We were up bright and early this morning, May 25th, for the opening of three new family attractions at Knotts Berry Farm. More thrills will come next week, as Knott’s reopens the classic Timber Mountain Log Ride after a multi-million dollar reimagining of the the attraction which has added dozens of brand new human and animal animatronics.

Perilous Plunge, the previous attraction on the bay, has been replaced with two new family spinner attractions and a Mad Mouse coaster. The Perilous Plunge lagoon has been preserved with the two flat rides being placed on platforms in the middle of the bay, ringed by gardens. The colors and signage is all 1950’s themed and helps create a real sense of place. Quite the lovely and blue oasis. Something this little corner of Knott’s really needed.

Coast Rider

IMG_2588 IMG_2589 IMG_2595

The perfect family style Mad Mouse coaster.  At 52 feet tall, you’ll get a great view of the new Boardwalk Pier area. 1,339 feet of track filled with hairpin turns, twists and spins await you. Though the ride is the same layout as the coaster at Legoland California and very similar to the Goofy Sky School coaster at Disney California Adventure, it is a welcome addition and you’ll find that it is quite smooth and not at all as painful to ride as its Disney cousin.

A sharp turn to the left and up the lift hill you go!
The load, unload platform is super super tiny.
Weird thing about unload; There has to be two cars in place before both can disembark from the coaster.
Dustysage takes a ride on the Coast Glider.

Surfside Gliders


This cute looking little ride was quite the surprise. We didn’t expect the twisty thrill it would give. You literally pilot your own Surfside Glider through the use of a front rudder. You can choose to make your vehicle swing wildly or stay hands off for a more tame ride. But, be warned, this is a VERY low capacity and slow loading attraction.


You can REALLY catch some air on these things!




Pacific Scrambler


Who doesn’t love a classic Scrambler ride? One ride and you’ll be grinning from ear to ear. This attraction brings back so many memories from my childhood. They’ve given the ride a fun paint job and it fits the new area perfectly. Looking forward to giving this one a spin again soon.


Timber Mountain Log Ride

We’ll be back later this week with coverage of the reopening of perhaps the most famous Log Ride ever built. The attraction keeps the overall look and feel that you know and love but has been completely reengineered with fresh new sets, special effects and dozens of brand new animatronics from the wizards at Garner Holt Productions.


The new trees look GREAT!


Is that an exterior Animatronic?


At the moment, you can hear saws and equipment behind the construction walls as they race to make their Thursday reopening deadline.

Check back with us at the end of the week for photos and our full review.