In the United States, Paramount theme parks suffered lackluster performance and multiple changes of ownership. Paramount Parks Europe, however, has lofty plans to build two theme parks in the next few years. In back-to-back announcements, the company revealed plans to build a theme park in Spain and one in the United Kingdom. As only he can do, Alain Littaye, of the Disney and more blog, takes us on a visit to the new Spanish park via artwork and renderings. ~~Rick

A new theme park is slated to open in Europe from entertainment company Paramount Parks Europe. You may have recently heard the announcement of a Paramount Park coming to London, but this project will be located in Alhama de Murcia, Spain. Although the project was proposed some time ago, it took time to get the green light from the local authorities. On May 9th, a special session of Alhama de Murcia’s city council formally approved the plan. This action was the final one before the project earned full planning permission and construction of the park can start shortly.

As a matter of fact, this Paramount park is part of an even bigger project which include the construction of another area called Lifestyle Center which will include condos and office buildings, leisure gardens, seven 3 or 4 star hotels and one 5 star hotel including a casino, malls, dining and night life areas, business and convention center, an auditorium and exhibition hall for cultural events, etc.

The whole project is a pretty big one, but this two part report will concentrate on what interests us the most – the theme park itself – as it will include shows and rides, many from famous licensed movies. Let’s start with the park’s map which reveals that the park will include five lands.



Here’s a photo of the park’s model. Note the Paramount park entrance located at the bottom right. It certainly will not be as big as Disneyland Paris Magic Kingdom. My feeling is that it is similar in size, if not a little bigger, than Universal Studios park in Singapore, which also has lands placed around a center lake.


In the grand Disney and more tradition, I have artwork for each ride and attraction!

The first rendering below shows the entrance of the park with guests walking through the legendary Paramount gate.


Next, they will enter Paseo Paramount, a dining and retail spine that will run through the park…



The key entertainment offering will be “Paramount Live!” a musical revue that will celebrate Paramount’s greatest movie musicals in a live stage spectacular.



“Adventure City” will be the next land on the left – here’s a rendering of the main street.


In Adventure City, guests will find what should be a big E-Ticket ride, “Mission Impossible 4D”. The 4D virtual attraction will mix the best scenes of the movies and its most stunning special effects, including a similar set as the one appearing in Tom Cruise movies.

You can expect a ride using a similar technology as Universal’s Spiderman or Transformers ride – even the ride vehicle looks the same – with a mix of 3D movies on giant screens and additional “real” show effects! Below, the pre show and show artworks.







Adventure City guests will also experience “Titanic, the Exhibition”. The unforgettable century-old story of the Titanic will be told through artifacts, displays and special media. This will obviously be a walk-through attraction. I’ve seen the Titanic exhibition which is on tour around the world and it is quite good. I expect the one in the park to be much better considering the sets won’t have to be designed to be moved from place to place like those of the touring exhibit.





Also in Adventure City guests will find “Greased Lightning”, an attraction where cars will have a leading role. Classic bumpers cars are updated in this funny entertainment for all ages, without losing the essence of the famous musical movie.


In Adventure City’s Osteria Corleone restaurant, inspired by the Godfather movies, visitors will experience first hand what restaurants operated by Italian immigrants in the U.S looked like during the 1940’s.

Moving on to the next land, we enter Rango’s West. This one seems to be the “Frontierland” of the park, but a humorous one: “The Far-West will be the main character of this world within the Paramount park with a combination of performances, shops, rides and restaurants”.





Rango the sheriff will be the main character in “How the West Was Sung”, an attraction in which visitors will help the character to restore order in the city. The 4D scenes will bring guests into a world filled with legendary characters from the Paramount western movies. This attraction appears to be a 4D theater movie and I have the feeling that the film might be inspired by the concept of DLP WDS Cinemagique attraction in which a character has been digitally included in real movie clips…




On Rango’s Raging Rapids, guests will embark on a wet and wild raft ride and will have to avoid obstacles along the way unless they want to be completely wet at the end!




The Spirit of the West Mine Coaster will be Rango’s West’s roller coaster “traveling around various landscapes at a locomotive speed”.


Rango’s West will also feature a shooting gallery and near the Spirit of the West Mine coaster there will be a play area “where all the themed elements are delightfully larger than life”. Imgaine a “Western Toy Story Land” and you should be close to what this play area will be.


