It’s time for the MiceChat Round up of Disney and theme park news and information. This week, Eric Davis dissects the newly announced Diagon Alley expansion of Universal Orlando Resort and has it all mapped out for you. Want to see a little peek at the new Mickey’s Magic Lamp show?  Read on.  Why hasn’t Disney expanded to Australia?  Should Disney put Avatar on hold?  Did Disney try to purchase a holiday, and why? How did the Merida make-over go and what do you think about it?  Have you heard the latest from D23?  It’s all here, waiting for you along with a brand new Communicore Weekly and Unofficial Universal Orlando Podcast!

Universal Orlando Resort: Diagon Alley Dissected a Wizarding World Expansion Update
Detailed artwork has been released for the new Harry Potter expansion, Diagon Alley, that is currently under construction inside Universal Studios Orlando. Included in the new land will be a major new attraction, brand new shops and a restaurant. We take to the air in the MiceCopter to compare the concept art to the current construction…

My Disney Wedding – Pirates Suite & Gumball Rally
Bookwyrm decided that they wanted to hold the wedding at Disneyland during the gumball rally, you can see all the wonderful fun here!

1 day, 2 parks, 10 hours, 15 miles, and 35 attractions! A Gumball Rally 2013 TR
jsanch2 report on their recent 10 hours of fun times at this years Gumball Rally!

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We have more special trip reports coming in this week from the MiceChat Gumball Rally, which even included a wedding! ~ Aladdin

My week at Disneyland – Learning the hard way to avoid the month of May
DrFink spent 5 days at Disneyland and ran into a combination of uncrowded rainy days and unruly grad night crowds. Their report is here!

Wrather Corporation Early 60’s
Oldhotelguy has a couple of great shots from the early 1960’s detailing businesses within the Jack Wrather Corporation. Bet there are a few here most did not realize Jack Wrather owned.

Ride Pics from April 23-26 trip
Kirstenh has some fantastic ride photos from their many rides in Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure park!

Years back, my first visit to Disneyland
brings us back to 1967 and the associated costs way back when, fun side thought when was your first visit and how much did it cost you then?

Sneak Peak at the Magic Map
Thread topic says it all! Enjoy these great photos!

Best trip ever I think…
brings us a great review of their very favorite trip report to date! Enjoy the review!

Not so many rumors as ideas this week, and Disney California Adventure seems to get the most attention. ~ Trekkie Dad

I Dream of Trolley: My Little Dream for the Red Cars…
Design would like to see Buena Vista Street’s Red Car Trolley extended farther into the California Adventure Park. What do you think?

‘Big Hero 6’ at DCA?
Would a land based upon this upcoming film be a good fit for Disney California Adventure Park? LOST wonders.

Disney Land Australia
Thorped wonders if it would be feasible to build a Disney park in Australia. Other MiceChatters throw in Dubai, Brazil, and India as possible locales.

Consequences of MyMagic+ rearing its ugly head?
Will the expense of implementing MyMagic+ at Walt Disney World result in a leaner budget for the proposed Avatarland? toonaspie is mystified.

New DHS Rumor
The Beauty and the Beast show at Disney Hollywood Studios is getting long in the tooth, and xboxtravis7992 has heard a rumor that the theater it plays in might be replaced by something totally different.

This week brings us to Walt Disney World by way of the New York Post, with a story that seems to have exploded over the last day or so. In addition, we have a new rumor for Disney’s Hollywood Studios and a call to arms about EPCOT’s need for a new edition. See all there is to see and more in the Walt Disney World forum this week. ~yoyoflamingo

Disney needs to put Avatar on hold.
Sure, we’ve seen Avatar threads before (we’ve definitely seen more of them than concept art or any pieces of news about Avatarland at any rate), but this thread is a little different. edward1978 sends out a plea to put Avatar on hold to give some love to Walt Disney World’s second theme park – EPCOT. Would you put Avatar on hold to fix this other beloved park? Share your thoughts here.

New DHS Rumor
A show closing to make way for more expansion and possibly a dark ride? So says the rumor. Any thoughts to go with your grain of salt?

