It’s been a few weeks since our last Magic Mountain update and while it may seem like progress has been slow for Full Throttle (it has) the ride is coming together. Elsewhere around the park, Grad Nights are back, Jet Stream is cleaner and some new merchandise has found its way into stores.

Full Throttle

Once the loop was topped off at Full Throttle early last month we thought we’d at least be seeing testing by now. But a ride with 3 launches (2 launch zones) takes a bit of time to get everything connected and functional.

As seen from the ride entry area, they still have quite a bit of work to do.
From the Sky Tower you can see an overview of the site
A closer look reveals the work done on the station and the launch area
They are also sealing up the wall that used to be the Log Jammer station
Concrete is being poured and it looks like a couple of planters. This is the area where the Looney Tunes stage used to be
Some work being done on the food/merchandise location as well


Up near Samurai Summit a new fence has been installed. As of now, it does not match the Superman area, hopefully either the blue or the black fence get’s painted to match.

And in an extreme case of “Painting yourself into a corner, the temporary fences are still on the other side of the new permanent fence.

More fencing has been installed between Gold Rusher and Full Throttle. Not sure why, as this is area has always been a “backstage” type area. I’m sure it’s for employee safety but I can’t imagine a scenario where an employee would be back here when the ride is operational. Maybe they are going to be opening up more of the area down by the entrance than previously thought?


Moving down to the tunnel, a new fence has been installed. This one has been painted black to match the area. There was no way the existing short fence was going to cut it with trains zipping through this area … twice.
A look inside the tunnel. There was a car for one of the trains here a few days ago but it appears to be gone now.
In a bit of VERY good news, apparently the entire fence leading up to Samurai Summit is being painted, as well as some of the older signs.
The landscaping that was done a few months ago is starting to grow in
Back at the front, about the only thing that’s been done at the station is the fencing.
Workers creating the wall on the old Log Jammer building
A peek at all of the electrical equipment
Soon this will all be sealed up
In Flags some new Full Throttle Merchandise is available for purchase

Full Throttle is progressing, but unfortunately we have no idea when the ride is going to open. At this point I think it’s safe to say that the earliest it would open would be around July 4th. We’ll keep you updated and you will know as soon as we do.

Grad Nights

Grad Nights are back at the park and it looks like the park is going for a party atmosphere. Since Grad Nights no longer seem to be a priority for Disneyland (at least since my Grad night 20 years ago) I think it’s great that Magic Mountain is picking up the slack and offering an alternative for students.

Stages and lights shows are set up around the park
As well as Grad Night Merchandise that wasn’t available last year.


Around The Park

Good news to report on Jet Stream, looks like the water has cleared up a bit since our last visit
Some other new Merchandise featuring Tatsu. I really like this shirt, too bad I’m not a huge fan of the ride
I also liked this retro looking shirt but unfortunately it makes it seem like Tatsu opened in 1971. Hopefully retro designs will show up for other rides but have the year that the ride opened, not the year the park opened.
Hurricane Harbor opens this weekend!!!
The Sky Tower also got a nice new spiel going up and down the elevator. I’ll try to remember to record it next time I’m at the park.
And finally, time is running out to visit the park on empty weekdays like this. Only about 2 weeks left until the majority of schools are out for the summer.

I apologize for not getting back to our series of “What was Here”, We’ll continue the series for our next update.

Lastly, only about 2 weeks left before I go “Coasting For Kids” at Knott’s Berry Farm for the AMAZING Give Kids The World. We’ve told you all about GKTW on MiceChat and they are one of our favorite charities. Please, if you can, even $1 will help to give these amazing kids an awesome vacation in Central Florida. You can find my donation page here. I appreciate it!!!