Hello, and welcome to Dateline Disney World! This week, we take a look at Disney’s Hollywood Studios Star Wars Weekends as well as the Magic Kingdom. Almost 70 photos, so let’s get started!

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Welcome to the Studios!!


The big story this week is that Star Wars Weekends starts this weekend, and goes on for the next month or so. There are lots of banners throughout the park, and the times guides also reflect the change.








The hideous stage that is used for Hyperspace Hoopla is now up, and will probably be like that until July 4th is over. Along with it comes lighting rigs and tents. Mulch, Sweat, and Shears is being set up there.






The character meet and greets are all up and ready.

More banners and merch scattered throughout the park.





Star Tours only had a 10 minute wait this week, but that will probably change along with Star Wars Weekends.




Miss Piggy wasn’t spinning, making photos easy to take.

More Star Wars stuff up in the park.




I poked my head over near the AFI film institute and saw the Monsters Inc meet and greet walled up.



Inside the AFI room, there is some interesting stuff.





The inaccuracy of this shirt always cracks me up.



More Star Wars things.





70 minutes. Could be worse.


Getting Fastpass at 3pm? Not a chance.


I don’t know how this attraction keeps getting long queues. It simply is not good.




And a Times Guide with Star Wars Weekends on it.


Welcome to the Magic Kingdom!!




Roy and Minnie are still unfortunately tucked away by City Hall.


There is still lots of refurbishment happening in Liberty Square.







No outdoor movement on the meet and greet, even though it’s been almost a whole year since Snow White closed. I’m still sad that it’s gone.

The Mine Train is starting to look like something, more done every week.







Quick break in new Fantasyland for some photos and a LeFou’s Brew.





Be Our Guest restaurant had some menu changes, with the Steak Sandwich now replaced at lunch with a roast beef sandwich. Sad, as the steak was my favorite lunchtime entree there.

Back to Mine Train photos.







Mad Tea Party still down for refurbishment. I also heard there may be a tea cup set up outside for a photo op. They did that at Disneyland during the 50th and it worked great.

Lastly, we’ll close out the week with a nice monorail shot.


That does it for this week’s column. Will you be heading out to brave the crowds for Star Wars Weekends? What song will Chewie dance to this year? Let us know in the comments!!

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  • Grizzly

    I find the Magic Kingdom Main Street shirt amusing too. Even more amusing is that of all the merchandise that both coasts share, THAT shirt is not one of them.

    • MickeysImagination

      The accuracy may not be correct, but I sure do love merch. with Walt. I may be on my third shirt of that version, since I wear it so much they keep wearing out.


    • danielz6

      The shirt is not entirely innacurate. Magic kingdom was one of the nick names that referred to Disneyland long before Disney world opened…kinda like the happiest place on earth slogan.

  • That stage at the end of Hollywood Blvd in front of the hat is hedious. Why do they try so hard to ruin this park? First the ugly hat, and then an even uglier stage in front of the ugly hat. Yuck! Does no one in the company have the authority to fix a mess like this?

    You need only to walk through the front gate to immediately know that something is terribly wrong. So, I can only surmise that no one of any importance in the company has visited this embarrassment of a park, as surely the Disney Company would never allow such dreck!

    If they have to build something ugly for a special event, they should hide it toward the back of the park, not make it your first impression as you enter.

    • martinjbell1986

      When we went to WDW for the first time last year we got our main pictures in front of Spaceship Earth, the Tree of Life, and Cinderella Castle. Guess which park we didn’t get a photo of because there was a hideous stage covering the only thing you might get a picture of in that park.

      • datbates

        I guess it is best to keep all the ugly stuff in the same place 😉


    Hard to tell, but is that Seth Green in the picture of the photo spot interviewing someone?

  • I think you might be right!

  • Stitch 626

    Any idea why the flag in Town Square is at half staff in the photo? Just wondering.

    • jamccul

      May 15th was Peace Officers Memorial Day

  • Haven

    Although the Snow White Mine Rides looks like it will be very enjoyable I must quote Comic Book Guy from the Simpsons in saying: “Slowest construction project EVER.”

  • DisneyNuts

    I like that floating happy face at the bottom of the picture of the Beast’s Castle …

  • Awe_inspired

    Thanks! Cool update.