With the last few days of the spring off-season slipping away before the summer crowds arrive, the Disneyland Resort is rushing to finalize details for the upcoming 24-hour party to try and prevent the night from devolving into utter chaos and gridlock like the last overnight party did. While summer is about to get started, TDA also has their eye on this winter and beyond as several major entertainment and attraction additions are headed to the two Anaheim parks. In this update we’ll fill you in on what will be under the Christmas tree at DCA this year, what may or may not be announced at D23 Expo in August, and provide you with a full run-down on the logistics and timing for the Monstrous Summer All-Nighter for the 24th and 25th to help you decide if you want to join the fun.

There’s a lot to get to today, so poach that egg and slap it on some whole grain Irish buttered toast and let’s get to it!


While we’ve detailed in previous updates how the rebirth of Disney California Adventure last June radically transformed the business model and visitation patterns for the entire Anaheim property, it bears repeating that the re-launched DCA is a full-blown runaway success that has exceeded the most optimistic projections for the re-launch. The fallout from that stunning transformation in 2012 is that Team Disney Anaheim (TDA) and WDI have been spending most of 2013 deciding how to better utilize slower areas of the park. The crowds still aren’t letting up there and tourists in particular are spending entire 10 hour days at DCA without leaving for Disneyland. Both spending and length-of-stay patterns are way up in DCA, and Burbank is thrilled with the results.

The quickest and easiest way to add capacity to succesful theme parks is to add new entertainment. Believe it or not World of Color turns three years old in a few weeks, most locals and many tourists have already seen it at least once, and TDA is finally ready to offer an alternative to the original show from 2010. So, in November an all-new holiday themed World of Color will debut for the Christmas season to reinvigorate the evening hours at DCA. The Christmas version of World of Color will be a full 23 minute rework using all new Christmas material and songs, while still featuring a few familiar themes like Princesses and the popular Pixar characters. Full scale testing of the new show will begin late this summer, and this new World of Color is tentatively planned to debut around November 8th.

Christmas color coming?

The broader goals for the Christmas World of Color fall into three main categories; to keep tourists staying later into the evening and feeling like they got their money’s worth, and to bring the locals back to the park and keep them renewing their Annual Passes, many of which are conveniently purchased that time of year as family Christmas gifts. The third reason behind the new World of Color show is to soften the blow when the inevitable private parties begin at Disneyland during the Christmas season. We’ve explained in previous updates how the full-service Christmas offerings at Disneyland were in the crosshairs of the One Disney team based out of Orlando who want Disneyland to move to a private-party concept like that used at Disney World. Disneyland’s parties will force the Christmas Fantasy Parade and Believe In Holiday Magic fireworks and snow shows to move to an extra-cost ticketed event, much like the HalloweenTime parties in October are now the only way to see the Halloween Screams fireworks and the Halloween parade.

The plan would be to offer the Soundsational Parade during the day before the parties along with the usual Remember fireworks on non-party nights, and then roll out the major Christmas entertainment only during the parties in the evenings. The good news is that much like Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy running in October, the Holiday versions of Small World and Haunted Mansion would still be available to park visitors daily without purchasing an additional ticket to an evening Christmas party. And while Disneyland closes early in December to host Christmas parties, the crowds can move over to DCA where the new Christmas World of Color show will soften the blow of being kicked out of Disneyland. Or at least that’s the hope, and if the new show is good enough that plan might actually work. Steve Davison and his WDI Creative Entertainment team will be hard at work on the show in the next few months, trying to summon up the frosty Christmas spirit during the hot Southern California summer.

While adding new entertainment to a theme park is the easiest and fastest route to increasing park capacity, the more complicated (and more expensive) route is to add new attractions. And rest assured that DCA is still on the front burner in both TDA and Burbank’s opinion with another big chunk of money slated to be released by Burbank later this year. The plan to turn the sleepy northern half of DCA’s  Hollywood Land into Monstropolis with a thrill-ride Door Coaster as the featured E Ticket attraction is still moving ahead quickly. At the same time, the other new thrill ride using the ride system once planned for a Tron-themed Lightcycle coaster on the PeopleMover track is also finishing up design work. It’s no longer “if” on these two new E Ticket attractions, it’s “when”.

Light Cycles speeding above Tomorrowland? Thoughts?

The Tomorrowland project is the most problematic, as reworking the old PeopleMover route and its loading station in the center of the land will require several years of ugly construction. The similarity between Tomorrowland in its current state and DCA of five years ago is quite apt, since DCA had several popular attractions that were located in a lackluster environment that weren’t aesthetically pleasing or particularly inviting. Space Mountain and Star Tours are two of the most popular thrill rides in Anaheim, while Buzz Lightyear, Autopia and the Submarines offer solid attractions that offer important capacity to children or those looking for non-thrill excitement. But Tomorrowland’s aesthetic appearance is disjointed and aging poorly, and it comes up repeatedly in visitor surveys as a place that people don’t particularly enjoy.

Disneyland’s Tomorrowland is tired and worn out, and WDI and TDA acknowledge that. The goal of the Tomorrowland redo isn’t just to add a ride back to the PeopleMover track and move the Rocket Jets back up to their rightful place above the loading station, the project is also designed to reskin the existing Tomorrowland structures and create a cohesive and relevant “futuristic” environment for the 21st century.

And that’s going to take a lot of construction and hassle, right as Disneyland’s 60th Anniversary party kicks off in 2015. The discussions in TDA now center on getting the timing right for both projects, and likely beginning the work on Monstropolis first before 2015 since that will take up a quiet back corner of the park. Compared to the massive construction DCA underwent in recent years from the front of the park for Buena Vista Street and all the way along the central spine of the DCA parade route for Little Mermaid, Cars Land and the Pier remodel, the Monstropolis construction in the corner will be a cakewalk for the experienced DCA teams.


