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May the 4th has come and gone, but it left behind Gumball Rally memories to last a lifetime. Whether you were with us for our three day extravaganza or just following along online, we hope you’ll join us in wishing all of the teams a hearty congratulations.

inside the TANGERINE Restaurant at the Annabella Hotel

The weekend of the Gumball Rally started of with a rousing dinner of friendly competition and friends at the Tangerine Restaurant at the Annabella Hotel.  Guests and players checked in at the reception desk and got a glimpse of the grand prize trophy for the Gumball Rally.

The AMAZING Rally trophy created by Charlie Arnold.


The lovely Jenn and Michelle greeted guests. Jenn was our party planner for Dinner, Breakfast, and the Awards Party. Michele was our Rally coordinator in charge of registration and staffing.

Folks got to know each other by mixing it up at the tables.

Dustysage welcomed the group.

Charlie tells an off color joke which embarrasses his lovely wife.


Congratualtions went to David and Nikki Hunter on their recent nuptials. They planned their wedding around the Gumball Rally so they and the wedding party could compete!

Werner Weiss of was in attendance.

We had a choice of Spaghetti, Cheese Ravioli, or Penne with Mizithra, along with garlic bread and salad at the delicious buffet.

The food that the Tangerine put out was fantastic and it was all you could eat!

Pasta Party attendees were able to pick up their packets a day early. The reviewed the rules, socialized, and tried to throw the competing teams off their game!


Dusty photo-bombing an otherwise lovely picture. 😉


All the teams were in great spirits and rarin’ to go!

Little did they know how sore their feet would be the next day!


These were the shady characters off in the corner. Watch out, they want your trophy!

Old friends and new all hanging out.


The Pasta Party was a complete success and we can’t thank the Anabella enough for their support.


The next morning at 6:30 am, teams met at the ESPN Zone for registration and the kick-off breakfast.  As folks got their packets they were asked to enter, take a team picture, and then grab their choice of coffee, orange juice, or water. Breakfast burritos were then served to everyone. Despite the early morning, everyone was psyched and ready to roll!

We completely filled the ESPN Zone’s two dining rooms.

Some teams found places inside ESPN Zone to, well, recline.

Nikki and Dave got married at the Disneyland Hotel right after the Rally. Congratulations!


The Bubble Yums, one of the colorful returning teams.

After a breakfast burrito, Dusty got everyone’s attention and announced the rules.

Teams were released at 9am into Downtown Disney and the game started.


  1. All teams in the Top 10 rode at least 9 attractions in California Adventure
  2. The winning team did not ride Radiator Springs Racers
  3. All but 2 of the Top Teams rode Splash Mountain
  4. All Top Teams rode Pirates of the Caribbean, 3 skipped Haunted Mansion
  5. Only one of the Top Teams rode Storybookland Canal Boats
  6. The attractions in DCA which all of the Top Teams experienced were Heimlich, Soarin’, Redwood Creek Challenge, and The Little Mermaid.
  7. The 2nd place team opted to earn points on attractions instead of taking a time bonus.
  8. Only one of the Top Teams watched Captain EO change the world.
  9. All but two teams made it on Splash Mountain.
  10. Average return time was 6:45 pm (10 points were given for finishing by 6:30, 5 points for finishing by 7pm and no additional points for finishing by 8pm)


Teams spread out into the parks of the Disneyland Resort and began tearing through as many attractions as they could.  While not all rides were included in the race, the game covered both parks and plenty of ground.  It is an exhausting day, but one that is filled with adventure, fun and surprises.

One of the top tips of the game is to eat on the run. Turkey legs fit the bill perfectly.


Teams had to deal with enforced Fastpass times this year.


The littlest Rally star rolled along for the full 16 hour day.

Do your feet hurt? If not, you are walking fast enough!


The finish line for this year’s event was at the Pizza Press restaurant on Harbor Blvd next to the Carousel Inn and Suites.

MiceChat staff await arriving teams.

