Hello, and welcome to Dateline Disney World! This week, we’re taking a look at the movement of lots of projects going in at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World! Let’s go!

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Welcome to the Magic Kingdom!!


Last week, I was able to attend the park for the first hour of the 24 hour day, with my main goal being that of capturing sunrise photos, so I figured before we got into the news for the week, I would share some of the photos I was able to take.






It was pretty amazing to see that park in that light, and I was glad to take home a few keepers from it. Now into the park!



It was rainy this week, so characters were meeting under cover, creating some chaos.

Down towards the end of Main Street, lots of signage has changed for the inclusion of Starbucks to the Main Street Bakery.






Some folks have complained about Starbucks going in, and the change in signs and theme, but I really don’t see it. The work already visible is done in a very classy manner, and the coffee that is coming is better than the park has ever had. On to Adventureland.



Nothing new to see with these refurbishments.


The new Pirate Adventure game has its signage revealed and guests have been playing pretty much all day now.





Interesting that there is a standby entrance sign. Would something like this ever have Fastpass+? Would it be necessary?


I love seeing the live park entertainment out and about.


The Liberty Bell is back out from refreshing and looks nice and clean.


These walls are new.

Over at Columbia Harbor House, some of the scrims have come down, but not all of them.





The new, all green overhang is now completed at the Haunted Mansion.


This is what the exterior of the new Princess meet and greet in Fantasyland looks like. From speaking with some friends who have been inside, expect this to be highly detailed, which may be why it is taking so long to get done. Either way, it doesn’t terribly excite me, seeing as we lost a dark ride for a meet and greet.

Lots of movement has also happened at the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.




Along the backside, I made a large mistake in my assumptions, and it is now clear that the back half of the mountain will not be Snow White themed, only the front. The back half will be Prince Eric’s village, and I’ve been told it will have a fruit stand, which should be nice.




New tree!


Same lighting fixtures as outside of the Mermaid attraction.



Skeleton for the likely fruit stand.




Same roofing type as the Mermaid ride as well.



I didn’t think it was possible for more steel to be added to this exterior, but it is happening.







The Mad Tea Party is open once again.




This little circle was roped off. I had heard rumors of a tea cup going there as a photo op, so stay tuned to see what happens with it.

This was captured earlier in the week, but these kids were climbing all the way to the top of the Casey Jr. train that has a gate on it for some reason.



Parents were there, paying attention and egging their kids up there and taking photos of them. This tells me a few things. First, it means the gate that they put up to stop this type of behavior and prevent injuries is useless. Secondly, this shows that the Cast Members in the area are not actively paying attention to the situation, as something like this could become an instant liability for the company if any child were to fall and get hurt. And lastly, it makes me sad to know that even if that ugly gate has to be there, that some guests simply act like the rules don’t apply to them and completely disregard what is right in front of their faces.

On a more happy note though, the Main Street Philharmonic was performing in Storybook Circus this week, which I found to be fun and appropriate!


Well, that’s going to wrap things up for this week’s column. Do you like the new signs for the Main Street Bakery featuring Starbucks? Let us know in the comments!!

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