Preliminary work on Tomorrowland could begin before the 60th Anniversary is over, but the bulk of that construction wouldn’t begin until 2016 while the Monstropolis project finishes up and debuts. But either of these two projects are far enough along that they could be announced at the Parks & Resorts keynote address at D23 Expo in August, with a few key artist renderings and models on display in the Imagineering Pavilion on the exhibit hall floor. The announcement of either Monstropolis or Tomorrowland will offer more information and more artwork to display than the last big attraction announcement at D23 Expo in 2011, when Bob Iger bizarrely announced that Avatarland was coming to Animal Kingdom, but without offering any artwork or content to discuss even several years later.



But before TDA can gloat over its success at D23 Expo, they’ve got to get through this weekend and the monster headache created by the Monstrous Summer All-Nighter. This idea was not born in Anaheim, where it would have been shot down immediately if anyone had dared to suggest they repeat the disaster of the One More Disney Day event from 2012. Instead, the All-Nighter was dreamed up by the notoriously out of touch Disney Parks & Resorts marketing team holed up in a generic office park in Celebration, Florida. And now it’s up to the Anaheim teams to figure out how to manage it and prevent another night of gridlocked streets, backed up freeways, and near-riots at the main entrance turnstiles.

The first overnight party for Leap Year Day in February, 2012 started out mellow enough that morning. But after 5:00 P.M., when all the executives and senior managers had gone home, things began to unravel quickly. By 7:00 P.M. the Santa Ana Freeway was backed up several miles to the LA County line, and the surface streets around Disneyland had gridlocked. The Parking team hadn’t made arrangements to staff or use overflow parking at the Anaheim Convention Center or GardenWalk, and the 20,000 Disney-owned parking spaces usually at their disposal were already full. DCA closed at 8:00 P.M., while Disneyland began to fill quickly way beyond capacity. Shuttle buses carrying Cast Members in from employee parking lots were stuck in the gridlock. Several buses were literally stuck in traffic for several hours just a few blocks from Disneyland while the CM’s sat helplessly inside and plotted mutinies against the bus drivers who refused to open the doors in the middle of frozen traffic. When the turnstiles were closed just before Midnight, the crowds in the Esplanade grew restless and ornery and there were thousands of people still trying to purchase tickets and get into the park in the early morning hours. When it was all over the next morning, 105,000 people had attended the overnight party in Anaheim even though the original estimate for the day was barely 50,000.

Will it be one more Disney nightmare?

This time, they are planning for 125,000 people to attend and DCA will be added to the mix to help soak up crowds. But the parking and transportation logistics are already stretched way beyond their limit, and there’s a frank understanding that they won’t be able to handle 125,000 people, most of whom will arrive by car. The fallout is that every parking space in Anaheim has been commandeered, and Cast Members will be parking that day at Angel Stadium and bussed in. What happens in the evening when the CM shuttle buses get stuck on a gridlocked Katella or Harbor isn’t really known, although this time the bus drivers are going to have the authority to open their doors and let the CM’s out if the bus is stuck in gridlock for more than one hour. The Anaheim Police Department and California Highway Patrol will be on alert that evening, to help assist with surface streets and monitor off-ramps.

Knowing that access to Disneyland and parking will be an extreme challenge after work lets out on Friday, if you are still planning on attending it should be noted that not much extra will be on offer in either park. Some entertainment times may change, and a few Monsters U merchandise offerings will be for sale, otherwise it’s just a long drawn out day for the Anaheim parks.

In addition, that night was already pre-sold as a DCA Grad Nite for 10,000 students before the marketing team in Florida pulled the trigger on this event without checking in with the operations teams in Anaheim. That means that Cars Land, Paradise Pier and Tower of Terror will all be closed to regular visitors at 11:00 P.M. and only wrist-banded Grads will be allowed to remain in those popular areas of DCA, pushing the overnight party envelope into just the Mad T Party, Buena Vista Street and Condor Flats sections of DCA.

Still think you want to go? Here’s the timeline of major elements of the 24 hour event from start to finish.

Thursday, May 23rd

6:00 PM – Harbor Blvd. Drop-Off Lot closed to all vehicle traffic for the remainder of the event.

7:00 PM – Fantasyland closes for Media Party for Mickey & The Magical Lamp debut.

8:00 PM – Entry Queue and Media Riser setup begins in Esplanade between both parks.

9:00 PM – Disneyland closes for the day (with Media Party in Fantasyland).

9:30 PM – Mickey & Friends Parking Structure, Toy Story Parking Lot and Downtown Disney Parking Lots closed to all traffic, with all arriving vehicles directed to park in Pumbaa Parking Lot on Disney Way. No shuttle service will be offered in Pumbaa until 8:00 AM on Friday morning.

10:00 PM – Early arrivals will be queued in Harbor Blvd. Drop-Off Lot, before being moved to roped queues in the Esplanade. Monsters University “Eye” glasses given out to first few thousand people in Esplanade. Monstrous Summer buttons to be given out at turnstiles for first few thousand people through the gates in the morning.

11:00 PM – Grad Nite begins in DCA, until 3:00 AM.

Friday, May 24th

5:00 AM – Mickey & Friends Parking Structure and Toy Story Parking Lot open with tram and bus service.

5:55 AM – Small kickoff ceremony and media event in Esplanade as both parks open for the day.

6:00 AM – Both parks open for the day, with Cars Land, Tower of Terror and some Paradise Pier attractions not open yet due to delayed overnight maintenance from Grad Nite the night before.

5:00 PM – Pixar Play Parade, from Tower of Terror.

6:30 PM – Mickey’s Soundsational Parade, from It’s A Small World.

7:00 PM – Pixar Play Parade, from Paradise Pier.

9:00 PM – World of Color at DCA, Fantasmic! at Disneyland.

9:00 PM – First of four special Monsters Inc. screenings of full movie begin at MuppetVision Theater.

9:00 PM – Mad T Party opens, no alcohol served due to Grad Nite guests in attendance.

