Knott’s Berry Farm is just about to finish up four major projects for summer 2013.  Three new rides will be added to the back of the park which are aimed at appealing to a broader demographic as Knott’s courts families this summer.  Then, a week later, their most popular attraction will emerge from a 5 million dollar overhaul which will add a whole new reason for folks to visit this vintage California park. A bumper crop of fun is being harvested at Knott’s in the coming weeks, we are here to fill you in on what you can expect to find.


In just a little under one week Knott’s will be launching a major expansion in what will be a very important summer for the park.  The Boardwalk area will open 3 new family attractions (2 flat rides and a mad mouse coaster).

Two flat rides, the Pacific Scrambler, (Top) and the Surf Side Glider (Bottom) will be surrounded by water.
A mural is being painted on the side of the old Kingdom of the Dinosaurs building that is facing the new expansion area.
Landscaping surrounds the base of the flat rides.

The new lagoon has been painted a deep blue.

The centerpiece will be Coastrider, a 52 foot tall, family coaster.  Testing of the vehicles has begun and crews are working furiously to meet the opening date.

A look at the station.
The sign for Coastrider is nearly done too.


One week after the opening of the three new Boardwalk attractions, the crown jewel of the park, The Timber Mountain Log Ride, will reopen as a completely updated family attraction.  5 million dollars later, the attraction will feature over 50 new animatronic figures that will depict a vibrant, madcap logging operation.

The planking outside along the flume being replaced.


The shingles on the logging mill have been replaced.

The logs are  backstage near Xcelerator awaiting their return to the flume.
When the attraction reopens, you’ll find that it has been greatly enhanced with new effects, scenery and over 50 animatronic figures. This could very well be the family attraction of summer 2013.


Knott’s announced on its social media pages that Ethan Wayne, son of the late John Wayne and a participant with his father in the original 1969 dedication ceremony of the ride, would attend the re-dedication ceremony of the Log Ride on Thursday, May 30th.

Here’s a great picture of Ethan and his father riding the log ride on the 1969 opening day.
Here’s a great picture of Ethan and his father riding the log ride on the 1969 opening day.

The official dedication ceremony of the new Boardwalk area will also take place on Thursday, May 30th, at 9 am. Season pass holders will have exclusive ride time of the three new rides from 7:30 am to 9 am that morning.

A special thank you to SpacemanSpiff on this info.


Don’t plan on taking a ride on Ghostrider at the moment.  It is currently down for maintenance and they are hoping to get this ride up and running in time for summer.


In case you have missed it, there is a wonderful restoration happening in Ghost Town.  The Mission Santa Barbara Miniature that was on display for years is finally being restored.  It looks great!


Knott’s General Manager, Raffi Karprelyan, came up with a charming solution for the old jewelry stand that used to take up residence in Ghost Town.  They have removed the temporary structure that housed the popular location and moved this vendor into the Ghost Town Bank. It’s a great fit.


Many years ago, there was a playground near the Ghost Town School house. The playground has returned. While at the moment the equipment is just for looks,  it’s nice to see a reference to this piece of park history.

Fiesta Village Stage

And finally, the Fiesta Village stage is being refurbished.  Gone is the terrazzo floor in favor of a solid tile floor and a more permanent canopy above.


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That wraps things up from the farm this week Be sure to check back next week to see our coverage of the major attraction openings.  See you In The Parks!

  • jcruise86

    Thanks, Norm!

    I’m not excited that Knott’s three new family rides would fit in or already reside at Buena Park’s amusement park, Adventure City. (Adventure City is decent, tiny park for little kids with some excellent employees, if you don’t have time to drive to the infinitely superior little kid park, Legoland.)

    I am excited about the log ride’s update, which is closer to Disney’s league. In fact, for this year only, I’d prefer that Knott’s Scary Farm just keep the log ride attraction as it normally is, so I can fully appreciate the new changes when I go on October. And thanks, Norm, for already thinking about the Scary Farm Micechat meet on September 28!

  • DarthSavage

    I guess the logs won’t be side-by-side seating as depicted in the renderings. Still excited, though!

  • MrTour

    The best thing Knott’s ever did was replace Gypsy Camp with the Roaring 20’s and Roaring 20’s Airfield. Since then, they have repeatedly deconstructed any theming and reverted back to a carnival midway.

    I miss the old Whirlwind (not Whirlpool) and Loop Trainer Flying Machine. Those rides have a much higher capacity than the Gliders and would have been better choices for that property. I will stop my complaining if they bring back Knott’s Bear-y Tales. That signature attraction had a good hourly capacity and was as unique to Knott’s as is the Mine and Log rides.

    • I don’t think it will be long before we hear about a new dark ride for that space. It is very much on the minds of both guests and management.

      • MrTour

        I suppose I am a purist. Knott’s Berry Farm has history. Bear-y Tales was the equivalent to Hershey’s World of Chocolate. It was unique to Knott’s and a sincere tribute to its history. I am not sure if any other new dark ride would “feel” like Knott’s.