After turning packets in, teams were welcomed to the Howard Johnson Anaheim Resort for the Awards Party and Game Show in their amazing pirate themed pool area.  We even had two food trucks on hand, Bacon-Mania and Chomp-Chomp.

Who wants some shortrib fries?!


Monorail Man presented a wildly fun twist on a classic game show with Who Wants To Be A Miceinaire. The show was an audio visual treat complete with music and computer animation.

Obi Wan Monorail Man created a spectacular game show


Gwen was Princess Leia for the night


Lots of prizes were given out.


After a warm day, it cooled down quickly in the evening. But teams found creative ways to stay warm.


Gwen and Monorail man handed out small, medium and prizes such as House of Blues Gospel Brunch tickets, Star Wars art, and a two night stay at the Anabella Hotel.


Dusty Solo was gives Werner Weiss a hard time.

Below are the final results for the 2013 MiceChat Gumball Rally.  Nearly 200 teams of 2, 3, and 4 competed to ride as many of the listed attractions as possible from 9am-8pm on Saturday May 4th.  How did we know what attractions the teams had completed?  Competitors were handed a small game book that asked very obscure facts to confirm having ridden an attraction.  Teams were not allowed to split up, nor were they allowed to use internet connected devices to help answer a question.

The Side Awards (Best Logo, Team Name, Spirit)

Best Team Logo (Tie)

The Kessel Runners Tied for Best Team Logo

Team ATAK had very clever shirts with a different logo on the back for each of their members!

Best Team Name


Rally Spirit Award

What the Fett?

Game Day Challenges

No matter how hard we plan, challenges are bound to pop up on an event this complex. This year, Anaheim AIDS Walk was held on the morning of our event . . . in Downtown Disney . . . right in front of the ESPN Zone where we were holding our Pre-Rally Breakfast and Registration. Worse, not all of the parking attendants at Mickey and Friends parking structure had gotten the memo from ESPN Zone about the Rally and refused to let some folks park, sending them instead to park at Downtown Disney (imagine the fee for parking there all day) ouch! Other than that, the registration was a breeze this year. The biggest challenge in the event lay at the feet of the scoring team who, this year, had to score over 200 team packets in 3 hours.  That is around 22,000 questions that were reviewed, verified and then either awarded or deducted. Then points had to be tallied and totaled for each packet.  To get everything scored on time, the staff had to score over 100 questions a minute and each game book was scored, totaled and reviewed a minimum of three times (5 times for the top 20 teams).

There were two mistakes in the game book this year and all teams were awarded the point values if they attempted to answer them.  They also had to take into account the many variables that pop up in a living, breathing theme park.  The scoring team wanted to walk in the shoes of the players this year, so we had them ride every attraction so they could catch any inconsistencies in the game books or find errors which popped up after the book was printed.  For instance, The Jungle Cruise Question was…

How many crocodiles are there in the Elephant bathing pool scene?
A) 1 B) 2 C) 3 D) 4 E) 0

The correct answer would normally be A) 1.  However, the day of the event, during show check, Cast Members noticed that the obscure crocodile figure in the far right corner of the elephant bathing pool had lost it’s bottom jaw.  It had fallen off and lay, on the ground, just inches away from the figure.  They removed the figure for the day and then opened the ride.  So, we had to change our answer key to “0” as that was technically correct on game day.

While we do our very very best to hand Dusty the absolute most accurate numbers the night of the event, we also believe in accuracy.  You will note that three teams who were not announced on game night have been added to the top 10 and will receive medals by mail.  The reason for this is that we score first by point total and then by time to break the tie. As teams were coming in, we doubled up to accept packets and some teams came in at the same time. We had some trouble telling the time on a few packets and set them aside to add them in once we had everything sorted. Unfortunately, these three did not make it back into the stack and therefore were not placed into their correct order. To be fair, we have added them into the bracket that matches their point total and because we could not break the tie, we will produce extra medals to mail to these teams.