9:30 PM – Magical Fireworks Spectacular at Disneyland.

10:15 PM – World of Color at DCA.

10:30 PM – Fantasmic! at Disneyland.

10:45 PM – Cars Land, Paradise Pier & Tower of Terror closed for Grad Nite; only Grads with wristbands allowed in these areas until 3:00 AM (Radiator Springs Racers will close for the night at 2:00 AM and not reopen).

12:00 Midnight – Character Pajama Party in Toontown, dancing and Disney cartoons screened at outdoor theater, cocoa & cookies served.

12:30 AM – Mickey’s Soundsational Parade, from Town Square.

2:00 AM – Monsters U light show at Castle, Disneyland.

3:00 AM – Cars Land & Paradise Pier reopen after Grad Nite. Radiator Springs Racers, California Screamin’ and Tower of Terror all will remain closed for overnight maintenance.

5:30 AM – Mad T Party and Toontown Pajama Party closes.

5:55 AM – Farewell Announcement played in parks, set to the tune of “Now it’s time to say goodbye” song from Mickey Mouse Club.

6:00 AM – DCA and Disneyland close.

9:00 AM – DCA and Disneyland reopen for normal Saturday operation, with several major attractions delayed in opening due to overnight maintenance.

After the 24 hour party, both Disneyland and DCA kick off their first “Small World Celebration” weekend on Saturday, celebrating the culture and cuisine of Greece. It goes without saying that this new offering will likely be completely lost in the frenzy of the overnight party and media events for Mickey & The Magical Lamp. It wasn’t supposed to be that way, as this is just the first of many planned Small World Celebration weekends that will feature different countries. But the Small World Celebration is a concept cooked up by TDA’s own in-house marketing team and designed to attract locals and engage Annual Passholders. The Monstrous Summer All-Nighter is a concept from Florida and it simply steamrolled over any plans TDA had already approved and funded for Memorial Day Weekend.

The Small World Celebration idea is a good one though, and the most interesting offerings will be held far from It’s A Small World. DCA’s Paradise Gardens will offer Greek celebrity chef Argiro Barbarigou and Greek winemakers hosting live cooking demonstrations, along with authentic Greek music, dances, dress and culture on display. The Greek exhibit at Disneyland in the Small World Mall will feature the Disneyfied version of Greece, with a rare Hercules meet n’ greet as the main attraction. But those interested in genuine Greek culture will want to stop by Paradise Gardens in DCA this weekend, as sort of a small-scale Food & Wine festival. Hopefully the next Small World Celebration in Anaheim can be held on a weekend when the marketing team in Florida is on vacation.

Well, that’s what we’ve got for you today. New attractions on the way, Christmas going behind lock and key and 24 hours of insanity. We are very curious to know if you’ve been tempted by the 24 hour party and its expected crowds of 125,000. And, if you are going, what time do you plan to arrive to assure your spot in what is very likely to be Disneyland’s busiest day ever?

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  • Zeathos51

    I am not going to the event and I’m glad I don’t have to work there during the event. At least this time, it sounds like they are trying harder to spread the crowds which might make this a forehadowing for the expo and how that will be improved. The new plans sound good, I just hope they keep the animation building. I really enjoy Tomorrowland, (even though I like New Orleans the best) but even I would like to see an attraction go back up on the people mover. Maybe it will be like The Pony Express Ride at Knotts where you lean forward to ride.
    Anyways, HEY!! Thanks for the update. I never knew about these future attractions. Also, get that podcast to print. It’s the first thing I listen to when I’m on the road.

    Take it easy and get well Al.

  • LoveStallion

    I wish Burbank would do something more than convert the Hollywood sub-section to Monstropolis. It’s just another Pixarization of DCA that doesn’t go with anything.

    • MrTour

      I agree. What happened to the days when great attractions appeared, and then movies were made of the attraction years later? WDI is relying too much on existing Disney branding and not using imagination to come up with anything special and unique. As fun as the door coaster sounds, what about a modernized version of the Great Movie Ride? Or something else completely new and unique based on the golden age of Hollywood? Let the original movie follow!

      • LoveStallion

        I am with many others in calling for a re-envisioned Mystic Manor that would fit 1920s Los Angeles. It’d be perfect.

    • DlandresortCalifan

      agreed! although i know monstropolis will be very detailed and feel like u walked right into the movie (especially with lassetter at the helm making sure every little detail is perfect), i still am very disappointed to see that this new area and ride is going to be going into that part of DCA. Monstropolis has NOTHING to do with 1940’s hollywood. I feel like disney is going back to its old ways of mishmashing concepts and themes that don’t go together. I mean, thats what made the original DCA horrible in the first place. And I know WDI is creative, so y can’t corporate trust wdi’s creativity and expertise and tap into their talent to create a thematically appropriate and ORIGINAL ride in hollywoodland? The themes are just going to clash so much, especially if disney is still interested in transforming the rest of hollywoodland into a 1940’s themed area. Its just a shame that disney feels that their brand isnt strong enough that they have to use pre existing ideas to capture audiences. What about a sort of LA noir, dick tracey type ride? It would be so perfect for the land.

      • LoveStallion

        Disney actually planned a Dick Tracy ride back in the early 90s to coincide with that Warren Betty-helmed fiasco, but they held off. Disney once had many interesting ideas.

        Developing attractions based on existing properties is not all that outlandish, but I think Disney leans on Pixar way, way too much.

        In particular, I kinda love the irony that the original DCA had a poorly executed, but decently envisioned California theme throughout. The new one has a wonderfully executed, poorly envisioned California theme.

  • I think we’ve all expected the paid Christmas parties to make their way to the Disneyland Resort for a long time, I’m just sorry that it’s finally happened. One Disney really needs to be stopped, the question is, who has the authority to stop it?

    Disneylanders don’t want the parks to become Disney World any more than WDW fans want their parks to become Disneyland. Parks having their own character, merchandise mix and style which help give them identity and life. What works for Florida isn’t best for Disneyland’s locals.