Wealthy Moms Hiring Handicapped Guides to Skip Lines
In a story on sensational enough for the tabloids – and the New York Post – rich people apparently hire ‘handicapped guides’ to help cut people in line. Poor children waiting 2 and a half hours for it’s a small world. It’s a travesty. Luckily, we have the integrity and artistic merit of the Post to give us some objective news. What do you think of the story? Share thoughts and opinions here.

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Welcome to this week’s Communicore Weekly, where we talk about Theme Park History, Disney Villains, Greg Emmer, and a Big Wheel! DISNEY HISTORY! — We all love theme parks. But how did they begin? Find out as George and Jeff explore their origins in this weeks Disney History! BOOK OF THE WEEK! — Love a good villain? So does George! Learn about Disney Villains in the Book of the Week! WINDOW OF THE WEEK! – Greg Emmer is your Cast Doctor in the Window of the Week! FIVE LEGGED GOAT! — And finally, a gigantic Big Wheel is this week’s Five Legged Goat!


On this episode we have some listener emails, the Orlando and Hollywood news, then a “First Time Visitor” interview and we finish with an interview with the Director of PR for Give Kids The World.

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Check out the latest MiceChat Podcast featuring Knott’s legend John Waite and the animatronics wizards from Garner Holt Productions. Plus a healthy dose of Disney news, rumor and conjecture as only MiceChat can bring you.

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Check out the awesome podcast we have that covers SeaWorld Orlando. With all the amazing things happening at the parks, there is plenty to hear about.

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V24 Radio wants to Give Kids The World

V24 Radio has teamed up with Give Kids The World. Give Kids The World is a 70-acre resort that fulfills fantasy vacations for children with life-threatening illnesses and their families. If we raise $7,000 for Give Kids The World by May 23, one of our staff members will ride The Haunted Mansion continuously for 24 hours on May 24! Click here to donate. For more information or to RSVP on Facebook to our upcoming Haunted Mansion Midnight Meet-upclick here.

New Music Added

V24 Radio recently added new audio from Disney Parks and Universal Studios Orlando! They include:

– Aly & AJ – Walking On Sunshine – Blizzard Beach
– Beach Boys – Kokomo – Typhoon Lagoon
– Off Kilter – Run Run Away – Canada Pavilion
– Epcot – Golden Dream – American Adventure
– Retro music – Meat Ditties – Kitchen Kabaret
– Peach Boys – Good Nutrition – Food Rocks!
– Transformers – Main Theme – Universal Orlando

In addition, we’ve revealed the Retro Roadblock, every Saturday and Sunday from 1pm until 6pm Walt Disney World Time. Enjoy tunes from Disney Parks and Universal Orlando’s past!

Is an area near Hong Kong destined to become the “Orlando of China?” Hong Kong Disneyland gets most of the buzz this week. ~Trekkie Dad

Orlando Project of China, Phase 1 to be completed soon!
Macau will soon be less than an hour’s drive from Hong Kong, and local developers have grandiose plans for the area.

HK Government plans to add new tourist attractions in North Lautau Island.
HongKongDisneyland found this article in a Chinese newspaper.

Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf invaded HKDL
whaleatcoast feels these characters and their associated stories are not worthy of Disney, and the merchandise is of low quality.

Mid Day Break
With going back to the hotel, where does one go to take a break at Tokyo Disneyland Resort? asks cravatfiend. Several suggestions are offered.

Brave creator criticizes Disney for changing Merida into a weaker, sexier character
jcruise86 reports that the creator of this lovely movie changed the original scope of his creation.

Wealthy Moms Hiring Handicapped Guides to Skip Lines
Cjwestby reports that Wealthy Manhattan moms hire handicapped tour guides to bypass lines at Disney World.

NTPOST article: Handicap Tour guides for hire at Disney Parks to get GAC privs.
pinkertonfloyd this seems to be going to be a large problem for Disney, or is it? Discuss it here!

Disney Withdraws Request To Trademark “Dia de los Muertos”
Disney recently requested a trademark for the phrase “Dia de los Muertos”, for a possible title for a previously announced Disney – Pixar animated movie.

