Something quite rare and very special happened at the Disneyland Resort this week. . . off-season crowds. That, along with cooler weather made this a great week for the parks, aside from a bit of much needed rain.  Things are actually quite mellow at the moment with the biggest news being the repaving project in Cars Land and a few residual closings from Disney’s worker safety crusade. Still, there is plenty of interesting info to be shared and sights to be seen.  Let’s get started, shall we?


In the ever evolving story of Disney and their pursuit of worker safety, Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Forbidden Eye was shuttered this week for a few days. The closure happened on Tuesday morning, very suddenly. The attraction should be up again soon.


The classic attraction, Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln, has returned this week with no changes to the show, and only one minor adjustment in the lobby exhibits.

The only change noticed in the lobby was the removal of Tony Baxter’s personal collection of Disneyland Ride Tickets.
Now that Mr. Baxter is no longer a regular employee of the company, he’s taken some of his personal things with him. The funny thing about this is that when the exhibit first opened, we were invited to a very special private event with Tony Baxter in this space and he said that when he left the company, he’d take these with him. He was true to his word. Though, doesn’t it seem strange that the company couldn’t think of anything else to put in here? What about a history of name badges, old pins, some classic ear hats. Come on, there has to be something?!


The show inside is totally unchanged, but is still just as good.


Not too much to see at the future Starbucks location on Main Street.  Exterior painting is happening around the corner.

Acid-free masking tape dangles from the fruits and vegetables sign.

Shades of lavender and purple



Now that the huge yellow crane has joined Yesterland and no longer hovers over Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, the path behind the ride is now open daily.  Big Thunder Trail is still partially occupied by construction equipment for the massive refurbishment but it is navigable.

Walking along Big Thunder Trail you can sometimes spy construction happening within the attraction.

Rainbow Ridge construction.



The problem is not going to go away overnight.  Not without a little bit of pixie dust anyway.  But it needs to be mentioned that the magical berm around the back of Frontierland continues to erode.  Gone is the illusion of endless wilderness.  In its place are views of back stage and the Mickey and friends parking structure.

Looking back at Splash Mountain and the Hungry Bear restaurant, things look great.
But further along the river, Mickey and Friends is clearly visible.

At least the ducks are still cute.


Perhaps we should have a MiceChat bake sale and raise enough money to plant some trees for the cash-strapped resort. 😉  We kid, of course.


Strolling thorough New Orleans Square, we see that the train station continues under refurbishment.

The Cars Land repaving project is nearly done.The pavement has sunk over the last year of use, imperceptibly to most. But kudos to Disneyland and John Lasseter for wanting to keep things in perfect shape. Though, that does mean a minor bit of inconvenience while they get the details just right.

The street painting still needs to be finished.

Looks like an airport runway at the moment, but the lines and Route 66 markings will return soon.


The fountain in front of the Cozey Cone Motel is drained while they give it a bit of maintenance.

The Disneyland resort looks great and is gearing up for what will certainly be a busy Summer.


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