It’s every little girl’s dream: being a princess for a day. In 2006, Disney introduced a service to help guests achieve this. Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, described by the company as “a magical beauty salon where any little girl can make her dream of becoming a princess come true.”


The service is not cheap, however. The least-expensive package at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom will run you about $55.  The castle package, which includes a full costume, costs about $190.


Not only is a full costume expensive, but the dresses, made of synthetic material, are not exactly the most comfortable thing for girls to be wearing around the theme parks all day.With average temperatures in Orlando sitting at 90 degrees or above in the summer months, having an outfit that will breathe is the best way to keep cool.

There are a few options to give your princess a beautiful dress, but still keep her comfortable. Not only will they save you money, but they will also make the day a lot easier.

1. Make it yourself


Not everyone will have the sewing skills to do this, but it is a cheap option and will allow you to customize the dress. Get your daughter involved. Let her pick out some jeweled buttons or ribbons to include on the dress.

A blogger makes dresses for her daughter and nieces, to great success.

2. Shop sites like Etsy


One affordable, and cute option that I’ve found on Etsy is LittlePrincesses. This woman makes cotton dresses for many of the princesses. Some of the dresses include tulle as well, making them look more like a dress you might buy from Disney.

3. Just go for a skirt

This tutu was found at the Disney Outlet store in the Orlando Premium Outlets for $16.99.

Tutus have become very popular for little girls in the last few years, so they are easy to find. Have your daughter wear cotton shorts and a t-shirt and put the tutu on over. Then if they get tired of the tutu, they will be able to take it off and you can put it back on for any pictures you might want to take.

4. Bedazzle your shoes:

Princess shoes are great for playing dress-up, but not too practical for walking around. My suggestions: find some sparkly flats, or even better use an old pair of sneakers to spray paint with metallic paint and glitter. These options will provide more comfort, while also showing some sparkles.

While dressing your daughter as a princess from head to toe can be adorable, you might just find that princess-esque is close enough and won’t break the bank. I’d love to hear your tips for princess practicality in the comments below.

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  • DannyeF

    We always had our girls wear a cotton t-shirt and cotton shorts under the dresses so that they could take the costume off. The problem was stuffing the dresses into a backpack or something–we usually ended up wearing them in the morning, and then not putting them back on after lunch/swim at the hotel. Love the Disney dresses, but a more comfortable, homemade dress would also be awesome! Just watch any long skirt on rides–make sure it doesn’t get caught on anything.
    Other issues were comfortable-enough shoes–we made our girls wear tennies, but put sparkly shoelaces in–and lots of sunscreen, because good luck getting them to wear a hat with those dresses, since none of the princesses do! 🙂
    My girls are older now, but oh, how I loved the princess days…

  • ChrisNJ

    Disney should offer a Princess Freshen Up service where halfway through a hot/rainy day they fix up the little princesses who have become a bit undone by the weather. Admit it – you have seen them. ha!

  • PatMcDuck

    Many guests also buy a costume at a local Disneystore and bring it with them to the BBB. The store dresses are less expensive. The Disneystores also have princess tutus and accessories, some even on clearance. In the Florida summer heat, Tinker Bell is a good option!