“Disney, EA strike deal on ‘Star Wars’ video games”
Does this bode well for the Star Wars video game franchise or will EA turn it into something worse?

D23 Announces Treasures of the Walt Disney Archives for Summer Expo
D23 has released information about the return of the “Treasures of the Walt Disney Archives” to the D23 Expo this August 9 – 11, 2013. Here’s what they have planned. . .

Pirate’s Adventure Testing at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom
The new interactive game “A Pirate’s Adventure–Treasures of the Seven Seas” has begun testing at the Magic Kingdom. This game is closer to Kim Possible/Agent P than Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom, since the latter…

DESIGN: Those Were The Times No.9 – 1943 WWII Middle School Goat Farmer
Goats, farmers, and the Monorail.  Yes, they all have something in common.  Bob Gurr, of course!  Read Bob’s first hand account of how raising animals and bartering during wartime was a way of life.

Disneyland refurbishments continue as Route 66 gets repaved in Cars Land
Disneyland enters its final stretch of its spring off-season before the big summer season, which will launch over the upcoming Memorial Day Weekend. The Memorial Day kick off to summer will also include the debut…

Magic Kingdom News and Photos
Hello, and welcome to Dateline Disney World! This week, we’ll be taking a look at the news, construction, and photos from the Magic Kingdom. We’ve got over 60 photos for you this week, I hope…

Theme Park Studios Kickstarter Update
Calling all Roller Coaster Tycoon and theme park sim fans: Pantera Entertainmnet needs your help! I’ve previously written about their Theme Park Studio game project which promises to be a modern day Roller Coaster Tycoon.…

In The Parks: Disneyland and Honest Abe
Something quite rare and very special happened at the Disneyland Resort this week. . . off-season crowds. That, along with cooler weather made this a great week for the parks, aside from a bit of…

Behind the Scenes at SeaWorld Orlando’s Antarctica
Today, we take you behind the scenes at SeaWorld Orlando as we interview VP of Culinary Operations Cathy Valariano on the challenges in creating food experiences for the new Antarctica area of the park. We’ve…

Visiting LEGOLAND Florida as an Adult with No Kids
I recently had the opportunity to pay a first visit to LEGOLAND Florida. I was excited as I remember visiting the park back in the late 70’s when it was Cypress Gardens. But, this visit…

The Pros and Cons of Solo Disney Travel
In August 2012, I embarked on my first solo trip to Walt Disney World.  My little Disney geek was also headed to the World, but with his grandparents, so I was able to take my…

SAMLAND: The Port Disney Story
Back in the late 1980s, Walt Disney Productions management was becoming increasingly concerned with the public realm surrounding Disneyland. The area had been deteriorating for years due to the laissez-faire attitude toward planning within the…

Soarin’ Over Shanghai Disneyland
Disney fans are often dreamers, and when Disney announced a new park in Shanghai, legions of Disneyphiles started imagining what the new park would look like. Alain Littaye of the Disney and more blog has…

Bountiful Valley Farm Mural
An idyllic farm is nestled in rolling hills. A farmhouse is mostly hidden by a cluster of trees. A bounty of crops surrounds an old fashioned red barn. It’s harvest time here. Some foliage has…

Coffee with Kurtti: The Art of Walt Disney World
Last time on Coffee with Kurtti, Jeff talked about his book The Art of Disneyland. In this episode, he picks up right where he left off, and talks about a few of the obstacles he…

Kingdom Keepers VI Dark Passage by Ridley Pearson
Kingdom Keepers VI: Dark Passage is the sixth book of a seven book cycle. It was released in April without a lot of fanfare, which surprised me. Originally, the Kingdom Keepers series was planned as a…

Dueling Disney: Best Vacation Destination
This time on Dueling Disney, we thought we’d take a look outside of the theme parks, and cast an eye on the surrounding state. “What’s that?” you cry. “There’s more to a Disney vacation than…

ipm on MiceChat: The Thea Awards Honor the Best Themed Attractions of 2012
This past Saturday, members of the themed entertainment design community met at the Disneyland Hotel to honor their peers for the best themed attractions of last year at the 2013 Thea Awards.  Presented by the Themed…

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