Busy season and the return of Summer Nights is rapidly approaching. In this update we’ll be taking a look at construction and refurbishments around the park, as well as some new happenings.

Construction Central: Explorer’s Reef / The New Entrance

Construction on the new entrance and Explorer’s Reef is really picking up steam.

Let’s begin with the Explorer’s Reef side of things…

Work is starting to go slightly vertical as cement has been laid and the ground has now literally been broken into.

There’s some serious work being done!
An overview of the upcoming entrance.

We’re not sure what will become of these buildings. I’m hoping they will be taken out, but maybe they’ll just be rethemed.
Work is also being done near Shamu Stadium. We are very interested to see what they’ll be doing here.

Construction Central: Cirque De La Mer 

We’re just weeks away from the return of Cirque De La Mer.

The balloons have been placed and the set is looking actually better than before!

New effects like this have been added. Before, they were two different shades of green. I’m actually liking this a lot more because it actually fits! It looks more like a volcano (fire) where before it was like seaweed.

It’s just about ready for showtime!
While riding the SkyRide, we noticed that the performers were preparing for rehearsals.

Madagascar LIVE! Operation: Vacation

While Summer Nights begins on May 25th, Madagascar LIVE! will premiere on June 15th.

We’ve noticed that workers have concealed most of the previous exits.

However, one door remains. We’ll just have to wait and see what goes on here…

A little of this and a little of that…

The red, white, and blue lights have reappeared on the SkyTower.
Crews were conducting tests at the Dolphin Stadium.
Pacific Point – the Sea Lion exhibit – is now behind walls while going under a refurbishment.
Will they be adding a new viewing area for park guests? Probably not, but we’ll just have to wait and see!

Aquatica California

We’re just week away from the opening of Aquatica San Diego, and the Facebook page has been teasing us daily with sneak peeks of the developments at the park!

Testing has been going on as the pools are slowly being refilled.
What do you guys think? Are you ready for Aquatica San Diego?

SeaWorld released another video showing off the transformation of the park. I’m very happy that the park is looking just as green as the renderings!


Check out the awesome podcast we have that covers SeaWorld Orlando. With all the amazing things happening at the parks, there is plenty to hear about.

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We’ll be back in a couple weeks with another update!

  • Thank you Joseph! I’m going to try to make it to SeaWorld soon. It’s been way too long.

  • Asylim

    While having lunch with my parents this past mother’s day we started talking about doing another joint vacation to San Diego for a week or so with them (as we did in 2010) and I mentioned all of the changes being made at Sea World.

    So it’s nice to see them continuing to improve the park. Our first visit in 2008 was good, our visit in 2010, frankly, was horrible and our last visit in September was just Ok.

    Thanks for the update Joseph.

    Being in Canada and not getting down to Southern California as much as I would like, I get to enjoy it through these reports so keep them coming.

    • Aside from SeaWorld, there are lots of wonderful things to see an do in San Diego. Some of my favorites are the Zoo, Wild Animal Park (or whatever they are calling it these days), LEGOLAND, Coronado (along with the famous hotel and beach), Old Town, Seaport Village, Balboa Park (and its amazing mix of museums), and La Jolla.

      • Asylim

        Yep. We’ve all decided that if we had to choose a city in the USA to move to, it would be San Diego. Just something about the city that we all felt really comfortable with.

        We’ve been to the zoo three times now, the Wild Animal Park once. We checked out the Auto and Flight museums in Balboa park and of course Sea World.

        One of my favorite spots is the USS Midway as I’m fascinated with US Navy ships, aircraft carriers especially.

        Everything else you mentioned is still on our to do lists. We hope to get back there in the next four or five years. Depends on how much our Disney Alaskan Cruise later this summer runs us and then our Jan 2015 trip to Orlando.

  • Ing5

    You didn’t mention that SeaWorld S.D. has quietly NOT had the annual ‘Viva la Musica’, which should have been going on all May. Though the other two SeaWorld’s have.

    Also, SeaWorld has made NO mention of ‘Club Atlantis’ returning this summer. Memorial Day is fast approaching SeaWorld. The interactive map (which is non-interactive) on the official SeaWorld S.D. web site shows ‘Club Atlantis’, but I don’t think it’s going to happen this year.

    • josephtaylor

      I did pass by the area to see if there was construction going on for Club Atlantis, but there hasn’t been any movement. The update was taken on May 13th and I should be going back in about two weeks to do another one. I’ll pass by again and include it in my update. As for Viva La Musica, I have no idea why it didn’t return this year. I do know that last year, they really decreased the size of the event to only the Cirque Stadium – where before it was all over the park. That might be some indication that it lost popularity. But yeah, I really don’t know the status of that.

  • messica

    There will be no Viva la Musica this year. They are hoping to bring it back next year.

    Club Atlantis will start on June 14 or 15

  • CreepyMonkey

    Thanks for the great update Joseph!

  • vonrollskyway1

    Nice update.I’m usually at SeaWorld every weekend. Our favorite thing is the classic 1967 VonRoll Skyride. I don’t know if u noticed the Skyride got a fresh coat of paint along with new wood paneling on the exterior of the stations.