974

Tim Hollis, co-author of the fantastic book Mouse Tracks and the Mouse Tracks Online site sent me some photos of a trip to the Magic Kingdom that his family took in 1974. Besides the 1970s outfits, there are some great shots of Tim with various long lost friends. We’ll also look at some Jungle Cruise and parade photos from Tim in future columns.

Magic Mountain: Full Throttle Construction and Jet Stream Issues

Full Throttle is the big new attraction for Six Flags Magic Mountain this summer. With track now installed, attention has moved to electrical work and landscaping. We’ve noticed a few things going on at Jet Stream that have us concerned and we’ll bring you a quick update on the rest of the park.

In The Parks: Disneyland Resort Goes to the Monsters

Disneyland resort is going to the Monsters as new merchandise for the upcoming Pixar film is added to stores. But that’s just the start. As we told you in our last MiceAge Update, Disney plans to host a 24 hour party in the parks May 24th through 25th loosely themed to the upcoming Pixar sequel to the Monsters Inc. film. We’ll also show you the healthier new menu at the Blue Bayou, and we rode the Mark Twain river boat after its major, multi-month, refurbishment and bring you lots of photos of this beautiful Disney ship.

Busch Gardens Tampa Readies Madagascar, Viva La Musica

Welcome to Busch Gardens Tampa where the weather is warm, the music is fun and the rides are awesome!  The animals are pretty cute too!  We return to this great alternative to the Orlando parks to check out Viva La Musica.  We also get up close and personal with the Jambo Junction. Madagascar Live is on its way and we are counting the days, and we also had a bit of time to check out Mystical Mirage.

Five Weird Things We Take to Walt Disney World

To my fellow OCD planners, some of my strange packing seems completely logical.  However, most of my newbie travel companions or even a few seasoned clients utter “I never would’ve thought of that!” when I rattle off my little list of packing essentials.  Are they necessary?  Maybe not, but I never head to Disney without them.

Disneyland and the Exceptional, Acceptable, or Regrettable Part 2

Sam seems to have touched a nerve. His latest column, in which he rates aspects of the Disneyland Resort  as Exceptional, Acceptable, or Regrettable, has gathered nearly 50 responses from our readers. Read along and see why for yourself.

Disneyland Paris Ratatouille Ride – Rumors Dispelled

Alain Littaye from the Disney and more blog has news about the Ratatouille Ride now under construction at Walt Disney Studios in the Disneyland Paris Resort. A peek at the construction plans allows Alain to dispel some of the internet rumors that have swirled around this new attraction.

Long Winter Comes to an End, Trees Bloom at Disneyland Paris

Parisians endured five long months of winter weather, but spring finally arrived in France – and at Disneyland Paris! Thanks to Max Fan, D&M contributor and Dlrp Welcome webmaster, we have photographic proof! Here is a new DLP update, starting with the Disneyland Park!

Country Bear Vacation Hoedown

The same performing bears who used to present the Country Bear Jamboree have a new show for you with new songs, new costumes, new props, and even a replacement for old show’s raccoon.

Disneynature: Wings of Life

Wings of Life, released in celebration of Earth Day, is the latest documentary from Disneynature. Previous films from the Disneynature label have received critical acclaim and minimal box office success. So, how does their latest offering compare? Jeff and George share their thoughts on Wings of Life.

Dueling Disney: Fantasyland Face-off

Perhaps no other land is more cherished by children than Fantasyland, for it gives them a chance to step into and experience some of the very films they were raised on (whenever Walt’s classics get mixed in with their library of Pixar titles). Each Fantasyland can call its resort’s most iconic structure its entrance, and each Fantasyland is replete with magic, charm, and whimsy. From flying elephants to swords embedded in stone, both of the American Disney parks’ Fantasylands capture the imagination of children from all over the world.

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