We were up bright and early this morning, May 25th, for the opening of three new family attractions at Knotts Berry Farm. More thrills will come next week, as Knott’s reopens the classic Timber Mountain Log Ride after a multi-million dollar reimagining of the the attraction which has added dozens of brand new human and animal animatronics.

Perilous Plunge, the previous attraction on the bay, has been replaced with two new family spinner attractions and a Mad Mouse coaster. The Perilous Plunge lagoon has been preserved with the two flat rides being placed on platforms in the middle of the bay, ringed by gardens. The colors and signage is all 1950’s themed and helps create a real sense of place. Quite the lovely and blue oasis. Something this little corner of Knott’s really needed.

Coast Rider

IMG_2588 IMG_2589 IMG_2595

The perfect family style Mad Mouse coaster.  At 52 feet tall, you’ll get a great view of the new Boardwalk Pier area. 1,339 feet of track filled with hairpin turns, twists and spins await you. Though the ride is the same layout as the coaster at Legoland California and very similar to the Goofy Sky School coaster at Disney California Adventure, it is a welcome addition and you’ll find that it is quite smooth and not at all as painful to ride as its Disney cousin.

A sharp turn to the left and up the lift hill you go!
The load, unload platform is super super tiny.
Weird thing about unload; There has to be two cars in place before both can disembark from the coaster.
Dustysage takes a ride on the Coast Glider.

Surfside Gliders


This cute looking little ride was quite the surprise. We didn’t expect the twisty thrill it would give. You literally pilot your own Surfside Glider through the use of a front rudder. You can choose to make your vehicle swing wildly or stay hands off for a more tame ride. But, be warned, this is a VERY low capacity and slow loading attraction.


You can REALLY catch some air on these things!




Pacific Scrambler


Who doesn’t love a classic Scrambler ride? One ride and you’ll be grinning from ear to ear. This attraction brings back so many memories from my childhood. They’ve given the ride a fun paint job and it fits the new area perfectly. Looking forward to giving this one a spin again soon.


Timber Mountain Log Ride

We’ll be back later this week with coverage of the reopening of perhaps the most famous Log Ride ever built. The attraction keeps the overall look and feel that you know and love but has been completely reengineered with fresh new sets, special effects and dozens of brand new animatronics from the wizards at Garner Holt Productions.


The new trees look GREAT!


Is that an exterior Animatronic?


At the moment, you can hear saws and equipment behind the construction walls as they race to make their Thursday reopening deadline.

Check back with us at the end of the week for photos and our full review.




  • Disney Vault

    Just think it funny how some people think their boardwalk is better than paradise pier. And when Disney was adding fake trees to mountains in Carsland people were saying how they didn’t look good. But the obvious fake trees at Knotts “look Great.”

    • brandond6

      I agree with you there! But I mean for Knott’s/Cedar Fair standards the new boardwalk sure looks nice and I definitely am excited with the amount of love the Log Ride is receiving!

    • Knott’s isn’t Disney and doesn’t charge Disney prices either. For Knott’s, this is a huge step in the right direction.

      • Malin

        I wouldn’t say its a huge step in the right direction. Its still taking out one slow moving ride and replacing it with three new ones. Knotts needs to do much more to turn around public opinion. Also when MiceChat is running Knotts related articles next to Disney and Universal and campaigning for us to visit and buy Season Passes its going to be viewed in comparison to what Disney offers. Especially since these three new rides are catered towards the family market. I think we’ll wait and see what the Log Ride brings next week before giving Knotts any additional praise. But for me I visited last Summer and was ready to leave after a few hours. Nothing being done to the park is going to have me rushing back anytime soon. Sorry I’m just not inspired by the changes and need to see more!

        One positive note I do want to mention is that I am impressed this area seems to have provided more foliage. That’s a nice decision and something SeaWorld failed to do last Summer with Manta.

  • Jim1013

    This refreshed section looks fantastic for a park with Cedar Fair’s budget. The $5 million log ride refurbishment looks amazing, so glad to see the heart of Knott’s getting the attention it deserves.

  • SpectroMan

    Thanks, as always for the excellent Knott’s coverage. While these three rides aren’t exactly top picks for a 40 year old, I welcome the changes with open arms and am thrilled that Perilous is gone.

    It’s interesting reading some of the hateful comments on Knott’s FB page – all from those about 16-22 years old – exactly the element Knott’s was probably trying to eliminate. Three cheers for that.

    • Jim1013

      Well said, that’s the point – those people can go to Magic Mountain and act like that. Knott’s was/is a family park. Cedar Fair mismanaged the park until Raffi and Matt Ouimet took over and they are returning the park to its roots. It will never be Disneyland, that’s what makes it unique.

  • scarymouse

    Now open a new Dark ride or three and and a wave of wand , and magically huge crowds may appear 😉

  • mratigan

    The expansion is amazing! I love Coast Rider so much. I think they will need to add some shade coverings to the queues soon. Thanks for the great pictures!!!

  • jcruise86

    THANKS for the update! I’m looking forward to the Log Ride report and (hopefully) a cool dark ride in 2015. Maybe they should check out the haunted house at the Santa Fe boardwalk park and make the world’s best cheesy haunted house, maybe with a western theme. Or the worlds best fun house–possibly a ride through one with fun stuff as you wait in line so that the line itself is part of the attraction.

