The summer of 2013 is turning into a banner year for Orlando. From SeaWorld’s Antarctica, to Universal’s Transformers and Springfield, and even Disney’s Tangled Toilets, Orlando has created an aura of anticipation and excitement for guests traveling to Central Florida.

It is in this climate that Orlando Fun Spot, once a small side attraction intended to entertain tweens and teens after the other parks close, has thrown its hat into the ring with the new Orlando mantra “Go big or go home!”  And with the addition of 2 major roller coasters, they delivered (If you don’t believe me, watch the ride video at the end of the article).

Back in 2010, Fun Spot purchased an additional 10 acres of land, tripling its size, with plans to expand its offerings.  When the expansion was announced, many, including myself, scoffed at the idea of a larger Fun Spot being anything more than a short diversion when major players are competing for your precious time and money.

On June 8th, guests will have their first chance to judge for themselves if Fun Spot has become less “spot” and more “Fun” during the huge Grand Re-opening.  Today we are going to bring you a preview of this new expansion, so you can see just how different this new Fun Spot is.

New Entrance
Right off the bat, when you come to Fun Spot you will notice that the new entrance is bright, beautiful, and sports an art deco style.  It is a far cry from the previous steel building.  While admission is free to Fun Spot, you will need an armband to ride any of the attractions.  The new ticket windows make it very clear where to go, and what you need to get.  As you enter, there is a giant map and colorful lighting that help set the tone for your experience.








Entrance Plaza and New Restaurant
Through the entrance, you are greeted with a huge plaza area that feels a bit like a European Amusement Park of old, with wide stone paths and flat rides on the perimeter, allowing you to easily decide which attraction you want to visit next.




Fun Spot has also built a new quick service restaurant that will be serving guests an improved menu in a drastically improved facility.




Sky Coaster
The first visible sign of Fun Spot’s expansion you can see for miles around. Standing at 250 feet is Fun Spot’s brand new Sky Coaster. Purchased from the MGM-Grand in Las Vegas, its light green glow at night hints at its place of origin. But don’t let that light green color fool you, this ride is not for the faint of heart, but for those seeking a pure adrenaline rush!














Freedom Flyer
Bringing big thrills to a family audience is Fun Spot’s Vekoma family suspended rollercoaster.  With a top over 6 stories high, some great turns, and “close calls,” this suspended coaster has thrills and delights while being very accessible to families.









White Lightening
The shining star of this entire expansion is the White Lightening hybrid wooden rollercoaster built by GCI.  Wooden Rollercoasters have a long and storied history in Florida (most of those being sad stories), but Fun Spot learned where others have failed!  With a steel frame and wooden tracks, this coaster delivers on thrills, and an incredible amount of air time!  I found myself completely in love with this coaster.











Don’t take my word for it, checkout the video below of my first ride on White Lightening, courtesy of Rob Alvey at Theme Park Review!



With Fun Spot’s late hours, and free admission, it will be easy next time you are in Orlando to check out this major expansion!


  • pianojohn

    I could not agree more! Fun Spot is a great little park and a nice change of pace from the mega huge Orlando theme parks. And White Lightning is everything a coaster should be: fast, fun, and very re-rideable! I wish the park nothing but success for many years to come.

    • Eric Davis

      It is a great little diversion! A great way to get an adrenaline fix!

  • The best thing about Fun Spot is that it’s free to enter. Then you just pay for the rides you want to experience. I’m shocked to see that they’ve built two new Rollercoasters. That’s really ambitious!

    For a quick coaster fix, this is absolutely your most affordable bet.

    • Eric Davis

      exactly. It is a risk free option for families to explore.

  • jcruise86

    Thanks, Eric,
    This little park looks clean and attractive.
    Free admission, free parking & free wi-fi.

    They could have a funny add contrasting their new rides to Disney’s new Tangled toilets & prices.

    For you S. Californians who’d like this, I recommend Adventure City in Buena Park (to the S. of Knott’s by a mile or three) for your 3-8 year old. I was impressed with the employees there.

    • Eric Davis

      lol I like that ad idea! “Fun Spot, more than just new toilets!” lol

  • Gregg Condon

    That park looks great Eric. White Lightning looks awesome and this will for sure be a stop on our next trip to Orlando.

    No video of you on the Sky Coaster? 😉

    • Eric Davis

      oh there is video… just for the sake of my own pride, I couldn’t’ post it in this article! lol

      • Amy VandenBoogert

        I’ve seen the Sky Coaster video. It is HILARIOUS.

    • I can’t help myself. You really all need to see Eric Davis scream like a little girl:

      It’s priceless.

      • Eric Davis

        OMG Dusty you are grounded! lol

  • BC_DisneyGeek

    Where is the photo essay and video of the Tangled restrooms?

    • Eric Davis

      That is Dateline Disney World’s job not mine! lol

  • ufmaule

    Great article Eric! I wish you would do a video ride-a-long for every Orlando ride. I love seeing people who actually enjoy the rides instead of critiquing them to death. Thanks for the post!

    • Eric Davis

      I will have to think about that! I really enjoyed doing the video. But I have to credit again Robb Alvey from ThemeParkReview for it, because is the one who set it up, recorded it, and handed it to me! lol Robb Rocks!

  • wdwprince

    Listing Tangled toilets in with the attractions from other parks lol! Disney dark ages.

  • yellowrocket

    Is this the only wooden coaster in Orlando (Im not counting Legoland)?

    • Amy VandenBoogert

      Busch Gardens in Tampa has Gwazi, but that coaster is a sad former shadow of its former self.

    • Big D

      I’m going to guess that because of the humidity and hurricanes, wooded roller coasters don’t last in the Florida weather.

      • Eric Davis

        that would be correct. But with the steel base and the wood tracks, it should drastically improve maintenance