Sorry. You can’t take your pet into Yesterland. So let your pet stay at the Ken-L Land Pet Motel. Look for the wide building with Dutch doors at both ends. The doors are yellow—just like Fido, the beloved mascot of Ken-L Ration.

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  • This was a great article Werner. My pets have stayed at the Kennel Club many times over the years. When I’d pick my Sheltie up at the end of the day, they’d almost always have put a bandana around his neck and brushed out his beautiful fur coat. The staff always seemed happy and relaxed. Great memories of this spot with a LONG history.

  • boatsofdl

    Does anyone remember the Nestlé Toll House cookie baking sessions they had where the Jolly Holiday Bakery is? Yesterland should report about THAT next!

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  • DobbysCloset

    Oooh, you made my human so happy this morning! She says I will be staying at the Kennel Club when I take her to Disneyland. I am a Service Dog but I do not want to go on SPLASH Mountain or Grizzly RIVER Rapids or any other place I might get WET. Long ago when she was a puppy she always wanted to buy her dog, Captain Nemo, Ken-L Ration food because it was the official sponsor of Disneyland and he had a submarine there. Guess he didn’t mind getting WET. Did someone say cookie?

  • Stormy

    From the Park Blog:

    Owners are required to handle their pets and move them in and out of the enclosures. Cast Members are not allowed to handle animals. Guests are encouraged to stop by the kennels to visit and walk your pets.

    This kennel is a great service, but be sure to remember that the CMs there are NOT allowed to walk or ‘potty’ your pet. Be sure you schedule breaks in your day to return to the kennels to take your pet out for feeding & walkies.

  • Stormy

    To clarify my post above, since I can’t edit it. The 1st paragraph is from Park Blog. The 2nd paragraph is just my suggestion.

  • LoonAZ

    We have boarded our furry family member at the kennel many times over the years. And although I would certainly welcome the $1.85 equivalent to 1950’s prices, the current $20 charge is still cheaper than boarding in a kennel while we are visiting the park. Plus, since we are coming from out of state, we only have to pay for the days we are actually visiting the park. If we were to board in our home city, we’d have to board an additional couple of days (a day before we left for SoCal and probably pickup the day after we returned from SoCal).

    Plus we get to take a break from the parks for a few minutes to exercise and potty break our girl every 4-5 hours (usually when we are park-hopping between DL and DCA). So that aspect doesn’t bother me at all.

    The staff at the kennel is always very friendly and willing to help in whatever way they can (or are allowed). The only caveat I will give, is that if you have a larger pet (we have a medium/large border collie mix) they only have about 5 large pens. We get there early to guarantee a space, I usually drop off my Wife and our girl in the drop-off zone (old 15-minute parking area off Harbor Blvd). She gets our pet all situated while I park the car and Bus/Tram ride over to the esplanade. It is rare for us to see available larger pens later in the day. But they have quite a few smaller cages that will easily handle small to medium size animals.

    It is a great service that I really appreciate Disney still provides.

  • villagecreator

    Just wanted to add that if anyone is looking for that “classy” club sign, the original is now for sale on ebay:

  • johnnylately

    The Casa de Fritos link isn’t working, comes up with a 404 page. Also, I am perplexed by the clothes worn in the 1967 photo. A lot of the people look like they are from the 1980’s or ’90s. I guess fashion truly does repeat itself.