If you’re staying at the Yester Paradise Pier Hotel, you can enter and exit Yester California Adventure through a private entrance. This hidden gate is exclusively for Paradise Pier Hotel guests.

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  • eicarr

    I would consider staying at that hotel and new ones build around it if that entrance opened again. But the walk is too far and you have to walk through that Downtown Disney Strip mall. I’d rather stay at closer and cheaper motels.

  • Tinkd

    I never knew this was there. How long did it last? We’ve stayed there a few times and i have thought how nice it would be to have its own entrance, like a foot bridge, perhaps coming into the park between where the maliboomer used to be and the new food court. Otherwise i agree this hotel is to far away.

    • TjGilmour

      California Adventure’s “third gate” remained in use for only three and a half years. It closed permanently at the end of September 6, 2004. Effective the next day, Paradise Pier Hotel guests going to California Adventure had to use the park’s main entrance or the Grand Californian entrance.

  • kindagoofy

    I remember that entrance! I thought had a rather shoehorned feeling to it. Wasn’t there some gate you had to use your room key to open to get onto the trail to the ticket booth? The whole experience was un-Disney.

  • WDWorldly

    Mr. Iger…tear down this hotel

    • Absolutely! It’s really not a Disney quality hotel anyway.

  • JiminyCricketFan

    This ugly monstrosity sucked the magic out of the original DCA. Whether it has its own entrance or not, the hotel really is in the wrong location both to be convenient to the parks and to avoid being an eyesore for DCA. The Paradise pier area originally was simply built to be I can’t be for this hotel. So instead of doing it right, Disney double down on its mistake, and build an ugly, tacky area to match the ugly, tacky hotel that’s right next-door.

  • Gregg Condon

    This was our favorite entrance/exit. It was so easy to exit there, head over to PP or DL Hotel and grab some lunch and then get back into DCA or hop the Monorail over to Disneyland.

  • Gregg Condon

    I will also add, we were never asked to show a room key when using this entrance.

  • LoveStallion

    I never knew that was there! Go figure. And I love them corn dogs.

  • DuckyDelite

    I miss this entrance! It was a great perk to staying at the Paradise Pier hotel, especially when leaving the park.

  • kat3010

    This hotel is a nice option as far as lower price, convenient parking. Plenty of space in the rooms. Nice gift shop. We’ve stayed here many times to save money.

  • ttrocc7007

    We’ve stayed at the PP a few times, and I even had the pleasure of being evacuated out of a mid-afternoon nap some years back when a fire broke out somewhere below.
    The coolest memory of staying though was watching World of Color being tested several times a night some months before its debut.

  • PecosBill

    Why didn’t they create a pedestrian overpass above West St (like between DTD and the Monorail station), to better connect and integrate the Hotel Property with the Park?

  • ralfrick

    “It’s not a particularly “magical” walkway. There’s a tall wall at your right and a parking lot to your left. California Adventure is on the other side of the wall, but you’ll have to walk further before you’re able to enter the park. ”

    I recently found out that the sidewalks on this stretch form a Hidden Mickey! It’s even marked on Google’s sat view as “Hidden Mickey Anaheim, CA”

  • thedustycoyote

    the micechatter behind ideal buildout (can’t recall his username) had a great idea that would add a walkway over katella, along with replacing the paradise pier hotel with a grander more immersive boardwalk hotel. really great concept, seems like a good place to post it.


  • animatronic

    My partner and I have stayed at Paradise Pier Hotel a few times and it’s actually much nicer since the most recent remodel. We never stayed there when the secret entrance was open, but we would have used it. It would be cool to have an entrance just across the street. It’s closer than going through the Grand Californian. Also, it makes sense that there used to be a pretty good sushi restaurant in paradise pier hotel – most likely a carryover from a previous incarnation of the hotel.

  • toonaspie

    I think they dropped the ball by not imploding this hotel prior to DCA’s construction when they had the chance. To do so now so close to other hotels and the parks would be difficult due to costs and safety risks.

    The best approach in their current situation would be to deconstruct the hotel starting from the top floor and work their way down each floor (this is a recently developed demolition technique first developed in Japan). However the time and money that would take to do this would be too much to Disney suits.

    • Werner Weiss

      Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel — with 502 rooms built to the high standards of Emerald/Pan Pacific Group, relatively new (1984) construction, and major renovations by Disney — serves a valuable role at the Disneyland Resort. Demolishing such a valuable asset would be hard to justify.

      Also, there’s nothing wrong with a hotel being visible from within a Disney theme park. Consider the Grand Californian, the Disneyland Hotel at Disneyland Paris, and the hotels of Tokyo Disney Sea.

      The problem with Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel is that its 1980s architecture and its fairly cheap cosmetic changes in 2000 absolutely don’t match the early 20th century style of Disney’s re-Imagineered P
      aradise Pier. The hotel would not look good on Main Street, U.S.A. either.

      The Paradise Pier Hotel’s paint scheme is now better than when DCA opened, but it needs much more than paint.

      If the hotel could get a new facade that looks like something from a hundred years ago, I don’t think anyone would suggest it should be demolished.

  • CoreneD

    I stayed at the Paradise Pier in Sept 2011 & we LOVED it. It WAS Disney quality in our opinion. When we arrived in the lobby for check in, a cast member with Mickey head balloons asked my then 8 year old son to help her hand them out to other kids. He adored that & got to choose one for himself too. Then a manager came over & thanked him for his service, giving him a pin of the hotel & an Disney photo album/autograph book as a gift! And then we arrived in our room (recently having received a soft refurb) with the spectacular view of the park. It was our son’s 1st time to DLR & what an impression that made! We found the hotel staff very friendly, helpful & courteous, and the entrance through the Grand Californian turned out to be much closer than when we later stayed at the Disneyland Hotel in the Frontier Tower, which really was far. While the new pools at the D Hotel were great, we never ran into the same kind of excellent service or magical extras there that we experienced at the PP Hotel (maybe we were just unlucky with the timing of our arrivals in the lobby & on the grounds, but no characters roaming around during our visit). Anyway, we’re staying at both hotels very soon on our next trip, and looking forward to both for different reasons, but we all love the Paradise Pier & don’t think it’s an eyesore or un-Disney at all! Just my 2 cents though…

  • JediPrincess

    I remember staying there when I was a little kid back when it was the Disneyland Pacific hotel. I haven’t been back since, but the new waterslide looks cool.

  • TjGilmour

    I remember using that entrance a couple years after DCA first opened. We watched the Electrical Parade that started in Hollywood Pictures Backlot and ended in Paradise Pier. It was so easy to exit and go straight to our room at the Paradise Pier Hotel. It would definitely be awesome if that entrance was still there… leaving and entering the park from the Grand Californian isn’t much more of a walk though.