Our artwork visit of Paramount Park Murcia is not finished yet. There are many more lands yet to see, including what will be the Paramount Park Murcia equivalent of Fantasyland and Tomorrowland. Watch for part two of this preview report tomorrow.

All artwork and pictures: copyright Paramount Parks and Pictures

  • I look forward to part 2 tomorrow. While this looks like a good park for locals and probably not a Disney quality park overall, I fear that it might still have just a bit too much impact on Disneyland Paris, if only because the larger project might really become a regional draw. The climate makes this a tempting vacation destination spot for Europeans. If this park and the surrounding “Lifestyle Center” which includes at least one casino are designed correctly, they could really hurt the struggling Disneyland Paris – even if they don’t really compete with the quality of the Disneyland Paris Resort itself.

    Can’t wait to see the rest of the park and Alain’s thoughts tomorrow.

  • ma4jpb

    Just to be a pedantic peon – the ‘Paramount Gate’ is actually called the ‘Bronson Gate’.

  • Tielo

    You are spot on Dusty, lots of northern Europeans go on vacation in Spain each summer because of the weather. If they get bored of the beaches and disco’s they probably go to this entertainment venue.
    For Paris, what was Disney thinking? Most people visiting Paris are going there on a romantic weekend break. Even if they go longer the city has so much to offer. The city is really beautiful, even when the weather is not. Why would they choose to go to a copy of an American theme park when the weather is horrible and you could climb the Eiffel tower?
    When I was there I couldn’t even see the drab pink castle trough the fog. I love going to WDW in Florida, it fits the culture and the bright colors with the hot weather. And the movie studio was just a rip off.
    Can’t wait for Paramount’s park in the UK. Lets see how they are going to deal with the weather.

  • JiminyCricketFan

    Certainly Paramount seems much smarter than Disney was in selecting a location. The possibility of a true year round park is much more likely because of the great location of Spain. I also say that the attractions are lacking. It does not feel like a park that a child would love. Oh, there are a few attractions, but there is so much concentration of reproducing Paramount movies that they forgot the attraction for a child. I doubt that kids will be drawn to a space in the theme from the Godfather. So in the end, the location is great but the themes and attractions seem to be lacking.

    • LoveStallion

      “Great location in Spain”? Other than nice, quasi-desert weather in that part of the Murcia region, there’s nothing that great about the location. It’s too far removed from the main tourist areas. It’s not even that close to the moderate population centers of Murcia and Cartagena. It’s the Spanish equivalent of building a park in Elko, NV.

  • Bill

    Kids love Star Trek.

  • composerboy

    Cool! I worked on a lot of this early last year. I don’t think it will have any negative impact on DLP. If anything, it will start a European arms race for theme park destination dominance like Florida.

  • LoveStallion

    I used to live in the genera area of Alhama de Murcia. Interesting choice for a park. I’m sure they want to capitalize on Costa del Sol tourists, but it’s also far enough away that I can’t imagine many stray tourists winding up there (like at Terria Mitica or Port Aventura).

  • DobbysCloset

    Unless European pop culture is significantly different than mine in the Pacific Northwestern United States, I see no branding that would attract me to generic theme park offerings. That means that the attractions would have to stand up on their own, like Six Flags. No Magic.

    Spain sounds nice. If Paris is romantic, why isn’t Disneyland Castle in France the ultimate honeymoon destination? The climate?

    • LoveStallion

      When Disney was weighing a European project, they very nearly built the park in Catalonia, but wound up opting for Paris. Busch and Universal then went forward with Port Aventura, outside of Tarragona.

      Yeah, it snows at DLP, which really is kinda awesome.

  • QPerth

    Can’t say that when we visit Europe well be going out of our way to visit this Paramount Park.
    For us Paris is a wonderful and perfect location to visit a Disneyland while in Europe. Central, super easy to get to via rail and almost anywhere we’ve travelled from and well worth travelling to, and personally I enjoyed the below 5’C days we had there in February. It was wonderful and cold, we were rugged up in our gloves, and thick jackets, and then hats when needed and it was terrific! A great escape from the brutal Australian, Perth summer. We stayed at DLP for 5 nights, and never left the resort once! (We had visited Paris a few years earlier).

  • Eric Davis

    I am cautiously optimistic about how this will turn out.

  • toonaspie

    Maybe they could do a Titanic stage show based on the movie and a restaraunt that puts you inside the Titanic First Class dining hall. It would give the attraction a lot more spark than just a walkthrough attraction.