Below are the top 50 teams, ranked from 1st to 50th

Because of a request for several teams not to be identified by name, we invite you to give your name if you’d like in the comments section below.

1st Place – Powered by Pixie Dust – POINTS: 84

1st place team hitting the finish line.

The rest of the winning teams:

2nd Place – Quack Attack – POINTS: 82

3rd Place – Foxtasmic! – POINTS 80

4th Place – The Unofficial Team – POINTS: 79

5th Place – 3 way tie

5th Place – 3 way tie

5th Place – 3 way tie

Lost Falls Expedition (No pic Available) – POINTS: 77


6th Place – The Ghost Hosts – POINTS: 77


7th Place – Marcel’s Mauraders – POINTS: 76

8th Place – Kessel Runners – POINTS: 76


9th Place  –  TIE
Sturm und Drang – POINTS – 76


9th Place  –  TIE
Dip Weasels – POINTS: 76


10th Place – Rebel Alliance Without A Cause – POINTS:75

  • 11th Place Twain and a Half-75
  • 12th Place Team Eeyore Strikes Back-75
  • 13th Place CLUELESS-75
  • 14th Place The Wildest Riders Strike Back-75
  • 15th Place Space Rangers-74
  • 16th Place The Bubble Yums-74
  • 17th Place We’re the Droids You’re Looking For-74
  • 18th Place Scruffy Looking Nerfherders-74
  • 19th Place 3 Minnieateers-73
  • 20th Place Oozma Kappa Racers-73
  • 21st Place Vinyl Chasers-73
  • 22nd Place Team BAD-73
  • 23rd Place Two Mouse Crew-73
  • 24th Place World Explorers-73
  • 25th Place Bounty Scum-73
  • 26th Place MUFASA-73
  • 27th Place Country BEER Jamboree0-72
  • 28th Place May the 4th be ever in our favor-72
  • 29th Place Team Refurb-72
  • 30th Place The Jawawockeez-72
  • 31st Place Mousenators-72
  • 32nd Place Main Attractions-71
  • 33rd Place Wicked Wenches-71
  • 34th Place The Lost Girls-71
  • 35th Place Goof Troupe-71
  • 36th Place BEAR LEFT! RIGHT FROG!-71
  • 37th Place Tiki Room Titans Strike Back-71
  • 38th Place Mickey’s Pals-71
  • 39th Place Tinx Minx-71
  • 39th Place CPs Unchained-71
  • 40th Place The Fourgotten Dwarves-71
  • 41st Place Atomic Mice-70
  • 42nd Place A Waltz Through Disney-70
  • 43rd Place Han Duo-70
  • 44th Place The Newsmakers Strike Back-70
  • 45th Place Rex’s Midnight Runners-69
  • 46th Place The Dapper Dancers-69
  • 47th Place T-Town Tinkerbells-69
  • 48th Place The Darkwings-69
  • 49th Place Winnie the Pooh & Tigger Tutu!-69
  • 50th Place The Goofy Troupe-69

(this is why we needed you to get your pic as you walked in folks.) 

As much as we would like to list all of the team scores, we learned long ago that it is much more polite to list the top quarter and give the remaining teams something to strive for in future events. And there will be lots of events in the near future, including a Walt Disney World version and a possible half-Rally at the Disneyland Resort.

Sunday MEGA-Meet at Disneyland

Although they were tired after an epic day at Disneyland, well over 100 folks marched right back into the park on Sunday to join us for the traditional day-after celebration of the winning teams. We chatted for about half an hour, took a group photo in front of the castle, had lunch and then rode Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean. Even Al Lutz made a rare appearance! If you missed the meet, you can join us almost every Sunday at noon in the very same spot we’ve been meeting for over a decade . . . the Walt and Mickey statue in the central hub of Disneyland.


We’d like to thank our amazing staff and sponsors who make these events possible. More than half of the cost of your admission into the event was covered by Fairy Godmother Travel, the Howard Johnson Anaheim Resort and the ESPN Zone. The sponsors help us keep the ticket prices low, which in turn allows us to offer the Rally at a super low rate.

