The MiceChat Round up is back with a flurry of Disney news and Theme Park information. Have you ever been to Disney California Adventure’s exclusive club, 1901?  We’ll share a trip report of this exclusive location. Did Disney patent a new ride system?  Find out here. Have you heard of the new Festival of Fantasy parade coming to the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World? We’ve got the scoop.  All of this and more, including a brand new Communicore Weekly, MiceChatter with Sarah, Unofficial SeaWorld Podcast and a full listing of the most recent Disney news and discussions for you right here!


Joe’s 2013 Gumball Rally Trip Report
Mre200200 gives us their first hand adventure of their run in the MiceChat Gumball Rally for this year!

Digger’s 4th Annual Rally Report – photo heavy!
RPDigger’s  4th annual Gumball Rally trip report, comes with spills, chills and many photos!

Gumball Rally Memories – 2013 Edition
MamaBot cannot believe that another year has gone by already. Her post gives us some great memories of

the Rallys that have passed.

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Trip reports from the Gumball Rally Teams are beginning to come in, we also see a Baby On Board sign where you have never seen one before.  Then we catch a glimpse of Club 33’s cousin in DCA!  ~ Aladdin

April 26 & 28 – baby announcement photos and fun!
KellyMcG86 takes a Baby On Board sign to places that you have never seen them before!

Joe’s Oh My Gosh, I can’t believe we got invited to Club 1901 Trip Report
mre200200 has this tour of Club 1901, Club 33’s lesser known DCA Cousin. Perhaps this is your first time to see the new club, too!

Our trip April 14-17, 2013! Long and many photos…
SaabR goes to Disneyland for first time in over a decade, and brings their children to the Disneyland Report for their very first trip!

Trip Report April 23 – 26 (no pics yet)
Kirstenh has a great report of their adventures to the Disneyland Resort, with the princess’s, their family and more!

WDI patents new ride system
Will a new ride system patented by Walt Disney Imagineering be the basis for a Planes attraction? Tell us what you think.

New Music for Disneyland’s Fantasy Land!
It looks like the music in Fantasyland is changing, according to DCAfanatic.

zugzug15 has an idea for the Tomorrowland rockets that’s getting some interest.

This week gives us a hint at a new Avatar timeline, a fabulous trip report from our intrepid editor, questions about Walt Disney World MiceChat meets, and (finally) a new parade for Walt Disney World! Take a look at some great stuff this week. ~yoyoflamingo

New Parade for Magic Kingdom: Festival of Fantasy
In a bit of news that seems to have been overlooked here in the Roundup last week, there was an announcement of a new parade for the Magic Kingdom. Finally, that castle float can be put to rest from its daily duty! Read all about it here!

What are the annual MiceChat meet ups at WDW?
A good question and always worth reiterating from time to time: When are there official, huge MiceChat meets in Walt Disney World?

Disney Announces Avatarland to open in 2017
In a surprising bit of news from a project many thought to be DOA, there comes a glimmer of an opening date for the long discussed but never believed Avatarland. Where did it come from? Find out here.

Walt Disney Trip – end of April funtimes! Part One Part Two!
Our wonderful editor of the roundup, cakvalasc shares photos of his recent trip to Walt Disney World. Some fantastic photos in all of them, people! The journey begins in this thread, but others are still coming. Start now!

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MiceTrip: Sail Away on the Disney Fantasy with MiceChat 
October 19th – 26th, 2013

Treat yourself to a very special MiceChat voyage to the Eastern Caribbean on the newest ship of the Disney Cruise Line, the Disney Fantasy. Don’t miss out on this unique MiceChat experience!  Contact [email protected] today and prepare to sail away with magical memories at sea.


Typhoon Lagoon is one of the best water parks in the world, let alone at Walt Disney World. But how did it come to be? Learn all about them in this weeks Disney History! George tells you the Story of Walt Disney World in this weeks Book of the Week! Need a Tiki-inspired Bathroom Break? Well, this week you can! And finally, nautical flags hide this weeks Five Legged Goat!

MICECHATTER with Sarah Snitch

Sarah Snitch returns this week to deliver another episode of MiceChatter.


On this episode we have some listener emails, the Orlando and Hollywood news, then a “First Time Visitor” interview and we finish with an interview with the Director of PR for Give Kids The World.


Check out the latest MiceChat Podcast featuring Knott’s legend John Waite and the animatronics wizards from Garner Holt Productions. Plus a healthy dose of Disney news, rumor and conjecture as only MiceChat can bring you.

Coffee with Kurtti

Who was Jeff jealous of? He talks all about that and more, including what major detail he and Bruce Gordon clashed over in regards to the beloved book The Art of Walt Disney World, in episode 6 of Coffee with Kurtti! If you’ve never listened to this podcast, you are really missing out on some great inside the mouse house commentary.

This week we have some interesting questions and suggestions from all three of the Disney’s offshore resorts. ~ Trekkie Dad

HKDL Master Planning – Ideal Buildout
RandySavage submits concept art for a build out of Hong Kong Disneyland.

TDR vs WDW: Summer Heat?
Just how miserable is the midsummer heat in Tokyo? Is it as bad or worse than Orlando? shelemm wants to know.

Planning our visit to Tokyo Disneyland Resort Spring of 2014.
greenkai3000 is trying to find the best time to visit Tokyo Disneyland Resort in the spring.

WDSP Placemaking
Omegadiz thinks that Walt Disney Studios Paris is not beyond help and submits this idea for a makeover.

