Even though MiceChat readers have known about it for quite some time, Universal Studios Hollywood has just officially announced this afternoon that “Despicable Me Minion Mayhem” is taking over the building vacated by the Terminator. This delightful 3D motion simulator adventure based on the hit film, Despicable Me, has been wowing crowds at Universal Orlando for almost a year.

But don’t expect this version to be a carbon copy of the one on the East Coast! Though it will be modeled after the original, there will be additional surprises unique to the Universal Studios Hollywood version.

The attraction will be sure to attract the crowds as it is a fun for the whole family sort of ride. Using 3D Ultra-HD animation and interactive ride vehicles, guests will experience the story in a whole new way.

“The ‘Despicable Me Minion Mayhem’ attraction at Universal Studios Hollywood will continue to push the creative envelope with its exceptional show content, sight gags, special effects and 3D digital animation.  The exterior treatment will feature even more thematic and colorful creative touches that will literally place park guests inside Gru’s world,” said Mark Woodbury, President, Universal Creative.

The old Terminator 2:3d attraction being converted to Gru’s home



The facade of the queue is inspired by villian turned hero Gru’s,house. While inside the house, guests will experience a highly themed queue, fast paced comedic dialogue you’d come to expect from Gru and his girls, and lots of great visual gags. Keep  your eyes open for the SR-6 shrink ray as you wander through Gru’s living room and laboratory. The preshow video will set the tone of the film, explaining how Gru is attempting to create more Minions from human recruits. Be careful not to volunteer . . . oops, too late.


From there, guests will don their 3D Minion goggles to continue into the Minion training mission, where they will be plunged directly into the world of Despicable Me! After the attraction, Minions will mingle with guests for a post-show dance party.


The original ride, along with this version, were produced in a collaboration between Universal Creative and Illumination Entertainment. The Orlando version was recently honored as Best Animated Special Production at the 2012 Annie Awards, which recognizes Outstanding Achievements in the field of Animation.

But that’s not all! Right next to the new attraction will be “Super Silly Fun Land,” based on the the pierside park featured in the film Despicable Me. This activity zone will include three, brand-new things to further entertain guests and immerse in the world of Despicable Me.


First, there will be a water play area, which will include splash pools, water dumps, and a multitude of fountains. If staying dry is more your style, there will also be a dry play zone for kids to climb, slide, crawl, and jump through! And finally, a new themed flat ride will have guests board their ride vehicles for a spectacular view of  “Super Silly Fun Land.”

This fully immersive experience will debut in 2014 at Universal Studios Hollywood!

  • This is a great attraction and truly fun for the whole family. The great thing about this particular theater technology is that Universal has been keeping it up to date in Florida. it was The Funtastic World of Hanna-Barbera, then Jimmy Neutron, now Despicable Me. If they keep it equally updated in Hollywood, that would be a wonderful thing.

    I like that they’ve made it a richer experience than just a ride. It has a strong queue, fun pre-show, solid motion seat movie, and then the dance party at the exit. Your wait is richly rewarded.

    This will be a very welcome addition to Universal Studios Hollywood.

  • Eric Davis

    Despicable Me is awesome, I was really suspect about the dance party portion but over time I have really come to love it

  • Gregg Condon

    While I was hoping for a dark ride in that huge building T2:3D building, anything new is a good thing.

  • BogLurch

    Really like that it’s not a carbon copy of the FL version. Ah, USH, what a better choice I made for APs for a while…

  • Amy VandenBoogert

    I love the Minions. I still need to go back to Universal Orlando and experience their version. I want a photo with a Minion so bad. BANANA!

  • scarymouse

    This is good to see moving along, this and with all the other construction will make for a new park experience. Its nice to see projects moving along, less talk more production. Disney will have to face Universal’s get r done attitude, or get left in the dust with a big ticket price and no construction walls…… Rehabs are good but new attractions are better!

  • eicarr

    Glad Universal and knotts are helping to pick up the slack with no non-refurbishment walls in sight at DL.

  • Westsider

    Amazing how they churn out these major new attractions in a years time. While at Disney it takes them 3 years to build a kiddy mine train coaster, and a decade to decide that Tomorrowland sucks and needs to be rebuilt. And Monstropolis at DCA would be a 3.5 year project, if they ever decide to do it.

    Meanwhile, at Universal Studios, they are churning out new attractions year after year on both coasts. Amazing.

  • danielz6

    A 3D video is never going to take as long to build as a ride that actually moves and includes actual show sets and animatronics, and complete immersion. All of that takes a lot more artistry and time than a 3D film. Most of Disney’s lands/attractions are much more detailed and artistic than universals. Look at transformers. A great ride housed in a concrete cube. Do you really expect that to take as long to build as something like carsland, an entire town and mountain range and 3 rides? WWoHP took 3 years to build so universal takes just as long as Disney when they build attractions up to Disney like standards.

  • Jabroniville

    Well now I’m kinda bummed that I never saw the Terminator 2: 3-D thing either time I went to Universal Studios. Was it any good, or was it super-dated?

  • Zeathos51

    I really liked Terminator 2: 3D and it’s still out in Orlando I think so there’s still hope. The show was a very good mix of animated 3D projections with live actors. I still like Water World but this was far superior and dryer. However, I don’t mind seing these attractions go as long as we get a great follow up. Disney really bothered me when they shut down Country Bears since it was one of the best shows to come close to being in a Disney animated film. If they replaced it with the Pooh ride in Tokyo, it would’ve been great but instead of Pooh, we got crap.
    Good Nght Everybody!
    While I agree that a dark ride is much more emersive, I got to give Universal credit for theming all of their ques very well. In fact it can be pretty cool to see the world and the props and then watch the characters in an animated state. Thanks for the update.