Every year, we recruit a staff to handle everything from writing questions, sales, marketing, registration, web coding, store support, audio visual, spotters, greeters, wranglers, crossing guards, game show hosts and even a character or two. In all, we had nearly 100 support staff this year. While we can’t list them all, the following are the folks who were in key positions this year:

Event Directors:

  • Staffing, Spotters, and Registration – Michele Kersteins
  • Parties, Prizes, and Sponsor Relations – Jennifer O’Brien
  • Game Show “Who Wants To Be A Micenaire” – Hastin Zylstra
  • Marketing – Jeff Gordon
  • Trophy Design and Construction – Charlie Arnold
  • Art Direction and Game Book – Norman Gidney

Staff Positions:

  • Registration – Melissa Parsons, Troy Parsons, Jeffrey Niederauer, Michelle Hamand, Gwen Dreyer, John Luevanos, Tiffany Wilhelm, Ben Ragunton, Keith Lane
  • Photographers – Matt Jergens, Alan Kawartani, Matt Hamand
  • Wranglers – Lu DeLucy, Rick Wright, Joshua Morris, Teresa Cory
  • Support Staff – Troy Parsons, Matt Jergens, Jeff Heimbuch, Trevor Demerse, Werner Weiss, Jim Haasis
  • Spotter Management – Tiffany Wilhelm, Gwen Dreyer
  • Spotters – Thank you to the huge team of spotters who gave up a day to help us run this event. You are all spectacular!
  • Event Photographers – Matt Jergens, Alan Kawartani
  • Scoring Team & Question Testers – Michelle Hamand, Martina Gona, Jeff Heimbuch, Matt Jergens, John Luevanos, Sabrina Luevanos, Melissa Parsons, Troy Parsons, Andrew Warner, Crystal Warner, Tiffany Wilhelm
  • Mr. Fishbulb’s Official Head Scratcher – Sabrina Luevanos
  • Welcome Crew – Rick Wright, Lu DeLucy, Matt Hamand, Michele Kerstiens
  • Awards Party – Scott Linder, Gwen Dreyer, Dan Peterson, Charles Wang, Jennifer O’Brien, Hastin Zylstra, Dustysage

Event Producer – Dustysage

If you are planning a trip to the Disneyland Resort in the future, we hope you’ll remember our wonderful sponsors who did so much for you this year . . .

But the most important person we need to thank is YOU!  Yes, YOU! Without you and your support of MiceChat, none of this would be possible, or even worth it. It’s the smiles on your faces, the many thanks, the families and friendships brought together that make this all worthwhile. Thank you for making us all feel so good about what we accomplished with this year’s record setting event.

If you missed this year’s event or just don’t want to miss the next one, please sign up for the MiceChat Newsletter. Don’t forget to add [email protected] to your address book so the messages don’t end up in Spam by mistake. You can register below:

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Until we roll again . . . we’ll see you on MiceChat . . . and may the force be with you, always!

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Dusty is the founder and CEO of When he's not visiting theme parks and writing, editing or speaking about Disney and theme parks worldwide, Dusty stays busy as the Executive Director of both the Walt Disney Birthplace AND the Dick Van Dyke Foundation. He also run's O-Zell Soda (the company originally operated by Walt Disney's father and at which Walt once worked). If you've got news or photos to share with the MiceChat community, or would like to book Dusty for an upcoming event, please contact [email protected]

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  • mratigan

    That was a fantastic event! Wow 29th place!!!! Can’t wait for next year!


    Was there going to be post of all the team photo’s that were taken in the morning at ESPN Zone?

    • Hopefully Tony. Fishbulb is trying to create a folder of all the remaining images.

    • Norm added a link to the photos (though, lots of teams didn’t take an official photo):


        Thank you Dusty, and it was so nice to see you again this year. Thank you for all the hard work you and your team put in to make this event such an amazing event for us all every year.

