Most Yesterland articles are about things that are gone—but not today. We’ll look at a very popular attraction that’s been “cloned” for three parks, but has been “packaged” differently at each location. Let’s compare how they look. Which do you like best?

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  • eicarr

    If mr potato head faced the line at DCA that would help. It’s line is so long and boring I rarley go on that midway game ride on the boardwalk.

    • danielz6

      Mr Potato head is the boardwalk Barker for the attraction, who’s job is to entice people to come and see the attraction being offered. I agree with you TSM cue is painfully boring, but thematically it makes perfect sense to have Mr potato head at the cue entrance.

  • danielz6

    As usual Tokyo dsneysea out shines everyone else! What gorgeous themeing!

    • evergreen

      I agree!

  • 9oldmen

    I like the reference to “Tin Toy” at the TDS version. The “Toy Box Playhouse” sign features “Tinny”, the One Man Band” toy from that 1988 short film. That’s something that not everyone is going to notice.

  • jcruise86

    THANK YOU, WERNER! Tokyo Disneyland/Disney Sea make me dislike the size of the Pacific.

  • indianajack

    You should have shown the queue and loading dock for TSM in Tokyo, it’s beyond awesome.

  • indianajack

    You should have shown the queue and loading deck for TSM in Tokyo, it’s beyond awesome.

  • Big D

    Wow, I’d never seen a picture of the DisneySea version. That giant Woody head creeps me out! Why is Woody eating us as we walk into the ride? I’ve been on the WDW version once and the DCA version once, and I was vaguely aware that the lines were different, but I had a fastpass for WDW so I didn’t spend much time and didn’t see the great theming. I can’t believe that it’s been 5 years already and the lines at both DCA and WDW are still always over an hour long. I thought it would die down after a few years, but I guess they’re just that popular.

    • Werner Weiss

      The giant Woody head and mouth are based on historical cases of giant heads at old amusement parks (including much creepier heads). Also, consider the open alligator mouth at Gatorland in Orlando and the clown head at the bottom of the Keister Coaster at Disney’s BoardWalk Resort (which some people also find creepy).

      I remember reading a comment expressing relief that the exit from Toy Story Mania at Tokyo DisneySea does involve a giant representation of how food exits from the body.

      The continuing popularity of Toy Story Midway Mania is a testament to how repeatable the ride is.

      • Big D

        I’ve stayed at the Boardwalk and I did think the clown head was a little creepy, but for some reason it feels worse going into a giant heads mouth then coming out of it.

  • ChrisNJ

    Great article. I like the interior of the WDW TS and the exterior of the Tokyo TS. The worst queue award goes to CA – sorry.

    I visited Tokyo a few months back and got to experience Toyville Trolley Park – it is beautiful and even more magical at night. The large Woody face is odd by modern standards but was very common for the time period it is set in. Also anyone interested in amusement park architecture should research Luna Park. Now that is a place I wish I could visit but it was before my time.

    Thanks Werner for keeping the past present for us.

  • StevenW

    I love the outside of Tokyo DisneySea’s version. Florida’s version is rather blah since there’s no attempt at a place and time. DCA’s version is a little more difficult to place. Is it a seaside pier (I presume) or a kid’s play house. Maybe both.

  • JiminyCricketFan

    It just shows how the Japanese always outshine in quality. Both the Disneyland and WDW version are flawed in their execution. The Disneyland ride should have and an indoor queue and some more entertaining elements for those who wait. It should also have made an attempt, at least, to create a story. Instead, it is just a ride with a potato outside. The WDW version lacks any magic on the outside. It does not really provide the charm that the Tokyo version does. The Tokyo version is a version Walt would have been proud of.

  • Skimbob

    I have been to both DCA and HS’s versions and I have to say HS’s is much better. The California version takes forever to get on. We have waited over two hours at times and we have had to bail because of dining reservations more than once. The HS version is well themed and my longest wait has only been an hour.