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Shopping for your favorite nerdy, Disney dad for Father’s Day? I’ve got some great suggestions to help out with the gift-giving that include some great books, theme park gear and one amazing collectible. Every Disney dad is different, so if you’ve got some great ideas, leave them in the comments!

Communicore Gear!

Let dad show off his love for the Greatest Online Show™ with some great t-shirts over at our Communi-Store.

Whether he’s spending a full-day at the Magic Kingdom or a half-day at Animal Kingdom, Dad can show the world that he’s a Communicore Cadet.


Of course, I had to mention books (since it’s one of my favorite Father’s Day gifts to receive). Check out these great titles that will make any dad pleased as punch.

It’s Kind of a Cute Story by Rolly Crump and Jeff Heimbuch

I know. Jeff is my co-host on Communicore Weekly (the Greatest Online Show™), so how can I not rave about this book? Seriously, it’s one of the most creative and engaging titles about a Disney Legend. It’s rather inspirational, too, which makes it a great choice for the Disney dad in your life. By the way, the book is too beautiful to buy the ebook version. Trust me.

Since the World Began by Jeff Kurtti

Even though it was published in 1996, it’s still the seminal work on Walt Disney World history. Any Disney dad worth his salt should have a copy or two nearby for fun and for fact-checking. It’s out-of-print, but there are still plenty of second-hand copies out there.

The Poster Art of Disney Parks by Danny Handke and Vanessa Hunt

When this book was released last year, it surprised everyone. Not only did it recount the amazing posters, but it also talked about how they used to be produced. This is a great title to just flip through. Since it is a Disney published title, I can guarantee you that copies will soon be going for several hundred dollars (like the Art of Walt Disney World).

Design Just for Fun by Bob Gurr

Less than a year old and this book has already become a prized collectible. Full of amazing stories from Disney Legend Bob Gurr (he pretty much designed everything on wheels at Disneyland), Design will enchant any Disney dad.

The Imagineering Field Guide to… by Alex Wright

The Imagineering Filed Guide Series is perfect for the Disney dad that wants to learn how the Imagineers designed the theme parks. Full of concept art, hidden details and great information, they’re like carrying an Imagineer in your pocket!

Theme Park Gear

Every Disney dad needs to be prepared when he’s heading into the parks. One of the most pressing needs is to keep the smartphone charged for taking photos, using Lines and keeping in touch with friends.

I’ve used several USB rechargeable batteries while in the park and love the ReVIVE ReStore External Battery Charger Pack. It’s a 4000mAh and will give me 3-4 full charges on my iPhone before I have to recharge the pack. I carry two on me in case I have a friend that needs a charge while in the parks.  If you’re looking to get one, make sure it’s rated above 4000mAh since that will recharge tablets, too. I have an I/O Magic with a 4400mAh that lasts for a long time.

Having a fantastic camera is a necessity these days, especially if you’re documenting the parks. My Communicore Co-host, Jeff, recommends the Nikon D5100. He said it’s a great DSLR at a great price and takes some amazing photos. Of course, there are a lot of different lenses, so it’s a pretty big investment.

If you’re looking for something easier (and smaller) to carry around the parks, the Canon PowerShot A4000IS 16.0 MP Digital Camera is a great choice. It takes 720 video and offers a lot of helpful features for a point and shoot, including an 8X zoom.

A good backpack is a necessity. The question is what size backpack you want to carry through Disney bag checks, inside the parks all day (and night) and use as a carry-on. I’ve had a Swiss Gear backpack that I’ve taken on more Walt Disney World trips than most people. Most of the newer ones will hold a 17″ laptop and will have pockets for gear and pockets that can separate snacks from electronics. Some of the newer models make it even easier to go through TSA checkpoints. Just make sure it has comfortable straps.

I always pack a travel power strip with me and not just for the hotel room. If you find an outlet in the park, you can share with friends and other theme parkeologists. I’ve used the Monster Outlets To Go Powerstrip which has three outlets and a (slightly less than) one foot cord. There’s also a powerstrip with a USB input to make things a little easier.

Communicore Weekly Music!

So, what to get the father that has everything? The Season One Soundtrack for Communicore Weekly (the Greatest Online Show™).

Visit the Communicore Weekly store to download 19 of the best songs you’ve ever heard! Includes Bathroom Break, Five Legged Goat, and some rare Season One songs! He can load them up on his iPod and enjoy the musical gems from the Communicore Weekly orchestra.

The Ultimate Father’s Day Gift

Jeff and I reviewed the amazing, artistic-reproduction of the map of the Vacation Kingdom of the World. It comes in three sizes and is totally stupendous. It is the ultimate in nerdy gifts for your Disney dad. Follow the link below for the special Communicore Weekly discount!

What are you going to get your Disney dad for Father’s Day? Anything that is an essential that I missed?

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    It’s nerdy, but great tips!

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    I seem to remember being mesmerized by that framed map on the wall in a guest room at the Contemporary Resort in 1975. I should have snatched it (along with a towel) while I had the chance.