1974 Vintage Walt Disney World Parade

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Published on May 06, 2013 at 12:01 am with 6 Comments

What time is the 3:00 parade? More likely, what year is the 3:00 parade?

I’ve got some more photos from 1974 courtesy of Tim Hollis, co-author of Mice Tracks (check out the post from last week). This time we’re hanging out near the hub and checking out the 1974 Magic Kingdom parade. The people in the background are pretty darn amazing, too.

First up is ‘Brer Bear. Interestingly, Song of the South had not been seen in American theaters since it’s initial release in 1946. It would be re-released in the states in 1980 and 1986.

Goofy’s holding up a Michigan sign. Was this a pre-cursor to he America On Parade that started from June 1975 through September 1976? Maybe Goofy was protesting visitors from Michigan?

Winnie-the-Pooh poses as pretty as a picture! Actually, this looks like it’s his Facebook cover photo. I wish we had a clearer shot of the sign on the restaurant. I’m pretty sure that’s the Plaza Pavilion Restaurant based on this amazing post by Foxxfur at Passport2Dreams.

The White Rabbit and Alice! Wait, is that Weird “Al” in the flowery shirt? Should those people be standing on the wall?

It’s Eeyore. I wonder if he’s bringing down the crowd a little too much.

Is Donald really driving the fire truck down Main Street, USA? I can’t tell if the truck is attached to anything or not.

Who’s the leader of the band? Mickey struts his stuff as he leads the Magic Kingdom Marching Band.

Bonus Photos!

Reader Nancy H. sent several photos of her and her daughters with characters from previous trips.

This first one is Nancy a mere five months after the Magic Kingdom opened in March of 1972. She’s obviously enjoyed the Mouse since the beginning! Check out the attraction poster to the left. The CircleVision America the Beautiful ran from 1971 to 1974 and from 1975 to 1979. It was replaced by CircleVision Magic Carpet ‘Round the World.

Lauren and Erin are enjoying a character meal from 1987 at the Contemporary Resort. I was shocked to see Robin Hood as one of the characters. From the looks of the walls and area, I’m assuming this is where Chef Mickey’s is today.

Erin and Lauren withSuzy or Perla? I thought Perla wore the pinkier outfit…Wondering if this is at the Magic Kingdom and where.

Now we see Lauren and Erin at the Magic Kingdom with Jiminy Cricket. Any thoughts where they are? Near Main Street USA?

A final shot of the two young ladies at the Contemporary with Goofy. It looks like he’s trying to silence Lauren. I love the tile and the outlet! It’s years ahead of the Tangled restrooms.

Do you have any vintage shots of characters? Any great parade shots? Send me an email ([email protected]) and I’ll feature them here at ImagiNERDing.

Be sure to visit Mouse Tracks and check out the work of Tim and Greg Ehrbar.

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  • http://micechat.com Dusty Sage

    Great seeing all those old characters. I can remember all those Robin Hood characters in the park. Hard to believe they were once quite popular, as you never see them these days. Also, note the dramatically different look of Winnie the Pooh!

  • michael darling

    Big Head Pooh! THAT’S the real Pooh Bear. Not this small-headed, tall & thin creature running around these days. :) . Always liked the bee on top.

    The White Rabbit has a better head-shape than our current version. (Yes, there’s a difference)

    I will concede that Pluto has improved over the years. He always had the fur color of a faded and dirty 70′s shag carpet. Plus, he looked a tad crosseyed. (No offense intended to anyone) (I find cross-eyed-ness attractive).

    I’ll stop now.

    Love these flashbacks!

    • Asterix

      Yes — we called him “Hunny The Pooh” — we love him and miss him!

  • OriginalMousekteer

    I was working at WDW in 1974 and remember those band uniforms. Goofy is holding a sign that says “Salute to Michigan” for a week-long promotion (a precursor to Limited Time Magic). Disney would have marketing programs to lure Snowbirds from places like Michigan and Canada during the winter. I remember during the Canada promotion in January 1974, they screened the Circlevision movie from Montreal’s Expo 67, “Canada 67″, which was made at the same time as America the Beautiful. In a hokey move, they called it “Canada the Beautiful” even though the main title of the movie (and the bilingual narration) called it by its proper name. This was shortly before Magic Carpet debuted in March. Mickey led the WDW Band in his RCMP uniform, but they had to take him to the costume shop to fix his rank insignia during parades–the Canadian forces wear their rank chevrons the opposite direction from the US.

    As for the Restaurant sign, the Plaza Pavilion is the modern, cantilevered restaurant on the plaza backing up to Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor. The one in the picture was the one sponsored by Borden (Elsie, the cow)–Was/is it the Plaza Restaurant?

    IIRC, Donald was actually driving the fire engine. I think there was some accomodation for his real feet to drive the pedals under his character feet, but it’s been a long time. There used to be a lot of parade vehicles with visible drivers.

  • tinkfan

    I do believe Song of the South was re released in the early 70′s. I remember seeing as a child in the theater.

  • tonecapo

    It looks like Jiminy is hanging out in the MK’s entrance plaza, greeting guests. Very nice pictures, Pooh’s style has dramatically changed, while Goofy appears to be unchanged. Great photos, thanks for sharing w/George & MiceChat everyone! I need to start scanning some old vacation photos.