Iron Man 3′ Box Office Blast
Looks like another big hit for this franchise, ALIASd reports the numbers of all the domestic and international sales!

‘Tangled’ Co-Director’s Next Feature
Byron Howard, a Walt Disney Animation Studios veteran (‘Pocahontas’, ‘Mulan’, ‘Lilo & Stitch’, ‘Brother Bear’) and Co-Director of the Academy Award nominated ‘Bolt’ and the studio’s box office blockbuster, ‘Tangled’ looks to be moving ahead with his next animated feature.

Why are a lot of the Disney Princes such Creeps?
Chesirecat gets the feeling that to emphasize the princesses’ intelligence and good heartedness, they make the Disney male characters be a bit more creepy? What do you think?

The Sims 4 (2014)
Hathaway Brown reports that EA Games has announced a new Sims coming next year!

Disney pulls out of Bangladesh factories
The Walt Disney Company has stopped production of branded merchandise in Bangladesh, in response to the spate of fatal factory accidents last fall.

Exclusive: Disney Twenty-Three to celebrate Imagineering’s 60th Anniversary
We have a bit of a scoop for you today. The latest edition of Disney Twenty-Three magazine has created a special back-cover for the issue which salutes the Imagineers. See the brilliant layered paper cut style. Take a closer look and you’ll see lots of the more famous Imagineering creations.

May the Fourth Be With You
Disney World got another one of its Limited Time Magic events correct this past weekend. On the surface of things, much of the celebration of May 4th — the so-called Star Wars day

Saying No To Cars Land – Fixing the Disney Hollywood Studios
Rumors about additions and changes to Hollywood Studios have existed for years. While many are figments of fan boys’ imaginations, usually where there’s smoke, there’s fire. A few months ago, Al Lutz reported that a…

Cars Land gets repaved as Disneyland goes to Fullerton Railroad Days
Disney California Adventure‘s new Cars Land area is getting some major work done as its version of Route 66 gets repaved less than a year after opening. The repaving work was needed after the incredibly…

Dateline Disney World: Epcot News and Photos
Hello, and welcome to Dateline Disney World! This week, we’re taking a look at Epcot news and projects as the Flower and Garden Festival starts to wind down. Taking these photos was an adventure due…

ImagiNERDing: 1974 Vintage Walt Disney World Parade

What time is the 3:00 parade? More likely, what year is the 3:00 parade? I’ve got some more photos from 1974 courtesy of Tim Hollis, co-author of Mice Tracks  This time we’re hanging out near the hub and checking out the 1974 Magic Kingdom parade…

Universal Studios Hollywood Construction and Harry Potter news
We have big news and photo update for you from Universal Studios Hollywood.  The Wizarding World of Harry Potter finally has a place to call home, but the Gibson Amphitheater and Curious George will be…

In The Parks: Disneyland Resort and the Sinking Road to Cars Land
It was a slower week for Disneyland Resort news, but there is still plenty for us to share with you. We have exclusive news for you on the reopening of Space Mountain which should make…

Orlando Parkhopper: Transformers Prepare for Battle at Universal Orlando Resort June 20th
Prepare for battle! This week, Megatron attacks downtown Orlando with a spectacular billboard and viral video. The Hogwarts Express train tracks are now visible and a train ride to the school of magic becomes even…

Park Wise: Vacationing with a Reluctant Disney Traveler
If you’re hanging around this site, chances are you’re a mega Disney fan. Weirdly, though, not everyone is.  Crazy, right?  Even weirder, sometimes those people end up on a Disney vacation with you.  Maybe it’s…

Disneyland and the Exceptional, Acceptable, or Regrettable – Part 3
It was not my intention to milk this topic for a third installment, but everybody seemed to be having so much fun with it that I threw caution to the wind and here we are…

Frontierland Construction at Disneyland Paris
Here’s another Disneyland Paris resort update, thanks to Allain Littaye of the Disney and more blog. New construction has begun on Big Thunder Mountain and the new Ratatouille attraction at Walt Disney Studios is progressing…

The Kellogg House: Corn Flake King’s Summer Palace
Join us as we travel with MiceChatter, Wendygirl, to the campus of Cal State Pomona, about 30 minutes north of Disneyland. This is the site of the Kellogg family (think corn flakes) summer home and…

Bountiful Valley Farm Mural
An idyllic farm is nestled in rolling hills. A farmhouse is mostly hidden by a cluster of trees. A bounty of crops surrounds an old fashioned red barn. It’s harvest time here. Some foliage has…

Coffee with Kurtti: The Art of Walt Disney World
Last time on Coffee with Kurtti, Jeff talked about his book The Art of Disneyland. In this episode, he picks up right where he left off, and talks about a few of the obstacles he…

Shanghai Noon and Knights
Released under the Touchstone label, Shanghai Noon and Shanghai Knights are finally getting the Blu-ray treatment. But is it worth it? George: Originally released in 2000, Shangahi Noon turns out to be your typical fish out…

Dueling Disney: Fantasyland Face-off
Perhaps no other land is more cherished by children than Fantasyland, for it gives them a chance to step into and experience some of the very films they were raised on (whenever Walt’s classics get mixed in with their library of Pixar titles).

ipm on MiceChat: The Thea Awards Honor the Best Themed Attractions of 2012
This past Saturday, members of the themed entertainment design community met at the Disneyland Hotel to honor their peers for the best themed attractions of last year at the 2013 Thea Awards.  Presented by the Themed…

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