Before Disney’s Aladdin: A Musical Spectacular at the Hyperion Theatre, there was The Power of Blast!—an abbreviated version of the high-energy Broadway show Blast!

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  • 2DZNY

    Thanks for taking me back thru memory lane! Blast is still the best show I’ve seen in the Hyperion Theater. Absolutely loved it, and made it a point to catch the traveling broadway show when it hit my college town.

    I absolutely love Yesterland! Thanks for all you do, Werner!

  • Timekeeper

    I enjoyed watching this show when it was in DCA, thank you for the article. 🙂


  • hannibal8

    Great article Werner. Where in the world did you get pictures of this show? I think I have video somewhere, but I’d have to do some serious digging. I used to love watching this show. I completely forgot about that rig with all the cymbals.

    • Werner Weiss

      The photo credits are underneath each photo. I had many wonderful photos to pick from, thanks to the kind people photographers who sent them to me.

  • Klutch

    I had never heard of the “Steps in Time” show. What was so bad about it? Was it produced by the people who brought us “Light Magic”?

    • Werner Weiss

      I’ll have an article about “Steps in Time” some time in the future.

  • eicarr

    Darn, that looked cool, I’m sad I missed out.

    I remember skipping that imagining the poor quality it must have been in such a disappointing park. I rushed through DCA 1.0 and headed to Disneyland. I’m sad I missed out, that looks pretty cool.

    No matter how good it was, Aladdin should have been replaced after 2-3 years. I almost wish they’ed bring that back instead for a while.

  • ParadiseDude

    Inside its such a beautiful theatre, that its really needs a new show so local can treat it as Disney own mini broadway theatre, I love Aladdin, but it’s really needs a new show once every year.

    • Werner Weiss

      It’s a tribute to all involved with “Disney’s Aladdin: A Musical Spectacular” that the show is still running after more than ten years. But I agree that it’s time for something new. Perhaps changing to a new show every year would be too often, but a new show every three years would seem reasonable to me.

  • stitchfanocala

    Loved this show. And the photo symbolizes my favorite part. The drum session, especially when the multiple drum piece set was lowered down in front of the drum line and they rocked the place!!! Man I miss it and was sad to see it go.

  • bookwyrm

    I loved seeing The Power Of Blast! in DCA. I went to see the full stage version (Blast!) twice when it was in town, because I enjoyed it so much. It had energy and enthusiasm, something that early DCA desperately needed. Thanks for the trip down memory lane!