  • KiMcHeEfOrLiFe

    Congratulations to the top 50! And to everyone for running a great race! Team ATAK! didn’t place in the top 50 this year because we were late by a few minutes and lost a lot of points for it. Curse that light on Harbor Blvd!!! We waited 2-3 minutes at that light! We know where we need to take our Jedi powers to… watch out street light, we’re coming back after you with revenge! Can next year’s finish line be a lot closer to the Parks? It was really far and really frustrating to not be able to cross the street D:

    But other than that, it was an awesome Rally this year! As usual, thank you to the MiceChat crew for setting up the Gumball Rally! Team ATAK! had a great time and we hope to be back next year!

    • lctom1

      ATAK! – I’m sure that we tied for 51st place! 🙂 that’s OK, because those were 50 fantastic teams ahead of us.

      Good luck in all your endeavors to come … hope that you can all get together again to compete with us NEXT year!

      • KiMcHeEfOrLiFe

        Hahaha, hurray for tying for 51st! I agree, the top 50 definitely deserve their places! It was quite a competitive bunch this year! And thank you for your kind words! I’ll be sure to pass it on to the others. We hope to be able to compete with everyone again next year!

  • Rick Wright

    What a wonderful recap of a wonderful weekend. I’m not sure how you found the time and energy to put this together so quickly. I’m still recovering!

  • shugrcoma

    Thank you Micechat!! And thank you to all the people who made this event possible!! My sister and I had the best time ever! Gumball Rally is the event we look forward to all year. You guys are absolutely amazing! Next year, NAP Squad will definitely be coming back, because who doesn’t love NAPS (especially after rally day)?

    • KiMcHeEfOrLiFe

      Bwahaha, naps are amazing ESPECIALLY after the Gumball Rally! Congratulations placing 5th!

  • Katie1228

    Thank you for such a fantastic event! We had the greatest time and we already can’t wait for next year!

  • ralfrick

    So I’ll bite, what were the two errors? Was one of them the missing croc? My guess is that one involves the Shootin’ Exposition.

  • Monorail Man

    As always, I had a fantastic time. The teams were awesome, and I’m always happy to put on a Game Show every year! 🙂

    Thanks again to the HoJo for the space, and to all of our teams for playing! Can’t wait until next time!

  • jenmurray

    OMG!!!! I almost spit out my drink when I saw Dusty Solo!!!!! Saw some of my favorite faces in the pics. Good job everyone and I swear one of there years I am going to make it to this thing. <3

  • BriarRose13

    Wow, what a rally. My team had such fun, and if alice hadn’t broken down right before we were going to ride it we would have made top 10! I can’t wait to try again next year!

  • Avaren

    whoo-hoo! 39th place… that ain’t half bad for a newbie team from canada!!!!

    • DobbysCloset

      Hearty Congratulations to All, but Our Special Congratulations to Tinx Minx, that “newbie team from canada!!!” They made it to 39th place, so I will send $39 to Operation Smile in lieu of my having spent money to join you. So I can feel more than just “following us online” even though I can’t be there. It gives me a sense of participation.

      I’ve got the check all made out — will take a picture before it goes for Tinx Minx, and send Operation Smile a backstory on MiceChat and earning one’s Voluntears. (I got mine in 2009 at the D23 I coincidentally attended on a birthday visit.)

      Next year I would like to see something in honor of Annette. Catering from Harryhausen’s anyone?

      Very Best Regards

      Lynne and Dobby

      • mamabot

        I think it is wonderful that you are going to make the donation in honor of their team’s efforts! I even made a point to count the number of attractions Tinx Minx experienced during the Gumball Rally. It was a total of 39 attractions, which is exactly their ranking.

        Thank you to Lynne & Dobby for making the Tinx Minx efforts on Saturday that much more special.


      • Avaren

        we are honored to have played for operation smile! it definetely gave us that extra push we needed (especially late in the game!)