    I don’t think that folks are nearly as excited about this 24 hour party as they were for the Leap Day promotion. I hope for their sake, I’m right. In a way, it’s a shame that Disneyland didn’t just say NO to their Florida Marketing overlords. Why on earth would they allow a one day promotion to overshadow their brand new show in Fantasyland and their Small World Festival? Both of which sound great!

    In the end, I think we all know that the Disneyland team can run circles around their Florida counterparts. Time for the Disneyland folks to stand up to Florida and tell them to stop meddling. After all, they have enough problems with their own four parks to deal with that they don’t need to screw up Disneyland too.

    • disneyland lady

      I agree. I will never pay more to see fireworks during Xmas. I have been going to Disneyland since 1955 & hate seeing the park become less.

    • CCS

      Amen, brother. What Florida has to do with the running of Disneyland is beyond me. This weekend will be featured on the local nightly news just like is was for Leap Year Day — from the benefit of helicopter coverage overhead! In fact, I think the only way to get close to the parks will be via helicopter! It isn’t fair to the graduates who are unfortunate enough to have been designated that day for their party, unfair to the AP’s, unfair to the public at large, unfair to the CM’s, unfair to the Anaheim team (gee, what kind of message does it send that their long-standing plans can be overshadowed by FL decisions??); unfair to the Greek special event; and unfair to the Fantasyland Theater (last show I saw there must have been “Snow White”).

      I like the idea of getting the Rocket Jets back up in the sky where they belong, instead of in a carved-out depression at the opening of Tomorrowland.

      • Zeathos51

        It’s Ironic that I got to see the sunrise on grad night from thunder mountain after enjoying the whole night at Disneyland and now this grad night group won’t get that experience. Although Cars Land is better than nothing.

      • goofymon

        Florida has to run 4 theme parks, 2 water parks, an extensive transportation system, pretty much all of the challenges of running a small city and theme park. That is why they are in charge of running the theme parks. However I do think that while a consistent direction is important, it is important to sensitive to local differences with any park. As a business owner, I would want a reasonable amount of consistency with the way my business’s were run. The needs and demographics of each park, Anaheim, Orlando, Paris, and Hong Kong are different. Locals vs. more tourists.

  • Gregg Condon

    Since our AP’s have no expired we had planned on doing the Holiday parties if they came to light, so I’m actually fine with it. It’s just sad that the price keeps going up while the offerings keep going down.

    As for the 24 hour thing, good luck to everybody working or going to the event. You won’t catch me within 90 miles of that place this weekend. 😉

  • MrOCT31

    Pay more than the $1600 annually I already pay for season passes to see a parade and fireworks and maybe some other “extras?” No thanks! Just like Halloween, as if you see my handle is my favorite time of the year, I won’t be paying extra for what should be included for what I already pay. I have a feeling this isn’t going to end well for dedicated DLer’s! I cam see the “special” annual pass including the parties being offered for a mere $1000 a year!

  • Alpinemaps

    “But the Small World Celebration is a concept cooked up by TDA’s own in-house marketing team and designed to attract locals and engage Annual Passholders.”

    Great in concept, but sucks that only Premium Passholders can get in during the event on Saturday and Sunday because of the Memorial Day weekend.

    Wow, what a cluster all of this is. Grad night scheduled with the 24 hour event, because the two coasts don’t check in with one another. A new show opens this same weekend. This Small World Celebration also happens, and a bulk of the passholders can’t even experience it.

    I’m glad my passes are expiring in a couple of months. I love Disney, but it’s time to put this relationship “on a break.” It’s like an abusive relationship that I just won’t leave.

    • BC_DisneyGeek

      This is as it should be. Disney sells the cheaper passes with blockout days to drive attendance on slower days, such as weekdays and days where no special events are scheduled.

      You can’t expect to buy the most heavily discounted admission AND still experience Disneyland on busy days or attend special events.

  • Oregonmom2

    I totally agree with dusty!! Why can’t Disneyland say “no” to Florida? Isn’t the new president supposed to be in charge of Disneyland anyway? That is what makes all the Disney parks special – the little touches that are local and unique to each park. Otherwise, why travel to the other parks? Disneyland should focus on what is does best-having that special disneyLAND magic, not “one disney” magic.

    • LoveStallion

      The new president is an old Florida lackey. Color me surprised.

      • goofymon

        George K was also a Florida lackey.

  • Idaho Mouse

    Dusty you said everything everyone is probably to afraid to say. I think we all agree with you on all of your comments. I do not think I would attend a 24 hour day at any Park. Would be just to crazy.

  • Demigod

    I had considered going, even though I consider the ‘One More Disney Day’ event to be a complete and utter debacle. But hearing all this, especially with Carsland being closed and whatnot, I’ve decided I am just not going to go. It doesn’t seem worth it, and I especially remember around 3am on OMDD there was no place to go eat where there wasn’t at least an hour wait to get in. Was ok once…might have been in another 4 years.

    I hate when Anaheim kowtows to Florida. Nothing good comes of it.

  • Captain Pitchfork

    WOW! So glad you put this schedule up early enough for me to cancel my hotel reservations. The whole Grad Night thing looks to derail what I had planned for the kids and me. Looks like we will be attending the Grand Opening of Wet n Wild here in Vegas instead. They are allowing Gold level passholders for this weekend only and we (of course) bought the Gold passes. On that note congrats to the Graduating class of 2013, I hope you make memories to last a lifetime!!

  • eicarr

    They should just get on with Tomorrowland already! Construction walls would be an improvement over the current atmosphere . It’s embarrassing.

    Yes, nobody will mind that the Monsters Inc ride is closed because there are no big fans of the Monsters Inc. ride or movie. It’s no avengers, iron man or star wars. With the sushi bar and bland streets, the current monsters ride puts me to sleep(I zone out more than on Winnie the Pooh). It’s just the only ride in that corner of the park. Cars Land turned out popular mainly because of th cool 50’s vibe everyone loves. Expanding the dull social commentary world inside the ride would create a lackluster area that ages poorly. They should just relocate Toontown.

