Six Flags Magic Mountain is about to go Full Throttle for summer! Testing on their newest coaster began this week. We got a good look at work going on in the Special Effects tunnel, as well as a glimpse of both trains on the track. But first we’ll start off with a brief park update.


Upon arriving at the park, I noticed that all the metal detector stations were open, as they were training new security staff for the busy summer season. As you can see, when things are running efficiently, there is no wait, even though the entry plaza was full of people.


Valencia Falls and the entry fountain were closed recently for some refurbishment. We are happy to see that they are now back open and looking great!


I was once again at the park early enough to use my Gold Pass early entry, and was able to get front row rides on Colossus and Batman with no wait.

Unfortunately it looks like somebody got into the fountain at Batman and did a little bit of damage. However, the maintenance crew is on the job and it should be fixed soon. It is sad that this kind of vandalism happens, and people can’t leave stuff alone.


Both Batman trains recently came back from refurbishment – looking good caped crusader.


In fact, the entire queue and ride are looking great. Even the theming that is supposed to look run down is looking especially run down.


As you can see, the full paint job the ride got a few years ago is holding up well in the brutal Valencia sun. Even after 19 years, Batman still packs a punch and is still one of the better rides in the park.


Full Throttle

Work continues on Full Throttle. Testing did begin this week, but there is still a lot left to do.

From the Sky Tower, you can see an overview of the ride and just how much concrete and landscaping is yet to be done, let alone the covering for the queue and station.

A closer look shows that the back wall of the old Log Jammer queue has been completely closed off. We are unsure what, if anything, will be painted on this wall. Perhaps some kind of Full Throttle theming? That turn does look like it comes pretty close to the wall, though. It also could be just the angle.


The 2nd train is sitting on the transfer track 14

The train they’ve been doing testing on is actually sitting outside the tunnel, a team was working inside the tunnel during our visit.


As we pull out a bit, you can see just where the train is sitting. This is just after the 3rd launch out of the tunnel and into the Top Hat element.


Here is a closer look at the second train sitting on the Transfer track. They are very “open,” which should give some great rides.32

Down at ground level you can see just how much still needs to be done.27

We think this concrete pad is for the night-time dance party area.


Here’s a look at what will be the ride entry area.28

Panning to the right towards the station.29

Zooming in on the loop, you can see one of the new trees is growing in. From this angle, you can’t see the launch coming out of the tunnel. We are unsure if you’ll be able to see it as you get closer to the ride.30

Back up in the Sky Tower, more concrete work has been done around the new planters.


The landscaping around the hill is growing in as well.



They are still doing some work on the station.



Some electrical work is also springing up. Not sure what this is for but we’ll see soon!


It also appears that they have installed the posts for the loading gates (the 9 posts in the middle of the picture). From this angle, they look pretty far back in the station.


On the back-side of the park you can see the work being done inside the tunnel. We couldn’t see what’s in the tunnel, but even if we could, we don’t want to ruin the surprise!!9



The Retail/Food location building is getting some fresh paint. It almost looks left over from DC Universe.


Here’s a closer look. It appears that the two food locations will be walk-up counter service, with the retail location in the middle.


The Marquee for the retail location is getting some work as well.


That will wrap it up for this week’s update. As with our last update, we have no idea when the ride is going to open. As soon as we get an opening date, we will let you know. Make sure you are following us on Twitter and “like” our MiceChat and In the Parks pages on Facebook. Those will most likely be the first places we have updates as soon as the ride opens.

Also, be sure to “like” the In The Parks page. As soon as we get 500 “likes” (getting close) we’ll be giving away something from Full Throttle and Splashtastic at Discovery Kingdom Media Day!!!

Our next new update will most likely be for Media Day (depending on when it is), but we are working on a construction retrospective and we’ll have some updates for you from Six Flags Discovery Kingdom and California’s Great America coming up in the next few weeks.

  • SanDiegoAl

    Hey Gregg,

    Was just up at MM last Friday for the AAA event. Had a great time, though we had platinum flashpasses to make sure. Full Throttle looks like an interesting coaster, whish it was open for our visit (since we only visit once every year or two). Thanks for the update. Oh yeah, enjoy Jaguar! 😛

    • Gregg Condon

      Glad you had fun Al. We did AAA day a couple of years ago and it was the busiest day I had at the park that year.
      As for Jaguar, won’t be going crazy on it on Sunday since I’m running the SF Marathon next weekend.

  • MrTour

    As with the Revolution’s area, someday those trees will be huge. But why not plant something a bit bigger and lush from the start?

    • Gregg Condon

      While I’d usually agree with you my hope is that because there is SO much room left they are purposely putting in small vegetation for the next attraction coming in the area. Wishful thinking I know. 😀

  • TCadillac

    That loop is ridiculous. Many of cell phones and keys will be lost in that bad boy.

  • Eric Davis

    Did I miss it in the article, but when is this supposed to be open?

    • Gregg Condon

      No opening date yet Eric.

  • TacAlert

    My sources are telling me sometime in early July and not to expect a June opening.

  • Haven

    Looks like we are a ways out from a Full Throttle opening and even further away from the completion of the construction and landscaping of the remodel to that entire area. This is probably one of the largest revamped areas I can remember at Magic Mountain since Spillikins Corners was added in the 1970’s! Should be great when complete. Does anyone know what, if anything, has happened to the old Monorail tunnel? As for Batman the Ride, I agree that it is one of the better inverted coaster designs out there and one I still try never to miss. Not too short, not too long, great thrills, B&M smooth perfection. I admit, I have a love affair with The Riddler too 🙂

  • Gregg Condon

    The old Monorail Tunnel is now the 2nd/3rd launch of Full Throttle and there is apparently going to be some kind of special effects for the ride in there.

    I think you are right about the expansion Haven. DC Universe was big but they didn’t have as much ground to clear and it was just repainting/remodeling some of the existing buildings.

    Apparently they started putting up the roof structure and spraying some of that green grass growing stuff on the hill yesterday.

    • Haven

      Thanks Gregg for the monorail tunnel information. I am happy to see the designers were able to make good use of this left over element. Yes, after seeing the latest construction photos, if it were a project of mine I would say we are at least over a month out from completion, not only including the coaster itself. It reminds me of a funny statement Tony Baxter made on the Disneyland behind the scene DVD where they were reviewing old video footage of the construction of Mission to the Moon and he said something to the effect of, if one of our facilities looked like this less than a week before park opening most of our staff would be having a heart attack! It’s all good though, there is no rush, better to see it all finished properly even though they are now into the hot Valencia summer season and the crews are probably hoping for a ride on jet stream 🙂