Hello, and welcome to Dateline Disney World, where we are getting ready to visit the Magic Kingdom for the 24 hour day! However, today’s update is dedicated to Epcot, where the bloom is finally off the rose. . . literally. Flower and Garden (or Garden and Wine) Festival has come to an end.

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Welcome to Epcot!




They used to have CM’s holding signs like these, but these signs are probably cheaper.

Entering the park, Flower and Garden is now over and removal of topiaries has begun. On the plus side, the regular entrance background music has returned.





Some work being done near the Leave a Legacy cemetery.


There are lots of these around now, this one blocks the path to where the Cars topiaries were.

Some parts of the festival are still here for now.



Over at the World Showcase Promenade, there are several small projects happening.




More Flower and Garden removal.



The Peter Pan displays are now gone.




These blockers are up in between France and Morocco.


The sign is up showcasing who will be playing the Sounds Like Summer concert series.


The smokehouse food booth, which was my favorite during F&G is removed. Some people thought it might stick around, but it did not.




This ODV cart with the donkey used to be towards the lagoon, but is now placed inside the Italy pavilion.


Via Napoli still offers delicious food at a great price for table service in the park.




These ones block where the little biergarten was outside Germany.


No more panda topiaries.



All the Oz stuff is blocked off as well.


The walls that were seemingly up forever to setup Fastpass+ at Nemo are down.


Character spot is still tarped up. It looks ugly now, but hopefully good work is going on behind the curtain.


Walls for the new Starbucks location now extend almost all the way to Club Cool.



Another visit to Epcot, another time seeing this booth not operational. Seems like kind of a waste.


Phineas and Ferb have also left this area, which will probably add a Mickey floral or something soon.


Pro tip: Ride Spaceship Earth around 2pm, never a line!



This shot glass set looks rather generic with the exception of the Figment glass, which looks pretty great.


Well, that wraps things up for this week’s column. Are you sad to see the Flower and Garden Festival go? What were your thoughts on the Food and Wine style booths which were added this year. Is it something you’d like to see return? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • michael darling

    It would be nice to see some of these topiaries make it over to the Magic Kingdom. Like the sea serpent on the lawn of Cinderella’s Castle. Even if they were outside the park, along the monorail route. Especially that tick-tock crocodile one…….it was fantastic looking.

    Great pics!

  • tofubeast

    While I didn’t see any of the special seminars, I enjoyed the Flower festival. It adds so much to the beauty of EPCOT. I especially enjoyed the pineapple booth with the adult versions of the Dole Whip. YUM. Hope those come back for Food & Wine!

  • Personally, I loved the food booths at the festival this year. I realize they weren’t as crowded as at Food and Wine, but this was only the first year. I hope they give them a second chance.

    • Malin

      I hope so to, Disney need to realise that the majority of its Guests to Orlando are tourist. Who plan out vacations months in advance. The Food and Wine Festival crowd who are the new target audience have likely already planned Oct trips for F & W so were unaware of the Food Booths. Even if it doesn’t take off like F & W I still hope Disney keeps the booths. It might offer an alternative to F & W Festival with less crowds.

  • Big D

    This has to be a no-brainer for Disney. They make more money with the food & wine booths and more choices for the guests is always a good thing, especially with how difficult it can be to get a dining reservation at one of the world showcase restaurants. This really is a win-win for everybody. So I assume that means we’ll never see them again.

    • Except that the booths were not busy. So, either they were poorly marketed to guests or they were not popular with guests. Which leaves the whole question of the booths up in the air for next year’s event.

  • danyoung

    I have a theory on the food booths. They weren’t announced till about 2 months out from the start of the Festival. So most folks already had their dining plans booked, and didn’t have room for this addition. I enjoy the food booths so much that I ended up canceling a dining rez at the Hacienda de San Angel, just to make room for a tasty meal around the World Showcase Lagoon. I’m betting that they’ll not only promote the fire out of these booths for next year, but now that people know that this option exists they’ll be much more popular next year.