    • Absolutely. Put those construction walls up! Even walls would be better than the current Tomorrowland. If there is one area of Disneyland that needs immeadiate help, it’s Tomorrowland.

    • LoveStallion

      Agreed. Construction walls would be great. But it looks like they will just modify existing infrastructure as opposed to something grander, akin to the 1967 remodel. The place needs to be hacked away at pretty drastically. I wish they would do it.

      On a semi-related note, it only took Disney about a year to rebuild Tomorrowland for 1967. Why on earth does it take them so long to build stuff now? Unions? California bureaucracy? I see how quickly Universal is able to throw new, quality stuff up (I still don’t think it’s quite at the level of Disney), but Disney will spend a good 4-5 years just to build something.

  • bookwyrm

    Thanks for the update! Sending happy thoughts and pixie dust for Al.

    I’m really looking forward to a redesign for Tomorrowland, and getting SOMETHING back on the PeopleMover track. Actually, I’m looking forward to both new attractions, and I have no problem with making new attractions based on existing movies. I mean, look at Fantasyland! Those were all movies first, rides later. If done well, making rides from movies can work just fine – they just have to do it right, instead of cutting corners.

    • bookwyrm

      Meant to also comment on the24-hour party… When I was unable to attend the Leap Day party, I decided tht if they held an all-nighter again, I would go. And now that they’ve announced it, I find that I have little enthusiasm for it. If t wasn’t the same day as a Grad Night party I’d be more likely to consider it.

  • StevenW

    I wonder how they will solve the problem of the People Mover tracks that derailed the Rocket Rods. The concrete tracks are not strong enough to support a twisting and turning fast ride. Another problem is the track length isn’t very long. It will be a 90 second ride. How will anyone enjoy such a short ride?

    The twin roller coasters proposal might actually be two D-Ticket rides. I hope not.

  • JiminyCricketFan

    The February 24 hour “party” was a failure for Disneyland. Too many people had a miserable time. It is now legend as the worst day in the Happiest Place on Earth. Originally, I am sure most Disneyland fans wanted to be there because they did not think there was ever going to be another opportunity to be in the park a full 24 hours. But now that is seems that a 24 hour party could be scheduled at any time to market some new Disney movie, it does not have the same exclusivity or attraction.

    • toonaspie

      “The February 24 hour “party” was a failure for Disneyland. ”

      Only for the majority. For the suits it was an unexpected sales windfall. Which is sadly the reason why it’s happening again.

  • Wendygirl

    Any idea when we are going to hear about price increases? I’m wondering how long I can keep this up. I so wish Disney would do a Senior Pass like Knotts does.

    Glad I got my Christmas “fix” in last year thanks to the advanced warning Al gave us. I no longer stay much past 6 or 7 so I don’t think I will mind this too much. I just think its a shame and a rip off.

  • Sparky

    Last year marked my 30th consecutive year to enjoy Christmastime at Disneyland. Actually, my 32nd year total, having gone to Disneyland for the first time Christmastime of 1980, with a break in 1981. It breaks my heart that the Christmas entertainment that I have loved for so many years will be yanked away. What the One Disney people need to realize is that they will be trampling on years and years of traditions of longtime visitors and fans. Even non-Disney fans that I know who have heard of these plans have expressed anger to me that Disney plans to do this. I think they’ll need to change their marketing slogan from “Let the Memories Begin” to “Let the Memories Be Trampled”. I think it will end up backfiring on them if they go ahead with these plans. I think they are going to alienate a lot of people, fans and the general public alike.

    I’m very happy that plans are moving ahead for the Tomorrowland redo. It is long, long overdue. I am especially happy that it is likely to include a Tron themed attraction. I wish that they would do it sooner rather than later, though. Literally, by the time the Tomorrowland redo is completed and open, I will be a senior citizen, or at least really close to it.

    I don’t like the idea of a Monster’s, Inc. mini land in DCA. Thematically, it does not fit at all. A door’s themed coaster doesn’t sound that interesting to me, either.

    Thanks to the staff for continuing these reports while Al is unable to. And, give him my love and best wishes.

    • LoveStallion

      Right? I think they can get away with it for Halloween. There’s just less demand there. But too many people associate Disneyland’s brand of whimsy and magic with Christmas spirit.

  • danielz6

    I agree monsters is a strange fit thematically in Hollywoodland. But I’m happy to see a new eticket going there to continue DCAs expansion. I hope hollywoodland is completed as part of the expansion with a realistic themeing on the Hyperion theater and along that street the removal of the disapperaing street that screams DCA 1.0, and replaced with real buildings and facades leading up to TOT.
    Why would anyone go to the 24 hour event and suffer through those huge crowds? No thanks ill go when its not so busy.
    Tron is a great fit for tomorrowland. Hopefully the land update lives up to everyone’s high expectations. I really wish they could somehow move autopia to carsland where it really fits. The course could replace Luigi’s flying tires and could go into the unused backstage area between TOT and bugs or into bugsland itself if needed. Not sure if they can but it’d be great for both tomorrowland/fantasyland that needs that space and DCA that needs big attractions.

    • danielz6

      Oh ya and I hate Disneyland private Christmas party idea. Seems to go against everything that Christmas stands for doesn’t it? I hope it hurts Disney’s image and they go back to the way its always been. How can it be the happiest place on earth and than so divide the haves and have nots so obviously in the middle of the day? I think Walt would be appalled by that decision.

      • laurainwonderland

        Little Timmy couldn’t afford to go thanks to One Disney Scrooge.

    • LoveStallion

      So what do you propose for the Hyperion wall? Just Hollywood facades? I’m curious.

