Hello, and welcome to a weekend edition of Dateline Disney World! We had a tropical storm on my normal photo days, so I stopped by Epcot on my way home from work Friday to get some photos of the new ice cream parlor in France for you all. Let’s get started.

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Welcome to Epcot!



Upon entering the park, there are some new sets of RFID entry ready, but not in use yet, as the lines really haven’t been too long to get in. Summer will surely test that.





The Fountain of Nations wasn’t running its normal mode, not entirely sure why.


This gate seemed different, but it may have been my eyes playing a trick on me.

At the new Starbucks location, construction walls are now much farther away from the building than they were at first.




Nice color in this center section.


Sadly back to normal post Flower and Garden Festival here though.

The only topiaries that remain from F&G are the Monsters University ones in World Showcase Promenade. They really want to remind you that this movie comes out soon.




Construction walls still up near the gift shop.


Where are we, Islands of Adventure? πŸ˜‰


With the festival over, the walkways in World Showcase are nice and wide again and handle crowds beautifully.


Nothing really new to see at the Morocco waterside restaurant.

Now it’s on to France to look at the new ice cream parlor which has taken up residence in the old bakery location (the bakery has moved to a larger location as we previously covered).





The entrance has been slightly modified to better accommodate wheelchairs.

As you can see here, they serve “Traditional French” “Artisan Ice Cream” in “16 Flavors”.




I love this type of window font, big win in my book.

Heading inside, there are lots of changes as well as some fun details. The right hand side is no longer used like it was in the bakery, and the space has lots of pastel colors as opposed to the darker color the old bakery had.






A little pricey, but it is Disney, after all.




A nice homage to how the old bakery had two sides.


You can also add some booze to your ice cream if you would like. I’m not sure how I would like it, but World Showcase is pretty popular for drinking, so it fits the bill for sure.



I got a chocolate cone, and it was pretty delicious. Nice and rich. I also liked that the cone wrapper had the logo for the ice cream parlor on it.

Overall, I think the France pavilion, at least in terms of food and beverage, is firing on all cylinders. With the new bakery in the back, and a fun new ice cream parlor that has some exotic flavors to try, this whole revamping of the area has been a success in my book. Add that to the semi-recent digital replacement of the Impressions de France film, and this pavilion is looking quite good.


I love our Florida summer clouds for photos.


And a monorail shot to say farewell for this week.

Well, that does it for this week’s column. What do you guys think about the new ice cream parlor? Will you be visiting during your next trip? Let us know in the comments!

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