  • renabena524

    You mentioned there were two mistakes in the game book. I think you only mentioned the Jungle Cruise. Was the other how many bullet holes were in the sign above the shooting range?

    This was my first rally, I had SUCH a great time! I can’t wait for next year. Thank you to all the organizers. I’ve done score room for other competitions and I know how hard it can be – especially at the end when people are waiting around for their results. Thank you to all the score room people, you ROCK.

    • You are correct. We did not have the correct answer listed for Shooting Gallery.

      • doobwah

        Dusty – was there an error on the Goofy’s Sky School questions, or did we just screw that one up completely and maybe miss the actual sign you were referring to?

  • Indiana Joe

    YEAH! 10th Place! Looks like we tied with 4 other teams, so good thing we turned in our packets early!

    Congrats to all teams and thanks to everyone for an amazing day! Already looking forward to next year.

  • doobwah

    I believe the other mistake had to do with the question for Goody’s Sky School. The question had to do with what the first sign at the bottom of the lift hill said, and the space to write the answer didn’t match what the actual sign said. Other than that, it was a well-organized and fun day. We didn’t crack the Top 50 this year, but we earned at least 63 points, so I’m going to pretend that we placed 51st 🙂 Great event, Gumball Rally staff!!

    • ralfrick

      Goofy’s sign fit once you eliminated the phrase “how to”, but it took us a while to figure it out.

      • KiMcHeEfOrLiFe

        Yeah, that one had us scratching our heads for a while too!

  • jmw76

    My team DNF’ed which makes me sad, but it was great exposure for the youngster in my group who thought it would be a walk in the park.

    We were worrried we DQ’ed ourselves because we were piloting the Mark Twain for style points and everyone decided to start snapping cell phone pictures and then we continued using our phones after the ride and we were sure we were DQ’ed once that happened so we made the poor decision not to return to the finish line as the rule breakers we were. Shame on us for snapping photos using cell phones and more shame for choosing not to make it to the finishline 🙁

    Congratulations to winners, those that placed and huge thank you to everyone at MiceChat for such a wonderful event. I look forward to playing again next year and finishing and not being a rule breaker.

  • diannakds

    We had so much fun! Already planning for next year!

  • Outlaw8

    Great looking shirts Dusty and Fishbulb! No stress there huh Norm?
    What a great event..definitely making it there next year!
    It’s always great to read about it though…feels like I was there.

  • dazyhill

    There were at least two other errors in the Gumball Rally book. The first error has to do with the question at the Big Thunder Ranch. The ribbon on the right side of the fireplace was a faded blue ribbon. Or was the question about some of red ribbons in the cabinet that (depending on where you entered the cabin) was on the right side of the fireplace. One of the red ribbons in there did have a date on it. Maybe my teammate and I just read it wrong.
    The other error concerns the animals in the Grand Canyon Diorama question. The question asked how many mountain goats are in the diorama. The problem is that they were Bighorn Sheep which is an entirely different breed. The female Bighorn Sheep look like goats but they are not. Mountain goats are in more northern mountain climates .
    Aside from that we had a blast. We had not seen each other in a long time due to work and family commitments and it was nice to spend some time together. We didn’t place but we hope to do better next year!

  • bookwyrm

    Thank you for the fabulous recap! I always enjoy the event, but it’s just as much fun coming home to see the great photos from the Rally waiting for me.

  • Mngydog

    I have a question about two teams listed in the top 50 and if one of them may have been our team. The list shows Goof Troupe at 35th place and Goofy Troupe at 50th place. Our team name was The Goofy Crew and we figured that we had 71 points. Is there any way to see if one of these teams was ours. This is our first year participating so we would be thrilled if we finished in the top 50!

    • mamabot

      That was an error on my part when transferring team names from one spreadsheet to another and I apologize.

      The Goofy Crew was the final team in the Top 50, meaning you did earn 50th place. Congratulations!!!

      • Mngydog

        Yay! Thanks for letting us know 😀