  • jenmurray

    I am still going to go. Even though finding a room in the area is insane and almost sold out. I didn’t think about the traffic that Al talked about though so I may have to pay more to stay at nicer hotel in area. I didn’t get to go t Leap Day so I really want to do this. I am praying I can enjoy myself a lil. Worried about getting into both parks that night though for Red-Eye Spy. 🙁 But I wanna see Mickey in pj’s! 🙂 Excited about Tomorrowland revamp! Sad about Christmas but like Dusty said, we knew it was coming. That’s why I made it a point to go last yr. :S

  • jenmurray

    And from Al’s schedule it seems like half of DCA is going to be closed most of the time!!!!! 🙁 People are going to be pissed.

  • Big D

    There is absolutely no way in he!! that I’d go to the 24hr party. I already stay away from 4th of July and New Year’s, and this sounds like the crowd is going to be even bigger. I feel so bad for the CM’s. The worst day I ever had working at Disneyland was the Saturday night before the Electrical Parade went away *forever* in 96, and the biggest problem is that you just couldn’t move, so all my popcorn and churro wagons were out of stock, and I couldn’t get the stock to them because there was just no getting through the crowds. Disney better have every guest control employee they can get their hands on and make sure that the CM’s can even get to the park (they should have kept the CM’s at the Katella lot and then close the road to the public from the lot down Haster to the park and leave that exclusively for Disney shuttles).

    As for the People Mover track, is the reason it is going to take so long because they have to basically demolish the track and build a new one? I remember hearing about how the track was pretty torn up from the Rocket Rods since it wasn’t built to handle fast moving vehicles, and then of course it’s been sitting there empty for almost 15 years.

    As for the Christmas party, I’ve been to the one at Walt Disney World, and the crowds are fairly light, so if that’s the same for Disneyland, I would absolutely pay extra for a private party with only 20K or so people and be able to enjoy everything then not pay extra and try to get through a night with 60K people only see half of the Christmas events.

  • Malin

    Interesting update, but Bob Iger did not announce Avatar at the last D23 Expo in 2011. He wasn’t even at the last Expo and was on vacation.

  • BC_DisneyGeek

    I feel bad for any out of towners coming in for a weekend at Disneyland only to find a chaotic event to deal with.

  • kat3010

    Not attending the 24 hour event.
    Prayers for Al.

  • Amy VandenBoogert

    So for the all-night party, Cast Members will be parking at Angel Stadium and be bussed in. They’re lucky the team is on the road that weekend. What would the plan have been if the Angels were playing at home this weekend?

    • LoveStallion

      Honda Center.

      El Toro. 🙂

  • Omnispace

    Putting Tron Light Cycles on the Peoplemover track is as bad a decision as the Rocket Rods were. The light cycles would be much better in a fully-enclosed space where they can fully control the environment. I have a suspicion though that the actual experience is never going to live up to the incredible experience is suggested in the movies no matter how hard they try.

    What Disney needs to do is hire Syd Mead to guide them on the remake of Tomorrowland. He’s adept at creating timeless, interesting, futuristic environments and would hopefully be outside the influence of the Disney corporate marketing machine. I’m sure that Syd would be able to create a new Tomorrowland for Disneyland that is both original and memorable without having to rely on movie franchises for it’s inspiration.

    Although Disney sees their franchises as opportunities for synergy, they actually limit what can be done creatively in ride development.

  • zeitzeuge

    Always so much negativity. While the suits that operate DL aren’t perfect, they still provide me with a wonderful place to escape this world and experience others. We expected price increases and the inevitable paid Christmas parties. As someone said, those who pay for a southern CA pass for dirt cheap shouldn’t expect all extras for free. Ill pay what I need and want to attend and pay more if required for a party. After all these extras arent free for the company to produce. And all this complaining of what’s being built and when? Be glad we getting anything. If designing a new attraction was so easy as some make it sound to just do, we would have a lot more imagineers On our hands but we don’t. Again the company isn’t perfect but it were so bad as some people claim, why still go? To you praise Disney for anything good at all compared to all they do wrong? Simple solution, don’t renew your APs. More room for us non AP people.

    • CCS

      Many of us have spent $629 for a premium pass and that is not dirt cheap by any definition. I don’t expect to have to pay extra for the holiday fireworks. No on who has paid at the door and been admitted to D-land during the month of December should have to pay extra for holiday fireworks. That is ridiculous.

      • Skimbob

        I paid $849 for a Premier Pass and I also pay $1,600 for lodging per visit at the Grand Californian. To me it is unacceptable to charge me additional for a Christmas party that I have always been able to go to as part of my admission. One Disney should have never happened and I too have talked to many CMs and Managers who feel the the same as the guests. I make a point of letting CMs know that I really appreciate them and that I am going to continue to voice my opinion to upper management in the hopes that if enough of us complain things will change. Disney cannot continue on it’s current path. They will pay for their mistakes eventually.

        I am still hoping that they put Star Wars land in Tomorrowland. They have plenty of room if they take out Innoventions, the subs and Autotopia.

    • Perhaps you didn’t read the update. We said very little negative about the “Suits” at Disneyland. Our issue is with One-Disney and the Florida folks who obviously shouldn’t be involved with Disneyland decision making. We have great admiration for the vast majority of the folks running Disneyland. The parks look wonderful and they have been producing a lot of really great events. And the Disneyland folks resent the meddling from Orlando, and for good reason.

      It’s the One-Disney decisions, like getting rid of Christmas and making much of the merchandise in Florida and Anaheim the same, that just doesn’t make sense. Perhaps from a financial point of view, but not in a practical sense.

    • danielz6

      We have no problem paying for Disney’s world class entertainment, but that entertainment should be included in the cost of admission, not a separate private party. Should we go back to ticket books?

  • StrikeYerColors

    According to the last CM I asked, park hours for Disneyland park on Thursday end at 7pm. She showed me on her little paper when I asked. I want to bring some visiting friends into the parks this weekend but we want to stay far away from the hullabaloo so we figured Thurs or next Tuesday would be good, and maybe also Sunday. She said that Thursday DL closes at 7 and there is a really early parade, I figured probably to get ready for Mickey and the Magical Map press event, but that DCA would be open until 9pm just like the rest of the week.