    Here’s a link to a thread with some tips for enjoying Knott’s. Regular Micechatters have seen it before, but I keep reposting it hoping that it will help another person:

  • JesterMn

    I’m surprised that you’re surprised at how fun the Flyers are. While they are relatively new and semi-rare on the West coast, the mid-West and East coast has known about them for years, and many people are quite experienced at “snapping the cables” for that extra whip. In any case, we are the last to get the news about this fun little ride, I assure you.

    My only question… are they still using the inane foot release switch for the restraints on the Scrambler? They seem so unnecessary, and hugely slow down the unload process.

  • eicarr

    Some of those trees do look better than on radiator springs racers. The anticipation for the log ride is killing me.

    The 50’s/60’s boardwalk is a much better fit than at DCA. I even love the signs.

  • Cuddles McHenry

    Nice pics, thanks for the report. Im glad to see the work Knott’s is putting into the park, and it cannot be judged by what Disney does or doesn’t do. Ive been wanting to visit Knott’s lately, seems like its a good time to go!

  • Rex Dopey24

    this is awesome. love the pictures. it sure is improving a lot and im glad to hear.

  • jjw69

    I love how people compare Disney to knotts. They are two completely different parks with different themes & different attractions!!

  • LoveStallion

    Oh joy. A wild mouse. I would have been happier with a resurrected Soap Box Racers.

  • Rex Dopey24

    i think knotts will have a greater summer next year too.

  • Terrytiger

    I can’t wait to ride Surtfside Gliders. It’s nice to see it return to So Cal. That was one of my favorite rides as a kid in the 1960s at the LA County Fair (when they used to have the permanent rides).

    • glowman

      Castle Park in Riverside originally built and operated by Bud Hurlbut (who built the Mine and Log Rides at Knott’s) also has a ride like Surfside Gliders only themed to Dragons. Of course it is a small version of the original Flying Scooters that were larger and allowed you to steer them as high as you wanted to go. It’s still fun though, but as pointed out, it will have a low capacity due to its slow loading and unloading.

  • lynxwiler

    Personally, I will judge Disney by Disney’s standards and Knott’s by Knott’s standards. That’s why DCA was such a huge disappointment to every Disney fan when it opened as it wasn’t on par with what we expect from Disney.

    The Log Ride rehab and the Boardwalk redesign at Knott’s are a huge step in the right direction by Knott’s standards. The unfortunate-and-unthemed Perilous Plunge area and the beloved-but-dusty Log Ride have been completely revamped in an unprecedented move never before seen at Knott’s. This is a very positive step in the right direction and I for one am jumping for joy. I should also add it’s more than a positive step – it’s one of many steps toward a family-freindly Knott’s Berry Farm that we fans haven’t seen in a while.

    With menu upgrades across the park, flower beds blooming everywhere, and newly built neon signs glowing into summer, it’s an incredible sight to see.

  • explodingboy

    I agree with Dusty and lynxwiler. Huge step in the right direction for Knott’s. It was a bold move for them to not put a huge roller coaster in, and instead put three small family based attractions. The scrambler is a nice throwback to Whirlpool (without the awesome theming of course).

    I’m excited for Knott’s!

  • Phillydawg

    I just remember performing for the opening of this area originally as the Airfield and Roaring 20’s section. Now they’re trying to copy Disney’s DCA eh? My how things devolve, heh.

    • mark

      Ironic, isn’t it?

    • DarthSavage

      Well, technically Knott’s converted the Roaring 20’s area into the Boardwalk in 1997-98, while DCA opened in 2001.

  • KENfromOC

    WOW! Knott’s has 3…count them 3 carney-fair rides from my past! Those Gliders—Wowie-Zowie! How did they get those? Oh, I bet those guys on “American Pickers” found them at some abandon amusement park somewhere in Arkansas! Neat!

    You think they would have learned from DCA 1.0! Well, it’s true they are spiffier than the OC Fair (and we know Knott’s food is better), but this is a step backward. Cedar Fair LLC — Cedar Fair LOSER LOSER COUSINS!

    • DarthSavage

      I never understood why people try to compare Disney to Knott’s. They are two totally different types of parks with much different budgets to work with. You have to enjoy Disneyland/DCA for what it is, and Knott’s for what it is. BTW, Knott’s (admission cost) is much more affordable than Disney for what you get.

      • KENfromOC

        Knott’s is fun and less expensive (and overall great food). But let’s not forget that Knott’s had a legacy and a charm in which a lot has been destroyed by Cedar Fair. Sure, DCA had it’s problems, but remember it’s only a dozen-years old with no legacy back to Walt. Disneyland for the most part has certainly been true to it’s heritage. Sure, some changes have met with different opinions (such as Fantasy Faire replacing the Plaza Gardens), but overall the attractions have been first rate.
        Knott’s, like Disneyland, traces back directly to it’s creator and so, in my opinion, that standard should be kept. It unfortunately has turned into a teen-ager seeking park, much like Six Flags, attracting a not-always good crown environment with un-related attractions crossing over each other resulting in a mish-mash of sight lines like an un-planned urban area!