Coffee with Kurtti: The Art of Walt Disney World

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Last time on Coffee with Kurtti, Jeff talked about his book The Art of Disneyland. In this episode, he picks up right where he left off, and talks about a few of the obstacles he faced when putting together the follow-up book, The Art of Walt Disney World. Below is a paraphrased excerpt from our conversation. You’ll be able to listen to the entire conversation in the podcast embedded at the bottom of this article.

Keith: Hello Jeff. Thanks again for joining me.

Jeff: Hello again. You know, put a nickel in me and I’ll talk all day.

Keith: I’m looking forward to talking about The Art of Walt Disney World.

Jeff: You know, I quit art school because I was just really stinky at it.

Keith: (laughs) Jeff: But I always loved art, and I loved artists. And for a while, it was all about my jealousy.

Who was Jeff jealous of? He talks all about that and more, including what major detail he and Bruce Gordon clashed over in regards to the beloved book The Art of Walt Disney World, in episode 6 of Coffee with Kurtti!

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