It’s 2001. You’re walking around the lagoon at Paradise Pier to experience “the ultimate beachfront amusement zone, filled with thrilling attractions and vibrant graphics associated with the heyday of the great seaside amusement park piers.”

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  • Joshnyah

    Great work Werner, its a blast from the past going thru all the changes the billboards have gone thru again and again. The years are flying past us. Thank goodness for yesterland and miceChat.

  • Timekeeper

    Miss the old billboards, like the new ones, with the backdrop (but is there any other way for those parade float buildings to be designed for that period?) But that’s a minor pet-peeve.


  • DobbysCloset

    Beautiful example of how Disney is never “finished.” I barely remember the dying days of Pacific Ocean Park and Newpike, the seaside resorts in the Los Angeles area that Walt would NOT have enjoyed visiting, and so always wondered why, post-Walt, Disney wanted to replicate them. Taking CA back to the 1920’s makes sense to me. Those were innocent times and the beginning of amusement parks as social scenes for — gasp — unchaperoned dating! Though we could use a “Tunnel of Love” dark ride for smooching couples…