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Published on May 13, 2013 at 12:01 am with 10 Comments

Calling all Roller Coaster Tycoon and theme park sim fans: Pantera Entertainmnet needs your help! I’ve previously written about their Theme Park Studio game project which promises to be a modern day Roller Coaster Tycoon. You can read more about it HERE.

Pantera recently announced a Kickstarter campaign for Theme Park Studios and the deadline is looming. Pantera Entertainment set a goal of $80,000 dollars as the base. You can see the progress in the chart below.

Theme Park Studio - Create the Ultimate Theme Park! -- Kicktraq Mini
With a week to go, there’s still some pledging to be done!

Theme Park Studios Updates 

To whet our appetites, Pantera Entertainment has released some fantastic screen shots.  These very important tools allow you to layout your park, create paths, and place trees, objects, and more. See the screenshots attached. These are all “in game” screen shots so you get an idea of what the game will actually look like. If Pantera can get fully funded, we will see a lot more exciting in game tools.

Remember that anyone that supports the Theme Park Studios Kickstarter (at the $20 level or above)  will receive a complimentary copy of the game and be invited to be part of the beta testing.

Some recent design releases: Themed Buildings


Are you excited about this Kickstarter project? What would you like to see Pantera Entertainment include in the game?

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  1. I’m backing this project and I hope it gets funded! It looks like so much fun!!

    (Although, it needs to be brought out that the Beta testing is only available to $50 & $100+ pledges, not all levels above $20.)

  2. A $20 pledge gets you the base game. When was the last time you paid only $20 for a PC game? I have a shelf of games I paid 2-3 times as much (and more…) for and they didn’t interest me after I got them. This one DOES interest me. And at only $20? It’s a no brainer!

  3. I just made another donation. They are SOOOO close to their goal. I’d hate for this to fall through.

  4. I’m debating whether to do the $20 or $50 level.

  5. I backed it!!! It had better be good!

  6. They seem to be having a very good pledge day. Just $8,000 left to reach their goal. Let’s push them over the top.

  7. @ crazy go nuts – the $20 level will get you the base game, the $50 level will not only get you the Platinum edition of the game with Ride and Landscape Editors, but you’ll be a part of the Beta-test for the game before the final version is released.

  8. No mac version :(

  9. @Quentin We have set $120,000 as a stretch goal that if reached Mac will be defiantly included in game release. If not met, don’t lose hope completely we are still looking at our options. If not perhaps boot camp would work for you.

  10. I want to back this, but I’m moving on Saturday and I need to spare every dollar I can. That 20 dollar price is enticing, but I’m a Mac user and it’s not likely going to reach the 120k for me!