    • Westsider

      The westside of Disneyland stays open until 9PM on Thursday, but to lessen concerns the party line is that “Disneyland closes at 7PM”, and then you can be delighted and surprised to find that the western half of the park is open for an extra two hours. Sneaky, but that’s how management works these things.

      Sunday of Memorial Day weekend is a FANTASTIC day to head to the parks. Most APs are blocked out that day, so it will be low crowds and delightful. Check the AP blockout calendar, and find the day where most APs are blocked out and that will be your lowest attendance day of the week. True story. Go on Sunday!

  • MikeK

    I’m confused. The note says “the other new thrill ride using the ride system once planned for a Tron-themed Lightcycle coaster on the PeopleMover track is also finishing up design work.”
    Does that mean it’s still going to be Tron themed?

    Regarding the integrity of the old People Mover track, I’m sure they’ll just replace what can’t be used.

    I wish they would just add the Monster’s coaster but keep the Hollywood theme. Monstropolis is unnecessary. Also move the coaster to the unused cafeteria area in the south east corner. Then The Muppets can be saved.

    • Westsider

      I caught that clever wording too.

      Strong rumors from Tomorrowland are that the Tron theme has been ditched, but the ride system remains. Now they are applying a new theme to the ride system, originally designed for a Tron ride. What’s the new theme I wonder?

      • MikeK

        I hope the Tron theme stays but I’ll hold judgement until I hear what their final plans are.

  • jcruise86

    I was most excited to read that the spinning rocket ride will stop being a roadblock and once again be something closer to space that enhances a restored, more scenic Tomorrowland.

    I’d like to see a World of Color Christmas show.

    For another nice experience at Christmas time, after you take in a future Oscar nominated movie at AMC in Downtown Disney, swing by the Grand Californian and hear excellent Christmas carolers perform in that beautiful, decked out hotel lobby.

  • Disneykin Kid

    The separate Christmas party in WDW makes sense, because the once-a-year or once-in-a-lifetime visitors want to experience the classic Magic Kingdom, not necessarily a Christmas version.

    But it’s different at Disneyland, the locals visiting during the holiday season want to experience Christmas, and they’ve grown accustomed to it being free. I think there will be an AP backlash.

  • Crazee4mm

    There are so many pros and cons with article/podcast. While I am excited to hear that there are plans for the old Peoplemover track as well as the replacement of the Rocket Jets, I am equally unsettled that there was no mention of the lingering Innoventions building. That place has been a White Elephant for so long that it’s becoming laughable. What happened to the proposed Iron Man ride in it’s place? Instead, we get a collection of Iron Man suits from the films. The building needs to go, and soon. It’s faded, outdated, and occupies too much room for something so irrelevant. A 2015 redo of Tomorrowland is far too distant to let this eyesore remain.

    As for DCA, I think it’s great that they will have a designated Christmas version of World of Color (instead of the Prep & Landing prelude tacked on to the beginning). Monstropolis? Ho-hum. Kids should like it.

    Pay extra for Christmas? Not out of MY wallet. While I loved the extended Candlelight ceremonies last year, I believe that extras like this should be included, rather than separated from the day visitor. I am appalled too that there are plans to make the Holiday fireworks and Christmas Fantasy parade hard ticketed parties for those who pay more is an outrage. Disneyland is already the most expensive park in the SoCal area and it’s obvious they are dripping with money to burn. The fleecing of the public continues unabated. The place is already so big that you can only do just so much there. 365 days a year of capacity crowds just isn’t enough for Disney anymore. Now they have to fill the parks twice a day instead? How long before we see “day” or “night” tickets (with an hour in between to clear the parks before reopening).

    As for the esteemed Mr. Al Lutz. I have never had the pleasure of meeting the man in person YET I feel that whenever he wrote an article, he was speaking directly to me. He made writing the articles seem like an easy task and his ability to describe something complicated in terms that even I could understand grants him massive amounts of respect in my book. The site that he created has given me the opportunity to meet so many wonderful, like minded, talented, creative people. I’m not just talking about the “celebrity” people. No, I’m talking about us “regular” folks who admire and respect each other as members of an ever-growing extended family. Prior to MiceAge/MiceChat, I felt that my love of Disney was viewed as strange and “childlike” by others. I have formed friendships and relationships with people, through MiceAge/MiceChat that are very special to me. Al, in his own special way, created a place where adults and children of all ages can come to interact in a safe and mutually enjoyable manner. Al, Dusty, and many others have continued to build this site into a living breathing manifestation of our love of Disney (among others) that welcomes all who enter it’s portals. I attended the MiceAge/MiceChat 10th. anniversary weekend at Disneyland and when I said “hi” to Norm (“Fishbulb”) and “Dusty Sage” I was greeted with hugs before I even had the chance to tell them my name. It’s that instant inclusion in something we all love and appreciate that I thank Al for creating (after Walt, of course). Al carries Walt’s vision with every article he writes. He has the critical eye that keeps Disney’s feet to the fire. The other gifted writers of articles for this site share in that vision as well. Al has done much to make sure the site continues on after he backs out. It is in the very capable hands of Dusty who is every bit the steward Al is. While I am saddened (selfish?) that Al no longer participates in the site as much as he has, he certainly isn’t left behind. He is the patriarch of this site and he always will be. Thank you Al for everything you have done for us. Maybe, some day, I too will be greeted by you with a hug that says more than the thousands of words I would want to say, but couldn’t. The window you received is just a small token of how we, out here, feel about you and your contribution to our community. We couldn’t have don (or become) this without you. The hearts and thoughts of tens of thousands of us are with you. Thank you for being there when we needed you.

