Busch Gardens Tampa “dropped” some big news today announcing the addition of the Falcon’s Fury drop tower attraction to their line-up of world class thrill rides. The ride will be the tallest free-standing drop tower ride in North America at a staggering 335 feet and have a unique twist that will make it the first of its kind.


This diagram helps to give perspective on how high the new attraction will be.

Riders will begin their hair-raising journey by slowly being lifted up the Falcon’s Fury tower offering yet another amazing view of Tampa Bay and the surrounding area. Then, after reaching the top of the tower, riders will be tilted forward 90 degrees and dropped at speeds of up to 60 mph at 3.5 G’s straight down. This will be a thrill ride like on one has experienced before!



Today’s announcement started with park president Jim Dean making his entrance by “dropping” in from up above the stage in the Moroccan Palace Theater, suspended in a wire harness.

Jim went on to list Busch Gardens’ accomplishments over the years before the following short film was presented.

Falcon’s Fury will reside in the Timbuktu area of the park, taking the space previously occupied by the Sandstorm flat ride and the Busch Flyers kiddie ride. Construction has already begun and the park is aiming for a Spring 2014 opening.

Orlando Parkhopper will be closely following the construction of this thrilling new experience.