  • FredSimmons

    Speaking of that Santa Barbara Mission miniature…

    For those who don’t remember, Knott’s originally displayed miniatures of all 21 of the California Missions, in dioramas in the low wall that runs north/south between the underpass (leading from Ghost Town) to Fiesta Village (just west of what was the Lake of Reflections), next to the stagecoach path. I believe these models of the Spanish Missions predated Fiesta Village, and might have even helped inspire it. They were removed around the same time that the Church of Reflections and the lake itself were eliminated.

  • SpacemanSpiff

    Great article! Thanks for the updates and all the photos.

  • SpacemanSpiff

    Norman, if you are giving out information about the dedication ceremonies on May 30th in case your readers want to attend, just to be clear, Knotts has stated that the Boardwalk dedication will be at 9 am, and the Log Ride dedication with Ethan Wayne will follow at 10 am.

    I’m guessing that readers will have to pick which dedication they want to try to get a good location for, and that the Log Ride will be the more crowded one.

  • Wendygirl

    I was wondering about that dedication time for the Log Ride because their Facebook event page says 10 AM. But I’m glad to hear that those of us that have AP’s can get in early as I was wondering how to make it over there if the Park opened at 10 AM!

    Like the look of the Mission. Where is it located? I would like to see them refurbish the others. Fourth Graders used to have to build a California Mission but I’m not sure they do anymore. They were fun to look at and get ideas when it came to building a Mission.

  • eicarr

    Go Knotts go! Glad they’re pulling through in a year DL and universal are slacking off. The ghost town and family rides are always a welcomed change of pace on a DL trip.

  • redrocker

    The temporary shack the ghost town jewelry was at was there when i first was working there in 1988 as far as i can remember. I wonder how good business will be once they move to the bank. It definitely opens up the midway there now that it is gone.
    Im hoping to try to show up to the Log Ride reopening since i was a former Logger. I wonder how many of my old friends will be there.
    I believe the old missions are stored upstairs of the Trails Motel. I remember going up there one day to go to the roof and seeing them all in there. It be great to get them all back looking good.
    Man they really need to get the tech booth looking better at Fiesta Plaza. Especially that old curtain and plastic that looks like its been there since i left tech in 2007 lol

  • Disneykin Kid

    I applaud Knott’s opening new rides, but the three new rides remind me of the original California Adventure 🙂 The updated Log Ride sounds great, but too bad they couldn’t redo the Playdoh-looking mountain. Although I guess it has a certain old-fashioed hokey look to it.

  • Baloo

    With only a week left for opening I am not liking the landscaping in the new area. Looks like they did to learn from the mistake Eisners crew did in DCA. The area looks like it will be a nightmare to wait in line during the hot summer.

    The queue has no shade top and all the concrete is surrounded by little shade. Palms look great but they do not add any shade.

    The grass is a nice touch underneath the mouse coaster but a few. Nicely trimmed trees around the flat rides would have been great

  • Baloo

    The two planters filled with rocks around the ride near the old bleary tale building would have looked better with plants

  • Big D

    In general I don’t believe it is unusual for a theme park to open an attraction with a few finishing touches (like landscaping or umbrellas for shade) still not ready to go. Basically new rides for the summer really have to be open by Memorial Day weekend, and landscaping can come later. They’ll probably use temporary shade structures for now (umbrellas, awnings, ect.) and then in the fall they might add in the landscaping. Knott’s has done a really good job making their landscaping look great over the past few years, so I’d be very surprised if they didn’t plan on adding some to this area.

  • jaxbistro

    I haven’t been to Knott’s since eighth grade and we’re taking the kids this summer for their first time. Just wondering…are the Wacky Soapbox Racers and Studio K still there? Weird I didn’t see the Corkscrew in any of the Roaring 20’s pics. Is the Dragonswing Ride still there?

    No seriously. This is how I last remember Knott’s.

  • kcirrick

    Maybe the angle is deceptive, but looking at those pictures of the person standing on the log ride mountain talking on the phone/radio and walking next to the flume I wonder how long before DOSH closes the ride due to inadequate fall protection as Space Mountain, Matterhorn, Splash Mountain, and Sorin’ Over California were.

  • Haven

    I am very excited for Knott’s Berry Farm. It is nice to see some attention given to Timber Mountain, the mission diorama and the schoolhouse yard. I hope we will see more of a return to the special nuances that Knott’s had before its original sale out of the family hands. May they have a sunny and productive summer season and may I be able to get out and see the new log ride changes sometime this year!

  • glowman

    Great photos and coverage as usual, Norman. You, Dusty, and all the MiceChat contributors do an outstanding job of keeping us happily informed. The refurbished Timber Mountain Log Ride is going to be outstanding. Thanks so much for keeping us up to date on the latest happenings. It is a work of “love” for all of us Theme Park Enthusiasts and we do appreciate it.