    • jcruise86

      I second that last paragraph! 🙂

  • mondo

    I think the Tron Light Cycles should have some kind of a showroom building either at the Innoventions location or elsewhere. It would be a let down if the Light cycle does not enter the Grid where it can look like the movie. Going out in TL won’t work as well because the Grid was dark and had no sunlight and the lights won’t have the same effect/appearance. At night would be the best and the whole TL could look like the Grid. Entering the Grid exactly how it appears in the movie should be the priority and reusing the track route secondary. I wish the Light Cycle would replace Innoventions and the track reused for a PM type ride. IMO

    What are the designs for the “cohesive and relevant “futuristic” environment” ? Will it be Tron theme so the Light Cycle can fit better? But Star Tour, Space Mt , Blab, etc wouldn’t because they don’t have the same look. Will it be a Space theme? But then Tron Light Cycles wouldn’t fit.

    Whatever they do, it better make up for the ’98 redo.

  • davidrusk

    I didn’t know Al had Parkinson’s until I listened to the podcast at the end of the post. My step mom had that. Apparently only outstanding people get it. Dusty, I have so much respect for you for what you’ve done for Al. You guys don’t know me and never will, but all the same you both touch my life in a good way.

    • LoveStallion

      They need to use Disqus for their commenting engine so that I can +1/Like your comment.

  • 4Apples4Disney

    I find it odd that Disney acknowledges the huge problems the overnight events were due to what? CROWDS! But yet there seems to be no balance between a jammed pack park on regular days and visitor satisfaction.

  • tonyrr1

    First off, prayers to Al…

    Secondly, a lot is being made of the difference in marketing approaches from the TDA crew to the WDW crew. What I’d be interested in learning about is why these two groups of marketers evolved their individual approaches to marketing their products / experiences. It also seems to me like someone in the Disney hierarchy thought that marketing could be put into a shared-services kind of model where marketing directives flow to both properties from one group. As a businessperson, I have to wonder what the person who made that decision was thinking because it’s so glaringly obvious there are materially different groups of consumers that frequent the two properties that makes it almost impossible to craft a single marketing message that speaks compellingly to both groups. You could do marketing as shared services, but you’d have to have sub-groups within that organization to craft appropriate messages and initiatives for each property separately. The place I see the single-message marketing mindset very clearly is in the merchandise offerings and placement within the parks. I’m an old-school Disneylander (started visiting in 1978), and I still have in my possession a buckskin leather drawstring pouch that I bought from a Native-American-themed store just up the walkway from the Country Bear Jamboree. I’ve kept it specifically because it was the only place I’d ever seen one of those for sale when I was a kid (it’s still in great shape btw). It really hit me how badly they’d lost their marketing way when I saw Haunted Mansion merchandise for sale in the store at the exit of Pirates of the Caribbean. I just couldn’t reconcile in my head why the heck they had done that.

    Sorry to ramble folks… One last comment which a few others have noted. I wish Disney would let their folks start to build lands or attractions that demonstrate some originality in terms of theme and/or subject matter. Everything has to be derived from some existing entertainment property these days. Cars Land is good stuff I’ll grant you, but there’s some bit of Walt’s soul missing from the place somehow… Maybe it’s just me…

  • DisneyIPresume

    In regards to the all nighter couldn’t TDA have spit off an email to TDO simply saying “no”?

    As for the Christmas parties — it’s not going to work. USH is free. Knotts is free. For Disney to think the locals are going to flock to a paid event they are in for a big surprise. Halloween is one thing. Christmas is something entirely different.

  • Disneylandfan85

    I won’t be going until hopefully late June, so I should be able to dodge a bullet here.

  • reoking

    I think that you meant to say Mickey and the Magical Map (which I happened to see at the CM preview yesterday. BTW, pretty cool integration of live stage and video.

  • Spongeocto4

    Thanks for the update

  • SiRocket

    so you are telling me that my Premium AP that went up $150 last year isn’t going to be good for christmas disneyland offerings?… I guess ill have to get my money back more often from “free” refills at pizza port, and food complaints at carthay… it’s only fair right? 😉

  • toonaspie

    I can’t tell you how upsetting this whole Monstropolis project is. I wish they had pitched this idea to WDW one more time were it is more needed and more fitting to theme. And with that in mind, the fact that WDW getting a Carsland without an E-ticket (currently) over a unique is already disappointing enough…even if we did get the coaster in the future, it will have been cloned over from DCA.

    Someone get me some contact information since this is the closest I can get to knocking some sense into the nutjobs running the US parks right now.

  • laurainwonderland

    I hate the Christmas party idea! That means they are going to close the park early and charge the same price on a Friday. I could care less about the parade and fireworks, I just want to go ride the rides until midnight. Now I have to pay and extra $60 to do that? I was planning on taking my daughter for her 28th birthday, but now I’m rethinking the trip. It’s a lot of money to pay for flights and hotels just to be kicked out of the park at 7pm.

    What if everyone started to post their opinions of this Christmas party nonsense on their Facebook page?

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  • parkduck

    If the hard ticketed event will mean that you can see the Christmas offerings without being crushed to death, then I’m all for it. If they oversell and crowd the party, then it will be pointless. I really don’t think that they are supposing that the locals will “flock to” these events, as someone previously suggested was their thinking; I wouldn’t be at all surprised if they were hoping that they wouldn’t. I know when I used to be a local passholder I tried to experience the Christmas offerings as many times as possible during their run; that was fun for me but perhaps it is more equitable this way. The locals that do go will most likely only go once, and then more people will get to see things once in an enjoyable fashion, rather than a miserably crowded one. Also I don’t see them as being too worried that this issue or the price hikes will cause some people not to renew their passes; again, they might see that as an upside. Vacationing visitors are becoming increasingly distressed by the crowded conditions and many of them are vowing “never again” after their most recent frustrating visit. As a current WDW CM, I will continue to visit no matter what they do, of course; nothing could make me quit Disneyland, but I have to say that the crowds there these days are a real bummer.